Mahesh Babu Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Before jumping on to knowing Mahesh Babu workout routine and Mahesh Babu diet plan let us have a small hint of who this star is. 

The ‘Prince of Tollywood’, Ghattamaneni Mahesh Babu, more known to us as just Mahesh Babu is one of the most popular and sought after stars of India. Mahesh Babu is an amazing actor who has marked his place in the Tollywood industry by delivering several hits and bagging several awards. He has appeared in some amazing movies like Rajakumarudu, Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, Sarileru Neekevvaru, and Maharshi which were box office blockbusters. 

Apart from just his brilliant acting skills, he is also known for his attractive and handsome looks which also has a touch of sweetness in it. Even though you cannot put this brilliant actor in the muscular actors’ lists, his physique is more towards a healthy and fit side. Hence, it is safe to say that he represents a normal, regular but fit man. 

Considered as one of the most followed and influential actors, Mahesh Babu, therefore, inspires many ordinary people like us to be like him and follow his footsteps. 

If you are one of his fans, or not, and want to have a lean physique like him then you have to follow his lifestyle in terms of Mahesh Babu workout routine and Mahesh Babu diet plan too. 

Read on to more to know these in detail. 


Mahesh Babu Vital Body Stats

mahesh babu vital body stats
mahesh babu vital body stats

The body statistics of every individual is different. The workout and diet regime of every individual hugely depends on their stats. Therefore, before getting an insight into the Mahesh Babu workout routine let us have a look at his physique statistics. 


Weight75 kgs.
Chest40 inches
Waist34 inches
Biceps14 inches
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack


A professional trainer sets the workout and diet plan of an individual. The chart is sketched after the trainer gets a clear view of the goals, statics, structure, and capacity of his body. Hence, to have a clear sketch of the statistics of a person before laying down a chart becomes extremely important.

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Mahesh Babu Workout Routine

Currently the most desirable and handsome start of the Telegu industry, Mahesh Babu started of his career at the mere age of three. At his adolescence stage while slowly and steadily climbing the staircase of success, he has been a tremendous inspiration to many when it comes to being fit.

Actors specially need to go through a huge transformation for every single movie to match the look and feel of the character. However, for each transformation they need to have a huge change in workout and diet routine.

However, sketched down below is the most sought after Mahesh Babu workout routine that he follows most of the time.

mahesh babu gym workout
mahesh babu gym workout

Weight training

Weight training is an excellent mode of exercise to build up a proper body structure. It does not just help to shred out the extra fat off the body but also helps to strengthen the muscles and bones. If you are one of those who are not just looking forward to gaining or reduce fat but also give your body a desirable shape, then weight training is the best go-to option for you.


mahesh babu workout routine and diet plan
mahesh babu workout routine and diet plan

Mahesh Babu fitness routine includes doing the necessary weight training as suggested by his trainer. He focuses on concentrating on one part of the body each day. The body of every individual varies from one another. Hence, consulting with your trainer before doing a workout that includes weight is a necessity.


Cardio training

Cardio exercises are another great set of exercises to do if you want a healthy and fit body. It helps you sweat and shred off all the extra fat off your body. Mahesh Babu likes to usually do some cycling and other cardio exercises like rope, swimming, jogging, etc.



The hot and sweet actor believes crazily in doing stretching every day before heading on for a sweat-dripping workout. The 45-year-old actor undeniably has to go through a lot of stunts in his movies. Hence, it becomes necessary for him to be fit and flexible. 


A perfect workout plan consists of having all the exercises mixed and matched for the body to not get accustomed to a particular routine. Actor Mahesh Babu has an amazing trainer that ensures he has the best and varied workout routine.

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mahesh babu diet plan fitness
mahesh babu diet plan fitness

Mahesh Babu Diet Plan

One of the most famous and followed stars of Tollywood, Mahesh Babu is 45 years old, can you believe it? We know it is hard to gulp that fact down since the handsome hunk looks maximum like a 30-year-old. 

Now if you are one of those people who live with believing the fact that he achieved this only through sweating it out, then you are so wrong. As we cannot rule out the fact that working out is extremely important, sketching down and maintain a proper diet plan is equally important. 

If you are to choose between right hand and left hand which one would you choose? Can’t any, right? It is safe to consider that if working out is the right hand, maintaining a proper diet is the left. 

Hence, since you have already started to wonder, here is a sneak peek into Mahesh Babu diet plan.


Diet Chart followed by Mahesh Babu

  • Breakfast: The super star and most handsome and loved actor of Tollywood Mahesh Babu lives by the fact that the first meal of the day should be huge. He prefers to add all the necessary micro nutrients that the body needs right in the morning. Hence, his breakfast contains everything from fats to carbohydrates to protein. Oats, fresh fruits and eggs are some of his go-to meal for breakfast.
  • Lunch: When it comes to lunch, Mahesh Babu diet chart contains a whole lot of protein and carbohydrates. Hence, you would find him digging on chicken or any kind of meat and rice or Rotis.
  • Dinner: For Dinner too, Mahesh Babu likes to fill his plate up with protein and carbohydrates. He might add some bread and eggs during this hour of the day on his meal. 
  • Post workout: The body needs a post workout meal. In this case our hero likes to fill up his hunger by grabbing a protein shake of his choice.


A perfect planned and healthy routine of diet is not just good for a good physique but it also accelerates a sane mind.

mahesh babu workout routine and tips
mahesh babu workout routine and tips

Fitness Tips and Tricks from Mahesh Babu

Every actor has certain tips and tricks to provide a kick to their fitness regime. Mahesh Babu diet plan and fitness routine that he follows religiously. Some of them are:

  • The handsome hunk makes sure to never skip a workout session. He spends at least one and a half hours at the gym every day. 
  • The actor begins his workout session with some stretching and cardio. He then gradually moves on to doing hardcore weight training exercises. 
  • Mahesh Babu makes sure to follow his diet religiously every day. His better half Namrata Shirodkar especially makes it a point to ensure that his everyday diet contains all the necessary nutrients required by the body. Some of these nutrients are carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and protein amongst others. 
  • The Telugu actor savors some good food on some cheat days. 
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Final Take Away

The physique of the actors we see on screen is just a droplet. What lies behind that perfectly toned body is an ocean of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. Our Telugu superstar and the handsome hunk Mahesh Babu is no different. Mahesh Babu workout routine and Mahesh Babu diet plan are something that the brilliant actor follows regularly every day without any complaint. 

Hence, getting an ageless and flawless physique like her would also require us to follow the same. But as they say, nothing is impossible, right? 

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