MI Fitness Band 3 Gadget Reviews and Performance Specs

Last Updated on May 18th, 2021

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 fitness tracker, is India’s one of the most efficient invention of all times. According to the reviews that is hovering over the internet, it is clear that, the price that MI Fitness Band 3 is offering with its features, is almost commendable. Its list of point’s sets rivals Fitbits that cost altogether more, to the point that they end up risking relatively out of date. In contrast to other budget choices, this tracker doesn’t feel shoddy or low quality either.

In any case, there are still a few compromises in Xiaomi MI Fitness Band 3, how about we investigate how well the tracker keeps pace with its pricier adversaries.

mi fitness band
mi fitness band

Before we do that, let’s take a brief not on its pros and cons:


  • Perfect price value
  • Enhanced design
  • Light weighted and super comfortable on wrist
  • Amazing battery life
  • Accurate tracking
  • Added heart rate monitoring
  • New secondary activity tracking screen


  • Less activity profile
  • Not very user friendly
  • No option to manually start sleep option

Price: 1,999/- (INR) (Price drop from 2,199/-)

Color: Black, Red and Blue

Ratings: (out of 5)

Battery: 4

Display: 3

Performance: 3

Software: 3

Design: 3


On the bottom line:

Apple Watch may be the smash hit smartwatch in the business, yet players like Xiaomi and Fitbit are not a long ways behind with regards to the fitness band section. Xiaomi’s Mi Band arrangement has been a major achievement in business sectors like India principally on account of its sensible cost, combined with the great component bundle.


The new Mi Band 3, similar to a year ago Mi Band 2, costs Rs 1,999. Like the past adaptation, it shows at least a bit of heart rate sensor and can follow your means and also exercises. Mi Fitness Band 3 is additionally water-safe with a 5 ATM rating and will work fine in water up to 50 meters, which implies it tends to be taken for a dip, however, it doesn’t follow that action.

Mi Band 3 has a 0.78-inch show with 193 ppi resolution goals and a 2.5D bent glass structure. There is a touch catch inside the touch board. The touch catch will give clients a chance to initiate distinctive capacities and return to the principal menu. Clients can likewise squeeze it to quiet calls. Lashes in blue and orange shading choices will likewise be sold independently for the Mi Band 3, however, it accompanies a standard dark tie in the container.

The band adjusts with the Mi Fit application and can be utilized to see more nitty-gritty information on activities, rest sessions, and so forth.

Now that we have learnt so much about the latest Indian sensational watch, MI Band 3, we can take a deeper insight about the same by reviewing its features and structures in detail.

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mi band 3 reviews
mi band 3 reviews

To start of with its most crucial element,

  • Design and Structure: Our ratings (3/5)

The band has a bended OLED show that makes it look more premium than what you pay for. Similar to the case with the Mi Band 2 and the first Mi Band, the new Mi Band 3 additionally has a plan that feels extremely agile on the wrist. It weighs only 20 grams and can be worn for the duration of the day without a stress. We got the dark lash with the unit for audit, however you can decide on blue and red ties too if that is your extravagant.


The container molded focal module sits firmly inside the thermoplastic elastomer packaging and wouldn’t fly out regardless of whether you are run, swimming or working out in the exercise center. Xiaomi additionally says that the locking system on the new band is better when contrasted with Mi Fitness Band 2 and won’t corrupt after some time. The hook itself, be that as it may, looks practically a similar when contrasted with its antecedent.


Having utilized the Mi Fitness Band and after that advanced to the Mi Band 2 and the Mi Band HRX version later, I’ve never had an issue with the locking instrument all things considered. What I do have an issue with is simply the silicon band. With harsh ordinary utilize, the band has worn on me each time after a time of 5-6 months and getting a substitution band isn’t the most straightforward of things given the interest for these groups. The general quality feels the same with the Mi Fitness Band 3 and the life span of the silicon band itself will contrast contingent upon how generally you utilize it.

Secondly, coming to display of the Mi Fitness Band 3 can be yet another crucial element to talk about. Nevertheless, it has always been the first priority of costumers to view its external design and then the display, and probably after that we go through its internal structures and features. No matter how much we deny, something has always to do with ‘looks’. Specially when watches are concerned. Let us read more about it.

mi band 3 features
mi band 3 features
  • Display: Our rating (3/5)

The Mi Fitness Band 3 accompanies a 0.78-inch monochrome OLED show which is a bounce from the small 0.42-inch show on its forerunner. The greatest contrast this time however is that you currently get a touch-responsive showcase which gives you a chance to see and complete much more than previously. I would say however; the expansion is a twofold edged sword.


While it helps you see and complete much more things on the showcase, in the event that you do happen to be sweat-soaked or if the surface of the presentation has any water beads on it, the touchscreen quickly starts to act up. In any case, once more, no different fitness band at this value point gives you a chance to have a touch-empowered showcase.


Xiaomi likewise keeps the catch which was your solitary method of route on the Mi Band 2. The catch is more recessed this time however regardless it is a vital part in completing things on the gadget.

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The showcase additionally fairs ineffectively with regards to perceivability under direct daylight. Taking a gander at the Mi Fitness Band 3 and my more seasoned Mi Fitness Band HRX version one next to the other reveals that the new band is a slight bit more splendid, yet it’s as yet not sufficient. So, despite everything it is the best showcase you can get at the cost since its immediate rival, the Lenovo HX03 has a presentation with relatively poorer brilliance.


The next important point is always the performance.

  • Performance: Our rating (3.5/5)

As a fitness tracker is concerned, the Mi Fitness Band 3 can complete a great deal. It can follow calories, tally steps, screen your pulse and enroll rest information similarly as its antecedent would. The pulse observing appears to be genuinely exact and steady notwithstanding when contrasted with readings from a Samsung Gear Sport which costs multiple times its cost. Xiaomi additionally gives you a chance to pick the interims at which you would need the band to naturally peruse your pulse. You can pick between one, 10 and 30-minute interims for pulse checking. Having the programmed pulse detecting highlight on however hampers battery life, something on which I will contact upon later.


The rest following is fundamental yet exact. You fundamentally simply get the aggregate time spent dozing, alongside how that time was partitioned among light and profound rest. Be that as it may, this again is something the Mi Band 2 and the Mi Band did too. Rest discovery is as yet programmed, so you won’t have to make sure to tell the Mi Band that you will bed.


This may go over somewhat unusual however I went to lay down with both the Fitness Band 3 and HRX release band on my wrist to check for any distinction in readings. While both came back with indistinguishable profound rest readings, the Fitness Band 3 could get minor interims when I woke up to check warnings on my telephone and returned to rest. This was very noteworthy since I moved a significant short time doing as such.


The Mi Fitness Band 3 just has four action profiles — open air running, treadmill running, strolling and cycling. In the event that you intend to lift a few weights or track yourself while taking a dip, at that point you’re in a tight spot. The equivalent goes for basically some other sort of action. You can time yourself with a stopwatch that can be activated by the band itself which is a standard element on most fitness groups.

mi band 3
mi band 3

The next element to take consideration for,

  • Software: Our rating (3.5/5)

To the extent refreshes go, I got one firmware refresh over a month of utilization. The refresh procedure is very basic and you should simply match up your band with the Mi-Fit application and the rest is dealt with. The refresh or updates are included in an activity highlight onto the Fitness band which checks calories and tracks pulse over the number of minutes you spend working out. I wasn’t exactly certain what Xiaomi implied by ‘work out’ here so as per the people reviews, they simply went for a short run to check what happens and then the outcome was that it just recorded minutes, calories, separate of pulse zones and a pulse graph with most extreme and normal pulse readings. A Reddit string likewise observed clients very befuddled about what precisely is alluded to as ‘work out’ here.

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             And finally, the last and the most crucial thing,

  • Battery: Our rating (4/5)

The battery unit on the Mi Fitness Band 3 has been knocked up insignificantly to 110 mAh from the 90 mAh unit on the Mi Fitness Band 2. In any case, does that basically mean more battery life? All things considered, no.


The bigger presentation and the programmed pulse sensor are certainly the key factors here. With the pulse following set to one moment, the battery life is approximately two days. That is very amazing, yet positively something to remember whether you’re changing from past Mi Fitness Bands, which reliably offered a long time of battery life. Obviously, they didn’t highlight pulse following. With 30-minute following, the Band 3 can astonishingly keep going for half a month which is all that anyone could need juice for a great many people.


To entirety it up, the battery has reliably been one of the significant upsides of Xiaomi’s Mi Band arrangement and the Mi Fitness Band 3 is up there with its antecedents.


So, as we come to a point that now we know what we need from MI and what all quality that it consists. If just in case you are looking for something that is Sasta Sundar and Thikau then this is it. MI Fitness Band 3 has proved to be the best for the beginners and also have some breathtaking features for the price it comes for.

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