Medical Assistants Requirements in 2021

In 2021, medical assistants will require more training than they do now. The reason is that by 2020 there was only half the number of qualified medical assistants in the workforce compared to 2010. This number will continue to decline rapidly if something isn’t done about it. To combat this problem, employers have been demanding more from their current staff and encouraging them to return to school and get NHA (National Healthcare Assistant) certification. As of right now, less than 10% of all medical assistants currently working hold an NHA certification, according to recent studies.  As the landscape of medicine changes to accommodate new technology and drug research, there is a greater need for well-trained and educated practitioners.


medical assistants team requirement
medical assistants team requirement

Research Based Analysis

While current medical assistants typically only require a two-year post-secondary degree, it will be common for those working in the field to have at least a four-year undergraduate degree in ten years. This demand has been created by research showing that a larger proportion of doctors and patients prefer to see medical assistants who have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Currently, there are already some states requiring specific minimum educational standards from practising medical assistants. For example, Alabama requires those working as medical assistants to have completed their training at a two-year post-secondary institution. There are no requirements for medical assistants to have completed schooling from an accredited school in other states, such as California and Florida.

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Certification and Key Roles

medical assistants
medical assistants

Medical Assistant National Certifications will also be updated in 2021. The American Association of Medical Assistants is working with the Department of Homeland Security to ensure that these certifications meet all necessary security standards for those working in the field after 2021. While it is not known what changes will occur to these certifications, modifications will likely consider technological advances and new knowledge about current drugs and procedures.

In addition to requiring more training from its workers, the healthcare industry is also moving towards incorporating technologists into patient care teams. These individuals play a vital role in the healthcare industry by using new technology to provide better patient care.

By 2021, medical assistants will often be working with technologists to deliver specialised tests and procedures. For example, a radiologist may delegate certain functions such as setting up an MRI machine for use on patients while at the same time performing other jobs such as taking and processing X-ray images or recording test results.

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Benefits on a Larger Scale

This kind of specialisation between medical assistants and technologists will help to ensure that all patients receive the best care possible. Because it is expected that in ten years, healthcare costs are likely to be greater than they are now due to technological innovation, having more educated medical assistants will play a key role in helping cut down on these increasing costs.

how to get medical assistants
how to get medical assistants

The need for medical assistants to be trained in more than one field will also increase in the years to come. This is because the healthcare industry has begun moving towards preventive care models, where medical assistants are needed for routine tasks.

For example, medical assistants may be called upon to take patients’ blood pressure and heart rates at scheduled intervals throughout the year. These assessments would enable doctors to diagnose potential health risks before they develop into full-blown diseases.   



The face of medicine continues to change every day, and those working in this industry must keep abreast of new developments related to their particular fields. With these kinds of changes on the horizon, it is likely that by 2021 there will be lower unemployment rates in the medical assistant field than there are today.

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