Hot Malaika Arora Workout, Yoga, Diet Plan & Beauty Secrets

The dusky beauty is always known for her curvaceous and sizzling figure, Malaika Arora is known for her remarkable roles and songs. She is known for her fitness and healthy workout routine. Malaika arora workout routine also consist of Yoga. Malaika Arora yoga is famous and she is an expert at various yoga poses and asanas.

Her perfect figure and fit body are what make her stand apart from the crowd. Her fitness overshadows her age, and she can be called a timeless beauty. 

For her, her fitness is her life. Her priority is her health, skin, and fitness, and everything comes after that for her.

With her subtle looks, sexy figure, and stunning beauty, she makes all the heads turn. The media always stays excited to capture a glimpse of her looks. From the airport looks to the gym looks, she never misses a chance to impress her fans.

malaika arora workout fitness regime
malaika arora workout fitness regime

The Career Graph of Malaika Arora

Born on 23 October 1973 in Mumbai, the actress has only seen a growth in her career ever since. Well known for her blockbuster songs and super hit movies, the actress has contributed to the film industry in numerous ways.

Malaika was a VJ in MTV India when MTV just arrived in India. Soon after that, she started doing modeling projects. She became the face of numerous Television commercials and Bollywood item songs. 

She has some hit tunes to her kitty, like Chaiyya Chaiyya from the film Dil Se, Kaal Dhamaal from the film Kaal, the title melody from Heyy Babyy, and the title tune from the film, Om Shanti Om. 

In the year 2010, she moved in a superhit thing melody Munni Badnaam in the film Dabangg, which created an enormous buzz and was the tune of all the parties.

She was additionally found in some TV serials. She had judged the TV dance reality show Nach Baliye. Apart from this, she has also judged shows like Zara Nachke Dikha Jaa with Madhuri Dixit and Remo D’Souza and “India’s Got Talent”, alongside Kirron Kher and Karan Johar.

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malaika arora vital stats
malaika arora vital stats

Malaika Arora Vital Stats

Forever giving major fitness goals, Malaika is always appreciated for her timeless beauty and glowing skin. Her body stats are what every girl dream of!

  • Height: 161 cm/ 5’3”
  • Weight: 53 Kg/ 117 lbs
  • Bust / Breast Size : 34
  • Figure measurement: 34-27-35
  • Waist: 27
  • Butt size: 36
  • Bra size: 34B
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Light Brown

Malaika Arora Fitness Secrets

The gorgeous beauty looks half of her age due to her enormous fitness and sizzling figure. But, all this is the result of her hard work. She does lots of exercises and follows a strict diet plan. Her rigorous workout is exceptional. Living a disciplined life, following her routine and fitness, she is an inspiration to a lot of people. Displaying perfect looks in every outfit, Malaika is a sure-shot stunner.


What is the Diet Plan of Malaika Arora?

To manage her weight and to maintain the curvaceous figure, Malaika follows a strict diet chart. Although Malaika does not support dieting, she believes one should always eat healthy things. She says one can eat anything they wish for unless it is unhealthy. For her, a diet plan is the one where all essential nutrients and intake of proper supplements are done. 

Malaika’s diet plan consists of simple home-cooked food. She does not follow fad diets, and neither suggests her fans follow one. She sets a perfect example to attain a toned body with a simple diet and regular workout.


Here is what she eats in a day:

  • malaika arora workout fitness regime
    malaika arora workout fitness regime

    Morning: Malaika begins her day with a glass of warm lemon and honey water. She follows it with one liter of water about 30 minutes later. These waters together are known to detoxify the body. Warm water is an essential component of detoxification.


  • Breakfast: After her early morning regime, she takes her breakfast. Her breakfast includes one bowl of fresh fruits (mixed). She accompanies them with light breakfast dishes like idli, upma, or poha. Sometimes she takes egg whites and multigrain toasts for her breakfast.



  • Noon Snack: The time between breakfast and lunch is fulfilled by a light snack. The noon snack of Malaika generally includes a glass of vegetable juice or two brown bread toasts with egg whites.
  • Lunch: For her lunch, Malaika chooses to eat a bowl of brown rice or two Rotis with some healthy vegetables. She also adds a sprout salad in her lunch. Sometimes, she eats chicken or fish.
  • Evening Snack: The time between lunch and dinner gives way to a light evening snack. She keeps her evening snack simple and takes a simple peanut butter sandwich.


Post Workout Diet and Dinner

  • Post Workout: Since the workout is an essential part of her daily routine, Malaika follows her workout with a banana and one glass of protein shake.
  • Dinner: Since Malaika follows a disciplined life, she consumes her dinner early. Her dinner consists of a bowl of fresh soup along with some steamed vegetables and a light salad.
  • Post dinner: If she feels hungry post-dinner, Malaika chooses to have some nuts and oranges. Also, she drinks lots of water throughout the day to detoxify.


malaika arora workout routine and yoga
malaika arora workout routine and yoga


It is the diet plan followed by Malaika Arora. The secret behind her sizzling figure, hot looks, and stunning curves is her balanced diet and workout. Her diet constitutes all nutrients, vitamins, and proteins required.


Malaika Arora Workout Regime

Malaika’s fervor for fitness is known to everyone. We daily see her gym workout videos. To maintain the slim and toned body, the dusky beauty makes sure she never misses a day of her workout session. She finds out time even from her hectic schedules to workout.

Malaika Arora workout has a fitness regime that consists of different types of exercises and their combination. Her workout includes cardio, Pilates, yoga, and weight training.

malaika arora workout fitness regime
malaika arora workout fitness regime
  • To start her workout, she begins with a 20-minute cardio session every day. Cardio exercises are great to boost metabolism and burn fats and calories. It is known to help one lose weight.
  • The gorgeous actress hits the gym thrice a week for half an hour to do her weight and strength training sessions.


Malaika Arora Yoga Fitness

  • malaika arora yoga tips
    malaika arora yoga tips

    For the rest of three days, the actress who is known as the ‘Yogi’ of Bollywood does yoga sessions. She does yoga for 30 minutes to 1 hour to maintain her stunning body shape. Yoga is also what she claims to be the secret behind her ageless skin.

  • Other than yoga, the super-fit actress does Pilates workout to increase strength, maintain body shape, and enhance flexibility.
  • The other activities she performs for her fitness include swimming and dancing. She enjoys these activities and loves doing them.
  • One workout tip that she asks her fans to follow is Power walking. It is her pre-workout routine, and she says it requires a lot of stamina but yields promising results with time.


The Malaika Arora Beauty Secrets For Ageless Skin 

Some picked beauty tips, the actress follows and wants her fans to follow too for glowing and ageless skin are:

malaika arora beauty secrets
malaika arora beauty secrets
  1. She makes sure she washes her face and removes any makeup from her skin before going to bed.
  2. She feels it is very important to keep the skin hydrated. To keep her skin hydrated, she uses an oil-free moisturizer. You should use a moisturizer according to your skin type.
  3. Since Malaika begins her day with a glass of warm water with lime and honey, it helps her flush out harmful toxins from her body. The removal of such toxins prevents the occurrence of acne or pimples.
  4. Her regular workout, yoga, and Pilates session is another reason behind her glowing skin. Such workouts improve blood circulation and help the skin glow.
  5. Other than this, she believes, if a person is happy inside it will be displayed through their skin on the outside. She believes a happy person’s skin will always glow.




Being a role model for many people, it becomes very important for actors to set realistic goals for their fans. With such a disciplined lifestyle, a strict diet plan, and a regular workout, Malaika has set the right goals for the people who admire and follow her.


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