Moov Now Fitness Tracker Review; Fitness Wearable Band

Last Updated on May 18th, 2021

Moov Now Fitness Tracker

Gyming and workout without a proper trainer is sometimes difficult. You don’t know what to do and how to do exercise and your workout efforts without proper direction goes into vain. But hiring a personal trainer is very expensive as well.

To solve this problem here comes your fitness tracker “MOOV NOW

moov now wearble fitness tracker
moov now wearable fitness tracker

Fitness Watches and Fitness Trackers are the wearables which motivates you for workout, fitness and helps you to keep a track of multiple things like your calories or sometimes used even to keep a log of your sleep patterns and sitting positions.

These types of wearable fitness technology or fitness trackers is said to be the number one fitness trend of 2018. Fitness trackers track your steps and your workout and thus it guides you to get better results. Not all fitness trackers or fitness bands are having same features. Some have even call notification and GPS system inbuilt to save you from many distractions and guiding you in the right directions.

While many fitness trackers now a days have the heart rate sensors to track your heart rate or heart beats while you workout in gym or perform any type of cardio. This is specially good for the people who have heart problems and want to keep a track of their blood pressure variation.


MOOV NOW Fitness tracker or fitness watch review

MOOV NOW is the second generation personal fitness tracker built by Nikola Hu, a former Apple and HALO engineer, and Meng Li and Tony Yuan. It’s a small and sleek disc that fits inside a black rubber strap; it is available in various colors as well. You get two straps in the box – a small and a big one. It is the most advanced fitness wearable designed using artificial intelligence.

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It consists of several different types of sensors, Bluetooth and a replaceable battery (that can lasts for 6months). The fitness band, moov now, tracks steps, exercise reps, running movements etc.

It is designed as a workout coach, it connects via Bluetooth to your phone and gives feedback and guidance during your workout.

moov now fitness tracker wearable
moov now fitness tracker wearable

Moov Now acts as your personal fitness coach, which speaks to you while you work out. It tracks your form in 3D Space sinking wirelessly with your smartphone, even when if it is at a distance away. Moov now is largely known for its accurate tracking.  It tracks sports like Running, Cycling, Walking, Swimming, Boxing, Workout, Sleeping, and Activity as well.

sleep tracker fitness watch moov now
sleep tracker fitness watch moov now

You can also connect it to heart rate monitors via Bluetooth which helps in getting accurate calories burn numbers and also to measure your effort level.

This $59.99 USD Fitness wearable comes with two major advantages over most direct competitors and in various colors.

Colors: Stealth Black, Blizzard White, Aqua Blue and Fusion Red

One of the advantage is its impressive battery life that serves for no less than six months and other is the support for third-party heart rate monitors.

moov now fitness tracker features and design
moov now fitness tracker features and design

MOOV NOW fitness tracker has the following attracting highlights:

Social features: “Connect and Compete”. This feature helps in  sharing and comparing progress with friends, family, as well as community members.

Daily Activity tracking: this includes daily activities like steps taken, calories burnt and sleep tracking.

Seamless suite of programs and levels: it is compatible with the original programs and variations, but along with that also have all  new content added as soon as possible.


moov now fitness band
moov now fitness band


The app you’re going to be using for the fitness tracker is available on Apple store and Google Play Store. It has five applications built into one which is super helpful rather than five individual applications like before. The app is user- friendly and easy to use.

The Running and cycling sessions get the most coaching. The app will count your reps in each workout and helps you progress.

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Another best feature of this app is the My Progress feature which keeps a track of all the workouts and achievements you have accomplished and it also shows the current level you are at.

But there are no social elements in the app with which you can interact or challenge others.

moov now fitness app features
moov now fitness app features


For running and cycling, the moov now is an excellent coach. It urges you to keep a high cadence. While running, it gives you tips like “slow down”, “swing arms faster” etc and while cycling it gives tips like “change gear for optimum cadence” It teaches you new techniques to help you perform better. It is one of the latest fitness watch you can think about to buy.

Moov Now, maintains and handles it stats very well, that’s what makes the moov now so unique. It is a smart fitness watch for 2018 that will help you in all your workout activities.

moov now water proof fitness tracker
moov now water proof fitness tracker

It has around 40 difficulty level programs thus forming a great tool for improvers and beginners. The Fitness band also helps you avoid injuries by instructing you to do your workout in the right way, such as “your impact is too high land softer”. It corrects your form and lengthens your stride

It keeps a track of every single precise motion you make.



  • It is very light that you won’t even notice its presences on your wrist.
  • It is water-resistant so you can use it in the pool as well.
  • The best low maintenance fitness band.
  • It is affordable and has excellent battery life.
  • Motion tracking is very accurate.
  • It is easily wearable since it can be worn on your wrist and on your ankle as well.



  • The Fitness band collects a lot of dust and dirt as its design is full of pores.
  • Every time you remove or move the fitness module portion from the band, you get the clip at the end of the band caught, causing it in some cases to fall.
  • Moov Now Fitness band, now needs your phone and GPs tracking for sure which can be a real pain.
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Moov Now Best PRICE in India

Ebay India : Rs 2,999/-

Amazon India: Rs 5,290 /-

Flipkart: Rs 5,999/-


Finally, the best part is; it is a 24/7 activity and fitness tracker and a sleep tracker that’s a big-time addition and seriously a competitive product. It does a better job at promoting and tracking your activities than the other wearables. You can compete and connect across all sports and make your performance better. The MOOV NOW is unbeatable and its feedback is effective and timely as well. Honestly, I’m really impressed by the effectiveness and the simplicity of the MOOV NOW. If any of you are looking for fitness tracker MOVE NOW is a wonderful choice to buy.



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