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Last Updated on January 7th, 2021

Meditation is in vogue these days. There was an era when physical exercises and activities alone use to dominate the morning hours of an individual. But, over the years this new mental exercise has created its seat in the daily routine of all those who want to stay fit, both physically and mentally. Be it a student or an entrepreneur, a film star or a sportsman, politician or monks; meditation has proved to be an essential checkbox in the to-do list of people from distinct race and professions. Knowing the power of meditation and subconscious mind you will also be the one who would do this more than anything else.

But there is an interesting misconception that rules the minds of people and needs to be cleared i.e. yoga as the only form of meditation. People treat yoga as a synonym of meditation and for them to meditate is to do yoga. However, yoga has various forms and asanas; which is a mere subset of numerous other activities that focus on meditation. Also the fact that yoga is a complex activity and needs adequate body strength and flexibility often renders people clueless about when and how to start. Here, in this article in which we shall see what meditation actually means and if not yoga, what are the other alternate activities that can be performed.


What is Meditation:

To keep the definition simple let’s understand that meditation encompasses a very extricate yet important activity i.e. focus. Meditation is focusing. That is the reason we are often asked to ‘focus’ on our breathe if we are meditating.

“Close your eyes and focus on your breathe”. This is the very first statement that you listen if you are practicing under a trainer. Again the core of the activity remains simple FOCUS. By closing your eyes you can focus and this is the prerequisite.


Meditation & Yoga
Meditation & Yoga


Meditation Technique:

Now that you know where it resolves, you can find your own way of meditation. We all know that Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise meditates by sitting in a dark room in front of a candle focusing on its flame. He concentrates only on the flame with his eyes open. In a way he is practising yoga in its present form. When you try to focus you are bound to evade all other distractions by controlling your mind first, then only you are able to concentrate and reach a state when the only thing you are thinking is the thing that you are focusing upon.

So start exploring yourself. Find out something that you would love to focus upon. This can be anything. Personally I like to focus on various instruments playing in the background of a song for just two simple reasons. One, I love listening music; two, it actually takes some effort and concentration to focus on any instrument than the vocals as the instrument is being played in the background. Focusing on vocals is easy and that we do involuntarily. The main idea of concentrating on drums, guitar or background music is to put a little pressure on mind to find out and stick to the tune and rhythm. This is done, so that it doesn’t get distracted from any external factor.

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Now, I might not be sitting on a yoga mat and performing an asan but in a way I am performing an activity that requires enough focusing and mental persistence. Thus, I am meditating in my own way.

So, you can start too. Introspect and find out what you love to do, that can be anything from doodling, dancing, painting, jogging or even playing a video game. Remember, all you need to do is focus & half the job is done. Innovate your own unique method of meditation.


The Monkey & Banana Trick:

We all know about Buddhist monks who reside in inhuman conditions on mountains and survive extreme weather fluctuations. No matter the temperature, these monks can manage in simple cloths. How do you think they do that?

In one of the interviews, a Buddhist monk revealed that this is the result of years of meditation and focus. They are able to control their mind and thus their sensory organs. This doesn’t mean that they can not feel cold, but through meditation they have learnt to suppress the sensation by focusing their mind towards prayers and chants. He also proposed a very simple way to meditate. That can be performed anywhere and at anytime irrespective of the conditions prevailing outside. Here is how it goes.

Have you ever seen a monkey? Monkey is a very mischievous animal and can not be still for more than 5 seconds. If you have to control a monkey you have to give it a bait i.e. a banana. Now the monkey will be busy with the banana. In a way he will stop everything else he was doing and focus only on the banana.

Consider your mind as a monkey. It’s never at peace. Even when you sleep it is working and when you wake up it keeps on feeding itself the facts, memories, plans, information and almost everything related to your daily routine. You can not just ask it to stop as you can’t in case of a monkey. Because being active 24 x 7 is its property or you may say its the nature of your brain. You cannot control the involuntary behavior.

But you can use this property to your own benefit i.e. by giving it the banana.  So now you have the logical explanation that why almost all the yoga trainers start with the sentence such as “Close your eyes and focus on your breathe”

Basically they want you to tame your mind by giving it your breathe to focus upon. For your mind your inhalations and exhalations act as a banana. Let the monkey focus on banana till it gets bored and starts jumping again. Give it a different banana this time. Repeat the drill over and again till you have full control of your monkey.

So, next time you want to meditate, just find a banana from your surrounding and give it to your mind to concentrate. The results will be both astonishing and encouraging.

Let me give you a live example that I daily do. I listen to music while I am jogging/running in gym. And you might have heard this as well often that listening to music while working out improves performance. What is the reason? I provide my brain with what it needs, music to keep it calm and sooth. This way I have reached a point where now I am able to run continuously for up to 2.5 hours (this I did just to test my limits, usually I prefer to run only for 1 hour or 45 minutes). The main thing to note here is that I managed to run continuously for two hours because my brain had what it needs. Similarly you can do whatever you wish to by giving your brain its proper feeding, the matter is to find what your brain needs.

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This is not it, there are several benefits or I shall say the magics that you could do if you could master meditation.


Healing power of subconscious mind
Healing power of subconscious mind


Meditation & Subconscious Power:

Meditation as told above is feeding the mind with what it needs, but do you know in experienced levels people could even cure themselves with mere meditating. Yeah!! No medicines, nothing; this has been scientifically proven that meditation could actually cure severe diseases and disorders in the human body.

So, to start this you need to know what is required to cure and heal if there is any injury? Medicine? NO!! Expert advice? NO!! Our body has everything that it needs, we don’t need any external factor to cure ourselves. It’s just our bodies don’t know how to use and utilize the available resources.

But what has meditation got to do with that? It has got a really big connection with each and every part of our body as well as our soul. Ok, so all of you might have experienced or heard of what we call as “Déjà vu“. So, what is it?

It is actually a French word which means “already seen“. Sometimes it happens that while in your daily routine you feel that this exactly same scene has happened to you already. So have you ever wondered what is it? Let me tell you.

When we fall asleep, our mind goes to subconscious state; but it keeps working and it is believed that we can see what is going to happen to us in near future. Whatever we think of before falling asleep, our mind focuses on the same thing. Such things or events related to same are being seen by us in our dreams.

I know now you are wondering that sometimes you too could keep your dreams in your conscious mind and could remember what you saw in dream. Those dreams are not the future, but that is just a portion of mind, which shows us what we wanna see. Thus we often get frightened in dream by things that we are afraid of in real lives.

But controlling your mind to see future and heal the wounds and diseases is not everybody’s piece of cake. Not everybody can achieve this kind of control over their mind, even those Buddhist monks can’t now. People who achieve the state could even answer things which they have never heard before or learned before by driving the answer in their mind’s subconscious state. But why in subconscious state only?


Subconscious Mind:

This is because in subconscious state our body behaves in its natural form, it acts the way it is meant to. Let me give you an example to let you understand this better. You might have heard that doctors recommend parents to use diapers for babies while they are asleep. Ever wondered why so? This is because during sleep children grows, not just children we as well grow during nights and gain power to start next day. You yourself might have experienced this, the day you don’t get to sleep well, you don’t seem to like anything the other day. This is because our brain has the habit to go to that subconscious state to rejuvenate body, and if that is not done, we feel restless.

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Not just this, do you know how babies learn to talk? Nobody teaches them how, then how to they learn to talk? It’s during dreams when children learn to talk as well. Else they would keep doing kwak, mack, aaa, eee whole life. This is what we can do in subconscious mind.

Now coming back to healing, similarly one can heal themselves in subconscious mind and know abut things they have never heard before. This subconscious state is the state which according to Hindu Mythology is the point of contact of human with God. And anything is possible in that particular state. According to science, it is seen that for a normal human only 10% of brain is accessible and rest 90% we can’t access. In our subconscious state, we have access to the rest of 90% as well. And sometimes a link is built between conscious and subconscious mind for a very minute time frame and that’s how Déjà vu takes place.

There are several Hollywood Super hit movies as well which are being made on these concepts. Inception and Lucy are the ones to name a few.


Subconscious mind
Subconscious mind


These things are there; its all about belief, if you do, you will be able to see the power of subconscious mind, else its all myth.


I would really love to hear about the knowledge given above. If I was able to tell you what exactly you were looking for then please share it. Or if there is anything more that you want to know, let us know. Anything about meditation or subconscious mind, do write down in the comments section below. I would answer each of you personally or would email you with the solutions.


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