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Masturbation or as people in several parts of world call it masterbation; this is one such topic which everybody wants to know about and explore, but are afraid due to various myths spread by people with improper and inadequate knowledge. Let me share some true, backed by science and tested facts which I have gathered by studying and sharing thoughts with researchers and sex experts over the years and tell you all about solo sex which even Wikipedia or your doctor will not tell you.


What is Masterbation?


Masterbation; if you’ll see and observe is one of the easiest and safest form of sex if done with proper knowledge*. Yes I would keep a star mark at the knowledge because there are certain practices/restrictions that you need to follow which I’ll talk about in detail later on in the article. For males; just touching their organ and giving it a required to & fro motion helps reach orgasm which is the ultimate source of pleasure. Similarly for girls, rubbing their organs or just inserting their finger helps reach to the climax of orgasm which is the sole motive of masturbation.


female masturbation
female masturbation


All the sexual acts; be it intercourse or masturbation are done just to achieve orgasm. Orgasm is followed with adrenaline rush which brings about a number of chemical and hormonal changes in body.

You might have observed that during arousal, heart begins to beat at a faster pace than usual and starts to pump the blood to the genital organs and fill them with blood. (Yes, your penis doesn’t have bones, it’s the blood that gets filled inside it and makes it erect).  All this creates muscle tension throughout body and as one reaches the climax of orgasm and releases, the muscles of genitals begin to contract and release in a rhythmic pattern. Side by side a lot of chemical and hormonal changes take place inside body which gives the feel good feeling throughout and has several health benefits as well.


Crazy Fact – Doctors these days are recommending masturbation to depression and stress patients. Because it’s one of the benefits is that, it helps fight stress and anxiety.


Still, there are people around us who are against the act of solo sex (fap majorly) and spread rumor against it.


Why Masterbation is followed with Fear?


There are over 195 countries in the world and out of those 195, no country has a law which states that Masturbation/Masterbation is illegal or unethical. But still in our surveys we have seen that more people are scared of it like they are doing something illegal. This sense of fear and being secretive with masturbation is because of the myths that people have spread about masterbation in early ages. In early ages it was considered as a sin and anybody found masturbating (specially men) were sent to rehabs or even jails and even many inventions were done so that people could stop masturbation. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes (one of the most eaten breakfast) is also the result of the invention to help people STOP MASTURBATING.  I know it sounds weird but this is so true. To read the whole story about invention of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes you may click here.


Male masturbation Guide
Male masturbation Guide


There was less of understanding amongst people in early ages and anything related to sex has always been seen as illegal if involving anybody except spouse. But they didn’t had the understanding to see that this is something which doesn’t even involve the spouse it’s just the one person who is trying to satisfy his sexual desires which he is not able to otherwise.

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Since masturbation is addictive, and in the absence of proper knowledge and science people in early ages use to masturbate ruthlessly like addictive and use to fall sick. Now this is the point that I wanted you all to know, this is what brings fear in everyone’s mind. Masturbating non-stop without any control is harmful – not the masterbation. This is why I have marked star over the knowledge in the starting of my article. This is the difference between the thinking of people who call masturbation unhealthy and those who call it healthy and safe (like me). There is proper science through which you’ll get to know how many times one should masturbate. I’ll give you more insight on this as well, but primarily we need to understand what exactly masturbation is.


Understanding Masterbation:


Alright, for better understanding let me give you two examples and a chance to think if there is any difference between two? Suppose you are feeling eczema in your hand, now will you scratch your hand or not? I would for sure, and so should you. It will help us get over the irritation and give a sense of fulfillment.

Now is the second example. You are feeling the desire of making love, but in the absence of partner, or due to any reason you are unable to fulfill your desire. And I tell you that masturbate and you will feel good. So would you? Yeah!! Obviously one should. Just like scratching gives heavenly feeling on eczema, similarly masturbating while you feel horny gives equivalent or even more satisfaction in number of cases over having intercourse or sex.




Secondly, even if you somehow manage to hold your desires and does not masturbate at all, the production of semen fluid continuously goes on inside our body, and if you won’t secrete it by masturbating, it will automatically come out in the form of night fall or else will pass out along with urine. So, if it is meant to come out in anyway, why not to make the process a bit more pleasurable for ourselves?


Third point, if done with proper guidance and control, masturbating could prove to be beneficial not just for your health, but will make you a warrior in bed as well.


Mistakes related to Masterbation:


There are several mistakes which everybody falls prey to. Even I did. There is a very thin line between healthy-masterbation and over-masterbation. You will not know when did you crossed that line and have become an addict.  When I masturbated for the first time, it felt like heaven and I couldn’t resist myself but just masturbate. I loved that feeling and kept rubbing my genie to feel the magic. And suddenly I found that I was surrounded by a number of shortcomings of over-masturbation. I was so scared that I can’t share it with anyone and have to come over all the side effects without anybody’s help. I thought of going to a sex specialist initially, but couldn’t make it till the end as I was too ashamed on sharing that I masturbated like hell.


Healthy Masterbation
Healthy Masterbation


Then I finally decided to learn about it through internet and books. So I began to Google and search on Bing for best cures to my problem. Unluckily I couldn’t find anything good over there as well. So finally I decided to understand masturbation, problems related to it, and everything about it so that I could myself reach out to a solution. In no time I found that I have developed a keen interest in the topic and soon I thought of helping the mankind by letting everybody know the truth and best of knowledge that one deserves to know about the topic.

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Healthy Masterbation Tips:


So, if you are also someone who has lost command over the horse, checkout my post on how to stop masturbating and regain the strength and stamina you had earlier. I have mentioned some of the best tried and tested ways that have already helped thousands and am looking forward to help as much as I can.


To know more about how masturbation is good for health check here in my post on the benefits of masturbating. But these benefits could be reaped only till the time you are masturbating in healthy limits. A healthy limit is different for different person. Everybody is unique and so are there organs and their body functioning. Some have good metabolism while others have weaker ones, similarly some could even withstand one masterbation daily, while others can’t even take one in a week. But there is a scientific method to know what number suits you. So, to checkout a healthy number for yourself read my article on How Many Times to Masturbate in a Week or Month.


Apart from weekly limit there is a daily limit on numbers as well which one must keep in mind. In a day you ain’t supposed to cross one ejaculation. Why? I have written a full post on this as well. Checkout How Many times to masturbate in a day. In this post I have stated the example of genius book of world record holder for maximum number of masturbations in 24 hours as well.


Learn More About Masturbation best Practices

Apart from the above mentioned two, there are certain things if taken care could prove to be very fruitful when it comes to sexual health. Most of the people are doing it wrong since the very beginning. When somebody masturbates for the first time he/she is less or not at all concerned about hygiene, surroundings and fear, they only target the climax of orgasm. And hence they make their habit of masterbation bad for their health. So, I would recommend you to have a look at the best practices to be done after masturbation. Check my post on What To Do & What Not To Do After Masturbation and How To Masturbate. These posts will give you a complete insight of how one should masturbate. All the techniques mentioned here are recommended by sex experts and  are supported by studies and various experiments conducted throughout the world by different scientists at different levels.

The last thing where one never focuses is – Is it necessary to eat after masturbation? So, the answer to this question is a big YES!! One needs to eat something healthy within 2 hours (for guys) and 3 hours (for girls) to keep themselves healthy. While ejaculating one looses there very best millions of friends. Loosing millions of friends is obviously a big drawback and one must try to get them back and the only way to get friends back is make new ones. So, one must take a nutritious meal. Now what does this nutritious meal should have? The answer to this question is also posted in my post What to eat after masturbation to regain the loss.

If you will follow the practices mentioned above I bet you will never ever face any shortcomings of masturbation and would be advocating in favor just like me and 1000’s of my fellow researchers.

This is just the beginning, I am going to write on everything related to masturbation, sex and human sexual behavior that would help you lead a healthy sexual life.

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Masterbation Stats:


There was a survey conducted back in 2009 when I just started my study on this topic; where 1000 Men and 1000 Women were asked did they masturbated in last 90 days. And results were not strange, 70% of men and 60% women admitted that they do masturbate. Since then there has been a lot of change in the lifestyles and the study was again done and survey was conducted again after 5 years. There was a huge rise in numbers 95% men and 89% women admitted to masturbate in year 2014. We will be conducting next survey in 2019 which I will update with the time. 


Masterbation Survey
Masterbation Survey


With today’s total population of world being approximately 7.5 billion out of which almost 6.5 billion people do masturbate if we go by the surveys and stats. And out of these 6.5 billion I am sure more than 6 billion does not have proper knowledge of the topic and this is the reason why I am writing today. 

The only motive to mention this was to let you know that you are the only one who masturbates. Do not ever feel that only you are suffering problems with it. According to a recent study more than 60% people don’t know the basics of masterbation and they do masturbate without taking any healthy measures (mentioned above with links) and fall prey to one or more health issues. Again, you need not worry if you will follow the tips mentioned above I promise you, masturbation will be the best thing to do for you.


Masterbation Stats
Masterbation Stats


If you liked the post I would request you to share it with everyone you know, specially somebody who is totally against it. With this post I am not provoking you to masturbate, I just want you to know that this is a gift of nature that we must harness it and should not see it as curse that is killing us. With proper knowledge comes wisdom and so does a healthy body.


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I will be waiting for your comments, do write to me in case you have any queries or any questions related to masturbation, I would be more than happy if I would be able to help you.



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