Hot Star, Mandana Karimi Beauty and Fitness Tips

Last Updated on November 27th, 2020

Mandana Karimi… the Iranian beauty, who is known for her epic figure and flawless curves has very distinct lifestyle. Starting from the beginning of her career she has always find it helpful to get to next step very easily because of her looks and beauty.


mandana karimi hot sexy body fitness mantra
mandana karimi hot sexy body fitness mantra

She started her career as an air hostess, and is now a renowned face of Bollywood. She soon switched her career from air hostess to modelling, wherein she achieved a number of milestones easily because of her healthy and dazzling body. After being a successful model it’s not that difficult to enter Bollywood as Bollywood is the second home to beauties all over the world. It was not an option for her just because she knew she could also act well just like her looks, but her father also belongs to India and this acted as a pillar to her dream of becoming a successful Bollywood star.

It also looked an opportunity to Mandana, to flaunt her beauty and gain fame. So, very soon she started her journey to get the title of a Bollywood actress. She started off by doing television advertisements and progressed with pace because of the looks and perfect figure. She got her first break into Bollywood in Roy movie (you don’t remember? Yeah she was in a side role). But once she appeared in Roy she captured the attention of many Bollywood directors and producers. Soon after Roy, she was signed for movie “Bhaag Johny” as a lead actress and she also got recognition in industry. And soon after completing her first movie she did another “Kya Kool Hain Hum 3” where she has shown her hot body, curves and her dazzling figure. And today she has become an epitome of beauty and perfect figure.


mandana karimi fitness secret
mandana karimi fitness secret

Since then girls are dying to get a perfect vital stat as she does possess. She has 32-25-33 even after so many years of marriage which is really a commendable job. She has also been a cover face of a number of beauty magazines because of her perfect figure and height. It must be really hard to get an attractive figure as she possess being an artist in movie industry.

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No doubt she has a God gifted height 5’7 ft, but yet your outlook depends on how you keep yourself. How well you maintain your body. Even with this height she is just 49 kg weight which is really commendable. In today’s age where everything we eat may be beneficial or may not be, but one thing is for sure it will add pounds to our belly. Yet she has managed to maintain her weight so there must be some secrets in her wallet that she could share with us, so that everybody including her fans could also follow her footprints.

When asked about her fitness, she has revealed many surprising secrets to magazines.  We have collected them and will highlight them altogether at one place for your comfort.


Mandana Karimi Fitness Routine and Diet Plan 

  • The most surprising fact about her was she doesn’t have a fitness trainer and yet she has maintained herself so good on her own. Still she says that she goes to gym for workout four times a week. Two days she does cardio and other two she goes with the weight training. Cardio to maintain the stamina and weights to maintain the figure. In weights she doesn’t go for heavy one’s (they may lead to building of bulky muscles which may look weird).


  • When asked how she manages this schedule while she is shooting for long hours or she is travelling, then she said she does twenty minutes of online-stimulated workout in her room.


  • Meanwhile she has also admitted that she eats a lot, but whatever she eats, she eats healthy. That’s what helps keep her stay active throughout the day and she even doesn’t mind becoming a bit fuller.
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  • When asked how cum you can eat a lot when something is not a part of your diet plan. Then a surprising reply she gave. She admitted that she doesn’t follow any diet plan at all! She never had any such plan throughout her life. Mandana Karimi feels blessed to have such a good metabolism. But just now, when she has returned from a break after “Bhaag Johny” she has been advised to eat chocolates only once a week.


  • Mandana is also known for the energy she has, she never says no to work. She is always eager to work without any rests. So, when asked about the secret behind such an energy powerhouse inside her, she concluded that she include bananas, almonds, salmon and dark chocolate in her diet, that act as energy boosters for her.


mandana karimi beauty and fitness tips
mandana karimi beauty and fitness tips
  • For a zero-flab diet, Mandana recommends eating breakfast regularly and snacking throughout the day; as well as drinking lots of water to keep energy levels high. Take note ladies, these minute things are key to that perfection you always look for.


  • The actress also adds that she is not a party and late night disco lover. She feels that it’s boring. She doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol. Neither does she enjoy nightlife much! She remember the childhood quote, early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. So, she sleeps early and wakes up early in the morning. She also takes naps whenever she gets free time in day.


  • She also knows the importance of proper blood circulation. So, she also emphasize on getting as many massages as possible because massage is fab for blood circulation which further adds to overall health and beauty.


  • Not only the workout helps keep her fit and get attractive curves, she is also active in sports. She loves to play table tennis whenever she gets time, especially on weekends.
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  • The only thing she feels missing is that she misses eating food at her favorite restaurant.



After listening to Mandana, one thing is pretty much clear that you don’t need a trainer or gym to get that perfect body you desire. It is just a healthy diet, proper workout and a healthy lifestyle that can transform you from a normal being to someone in spotlights. So, all her fans who too want to get those curves and the figure that makes her fans go crazy, they must follow her tips and understand how being healthy is an essential part of life whether you are a star or not.


Keep following your favorite stars, and keep sharing their health secrets.

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