Milind Soman Fitness and Workout Routine Plan

Last Updated on September 30th, 2020

When discussing about fitness brat Milind Soman is the name that hits at top of list. Milind is model-cum-actor-cum-runner-cum-fitness ambassador.

Personal life:

He was born in Glasgow, Scotland in a Maharashtrian family. After that, he lived in England until age of seven and then his family moved back to India. His father Prabhakar Soman, is a scientist and his mother is a biochemist.

Milind Soman has done diploma in Electrical Engineering from M. H. Saboo Siddik Polytechnic, Byculla. Milind Soman did not found money making future in engineering, he decided to move to modelling in 1988.

He finally ended up marrying Ankita Konwar on 22 April, 2018 in Alibaug. She after meeting Milind is also into running and fitness activities.

milind soman fitness workout
milind soman fitness workout

Health and Fitness:

According to milind high workout is always great joy. He says that people who don’t do this vigorous and intense drill take it as pain but actually they don’t understand about the strength and endurance that sports provide us. On asking milind how you managed to have such a fit body at your 50’s also then he answered that “I think if you love your body, you won’t want to change it.”

Soman describes his swimming interest saying that it is since age of 13 when he won national swimming championship. He lived in shivaji Park, close to Mahatma Gandhi memorial swimming pool. There he used to spend 3-5 hours for 5 days in a week in pool. He says that his family became reluctant towards swimming but his mother supported saying there is nothing wrong in continuing swimming. Now, I realize this was biggest gift my mother gave me.

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fitness mantra of milind soman
fitness mantra of milind soman

He has passion for running. While searching for different definition of fitness he found running. . He tells that seeds of running were growing since his childhood itself as he always wanted to be a marathoner, not knowing he could be ever be. Later, when he came to know about Mumbai marathons, he decided to stay fixated to those. Slowly and steadily he became ultramarathoner. He says everyone thinks I run lot but actually I swim more. Milind used to wake up early morning at 5am for swimming. He used to swim 65Km in a week.

Fitness Routine

He never been to gym after 1998, he just simply run, do push-ups and pull-ups as his daily routine. Milind Soman runs around 50Km in a week. According to him, it is not important to go to gym to stay healthy and fit. It just depends on your lifestyle whether you do Zumba, do simple exercises or anything, just you need to inculcate healthy and fit living in your life.

milind soman workout and fitness routine
milind soman workout and fitness routine

He frequently visits gurgaon city as city energizes him. Soman says Gurgaon city is more concentrated on health and fitness. He like supporting different fitness organizations here. Pinkathon is one among them which encourages women to step foot out of their homes and do exercise and more importantly take out time for themselves. He adds that here he used to have his various swimming meets and he likes to relive those memories again. 

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Milind says that my metabolism is so strong that I don’t need to run pizza off his body. He says he loves pizza to the extent that he daily consumes a pizza. Giving up chocolate and smoking was a big challenge for him. As he was consuming 30 cigarettes a day and he has chocolates more than anything in his refrigerator. He also says that giving up sugar, a person realizes natural sugar of fruits which is really beneficial for health.

fitness guru milind soman
fitness guru milind soman

High point’s in milind’s life:

National Swimming Championship- From year 1984, Soman was awarded as national swimmer for consecutively 4 years. In 1984, Milind won a Silver medal in South Asian Federation Games representing India in swimming held at Kathmandu.



Milind became limca book record holder for his marathon of marathons in 2012. He covered 1,5000Km in 30days by running from delhi to Mumbai crossing 5 states in journey.This event made him new comic hero named as ‘GREEN MAN’.


Pinkathon- Pinkathon was country’s largest ‘women’s only’ running event of 6Km. He being ambassador of this event promoted good health and breast cancer awareness amongst women.

Triathlon- Milind said that he never felt fit and that apt in his entire life that he felt on nineteenth day of July, 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland. He participated in Ironman triathlon which in order involved swim of 3.8Km, a 180km bicycle ride and also run of 42Km among 2,000 participants. He said that he completed this event in 15 hours 19 min and he was to turn 50 after few months. This was turning point in milind’s life.

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milind soman daily workout ironman of india
milind soman daily workout ironman of india

Ultramarathon Milind became ultraman by sheathing 517Km in 3 days and the event was held at Florida. On the very first day he did 10Km swimming and 142Km of bike ride, next day, he did 276Km bike ride and last day he completed the competition by running 84Km that too barefoot.


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