“Mission 1000” Education on Hygiene with “Support my School” Campaign

India is a developing nation but what is actually stopping it from becoming a Developed Nation? Corruption no doubt is one big issue in the country but there are many other things as well which is result of poor initial stage of Education imparted to children that forms the building blocks of their mindset and also decides their emotional, physical and mental well being.

Poor Education system holds a major role in imparting the right form of moral values and human antiquates. Unhygienic Schools with poor sanitary system are major destroyer of human health. With campaigns like Clean India we need to push forward the major issues like poor toilets in schools, no hand wash basins, poor safety among girl child to be taken care with full support from Indian youth and government.

There are many such schools in India that does not have separate toilets for girls and this have always been a big issue for a girl child to have access to the basic education in India after a certain age. This is not just the case, there are many that does not have good hygienic sanitary also. Children are taught to wash hands after playing or before eating but schools fails to provide such facilities which then leads to poor health. Poor Infrastructure of schools with poor ventilation or poor conditions of classrooms is also the leading cause of various breathing problems among children resulting in absenteeism and dropouts.

Giving a helping hand and to improve the situation in 1000 such schools, a campaign programme run by Coca-Cola, NDTV and other NGO partners is around working on spreading awareness on the importance of education and the hygienic sanitary system required at schools.

sachin and ashwariya suport school campaign
sachin and ashwariya suport school campaign


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healthy school campaign "support my school campaign" by ndtv and coca-cola
support my school campaign by ndtv and coca-cola india

Support My SchoolCampaign is taking up Mission 1000 which is aimed at revitalising such schools in the country which is in line with Swacchh Bharat vision as well. Taking the lead and providing all necessary amenities in place, schools are able to provide a cleaner and healthier environment more conducive to learning transforming the education standard of students.

The Campaign is a WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) initiative with many targets like improving basic amenities in government schools thus improving the education system and place improve in terms of hygiene and sanitary systems. Providing clean access to water is also a part of this campaign. The Campaign is also committed to developing the overall infrastructure like playground and a clean environment to encourage a holistic learning environment.

The Schools revitalized under the campaign have served as model schools in several districts and have led to enhanced community engagement and higher emphasis on attendance and enrolment.

Coca-Cola India & NDTV launched Support My School in association with the UN-Habitat, Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) in 2011. It undertakes the following core activities:

• Provision of improved access to water

• Appropriate sanitation facility for girls and boys

• Improvement in the overall school infrastructure and environment

• Provision for sports and recreation facilities and

• Recharging groundwater through rainwater harvesting

Bright Results are seen

The campaign has been creating awareness about the conditions of schools in various local and village areas, fostering a private-public partnership where corporate organizations step in to reinstall basic facilities in these government-run schools and making a positive difference to the lives of these children. The impact has seen increased enrolment in schools from 6.95% (2013-14) to 14.77% (2014-15).

suport my school campaign
suport my school campaign

Final Words

We need to support the cause for the Healthy and clean India and thus making a difference. Not only monetary help but also educational help is required. We need to create awareness about these campaigns to help them get the best support from government and private sector companies. The rural people also need to be educated about these campaigns so that they may take the best benefits out of these facilities. Only Education holds the key to all the Major problems and it needs to be reached to each and every single child in our country in a clean and healthy way.

Now it is Your Turn

Tell us how you are supporting the clean India and Support a school campaign and what more can be done to bring India in the list of Developed Healthy Nation.

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