Common Mistakes You Are Committing While Brushing Teeth

Last Updated on September 30th, 2020

In our busy day to day life we are moving so fast that we don’t even have the time for our own body hygiene and health. We ignore many important things marking them as not so important and try and finish those tasks as soon as possible. Is it? No? It is… one such example is brushing our teeth. Yes… many of us are marking this activity as not so important and we hardly give anytime in brushing properly. One will brush for at max one minute and many won’t give even this much.

improve the brushing habits for healthy teeth
improve the brushing habits for healthy teeth

But, is brushing your teeth really not worth it? Isn’t it as important as your work? If you are the one who is ignoring brushing then you are committing a mistake here for which you’ll have to pay soon. Yes, I am not threatening you, but bring reality to your face. This may lead to several oral and dental problems like pain in gums, pain in teeth, decoloring of teeth, and foul smell from mouth, furthermore it may lead to several digestion and stomach problems. So, we need to learn many a things about brushing, it is not as simple as we think it is.

Mistakes that people commit while brushing teeth are:

  • Use Too Much of Toothpaste:

The most common mistake that at least 70% of the people do. This is not their own fault; this is just the way the toothpaste advertisements teach us to do. Toothpaste ads show us how to use up the tube more quickly. Just use 1/3 as much, the size of a pea. It will still taste good, I promise! And too much foam can make you lose track of where your teeth actually are located. And too much of toothpaste is not going to do more good, it is totally a waste.

  • Not Giving Enough Time:

As I have mentioned earlier also in beginning, don’t consider it as a forceful duty, take it as important as your work. These teeth only let you taste that burger or pizza, so at least you can afford to give 2 – 3 minutes for brushing. Any less and you’re missing spots. Just because it tastes better doesn’t mean you did a good job.

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brushing teeth properly , health tips
brushing teeth properly , health tips
  • Not Paying Attention:

I’ve seen people brush the same four spots for two minutes and miss the other 60% of their mouth. The toothbrush needs to touch every crevice of every tooth, not just where it lands when you go into autopilot and start thinking about what you’re going to wear that day. It’s the toothbrush friction that cleans your teeth, not the cleaning product. Plaque is a growth, that grows around the edges of your shower. You have got to rub it off to get it off. No tooth cleaning liquid, paste, cream, gel, or powder is going to make as much of a difference as your attention to detail will.

tongue cleaning for better oral health
tongue cleaning for better oral health
  • No Tongue Cleaning:

People don’t have time for brushing teeth then who’ll give a dam to tongue cleaning. This is also as important as brushing teeth. It is responsible for the foul smell that comes when you wake up in the morning, so just give 5 – 10 seconds to tongue cleaning and get ready to face the world with even fresher breath.

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A key to all these problems is the use of toothpaste that not only cleans good but also gives fresh breathe. With this you’ll be able to brush longer, enjoy more, clean better, feel better and be healthier. You can use baking soda along with lemon and salt to simply brush your teeth once in a week. This mixture is really efficient in giving you a healthy and brighter smile, or use your favorite toothpaste in small quantity in the morning just after getting up from bed and before going to bed in night, or even just gargle and mouth wash with plain water and salt or water and baking soda when you don’t have toothpaste accessible. The key is to have a good technique and to brush often. Because it’s the brush, that is going to work, nothing else.

are you brushing the right way
are you brushing the right way

Concluding Thought

Apart from this I would like to tell you that your toothpaste can be bad for you as well. You use toothpaste because it tastes good, and that is the reason we take more quantity to make more froth as we have a mindset that higher froth formed means more better cleaning. This is not the case anyways. After brushing properly with toothpaste you feel better because it makes you accept your mouth as part of your face again. You think it is taking care of all problems but no. Remember, toothpaste is a cosmetic, first and foremost. It contains chemical and pharmaceutical that can actually be harmful if used in a larger quantity.

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I have prepared a list of top 5 toothpastes that are safe and perform their duty as desired. Don’t forget to check that as well. And keep reading, stay aware, stay healthy, keep commenting, keep sharing.

Practice Healthy…!! Stay Healthy…!!

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