MOOV Now – Review The New Fitness Band in Market

Last Updated on May 18th, 2021

Before we start with our article, I would like to give you a short insight about MOOV.

Moov was established by a gaming industry veteran (Nikola), a designtrepreneur (Meng), and a rising innovation master (Tony) who had a similar objective around then: to get back fit as a fiddle and feel great. The most concerning issue they experienced was most existing fitness schedules were not something they needed to do, let along sticking to for long lasting results.

Enthusiastic about tackling their own issues, and having adaptable constructive outcomes in more individuals’ lives, they set their objectives to deliver the fitness individuals would actually fall in love with and make this sort of fitness all over the place.

moov now fitness coach band
moov now fitness coach band

In Feb 2014, the principal item “Moov a.i. mentor in your ear” was reported with a great amount of positive responses from individuals everywhere throughout the world. In just 2 weeks, fans promised $1’000’000 to see this turn into a reality. As specified by CNET, Moov entered the fitness tech field as “an exception”, utilizing both portable applications and wearable innovation.

Read something about MOOV from MOOV’S Developers point of view.


Moov is the most advanced personal Artificial Intelligence (AI) coach, the core technology behind all Moov products.

Moov is an artificially intelligent coaching fitness device that provides specifically designed training programs for multiple sports and physical activities. Like a real coach, Moov analyzes your biomechanics during exercise and provides you with real-time AI powered feedback to maximize your every workout and help prevent injuries resulting from improper form.

moov now fitness band for extreme sports lover
moov now fitness band for extreme sports lover

Developers of MOOV designed Moov Now™ (and Moov Classic) to allow everyone to understand and improve their biomechanics during exercise and physical activity. Moov Now™ (and Moov Classic) is your new personal coach in sports including running, walking, swimming, cycling, cardio boxing, bodyweight workouts and more.

In addition to active minutes + sleep tracking, Moov Now™ (and Moov Classic) will coach, push, and encourage you during your workouts. Moov is defining the next generation of fitness gadgets by combining artificial intelligence and gameplay into a first-of-its-kind wearable device.

Moov HR™ takes this a step further by adding optical sensor technology to monitor your exact heart rate. By measuring heart rate from your head, Moov HR™ provides real-time feedback and coaching based on your heart rate to keep you in the most effective zones for getting the most out of your workout and keep burning calories for hours after your workout.

moov now fitness band colors
moov now fitness band colors

In short,

Good Stuff– The Moov Now is small and comfortable exercise tracker with a long battery life. It can be worn in the shower and the pool. The Android and iPhone application gives constant sound/audio training and input for a wide range of exercises. It can track rest, calories consumed, and dynamic minutes.

Awful Stuff–  It’s not a decent choice as a throughout the day movement tracker; the adjusting procedure is an issue; it expects you to have a cell phone with you for instructing criticism; its best component – the boxing exercise – requires two gadgets.

All that really matters

The Moov Now helps the trainees interest by working out make a step the correct way, however you’ll have to keep your cell phone convenient to utilize it and beat a few characteristics.

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Before we move in to the pro’s and con’s directly, I would say, this product have been the most unique product in terms of fitness gadget is concerned. If for a while we ignore its con’s we will realize that the positive point about this gadget is way too good to ignore.

fitness wearable moov band
fitness wearable moov band

Let’s look at them one by one.


  1. Programmed action following

Moov Now naturally tracks your movement and exercise force. No compelling reason to tell your gadget that you will rest now – it will distinguish/notice it itself.

  1. Agreeable to wear

Because of the delicate silicon band and the low weight Moov Now is extremely comfortable to wear. On account of the numerous openings of the silicon band you can without much of a stretch change your Moov to fit your wrist or lower leg.

  1. Long battery life

Since the Moov Now center is so vitality productive there is no compelling reason to revive your gadget each other day. Indeed, it will keep going as long as a half year until the point that you should charge your battery.

  1. It spurs you

Clearly Moov’s savvy sound mentor persuades you to expand your exercise level and to enhance your fitness. No requirement for a bore teacher any longer, the keen mentor application will do the trap. Besides working out with your companions/friends is entertaining. Being the first on your week after week leaderboard will go right by you.

  1. Great value execution proportion-

Contrasted with those costly savvy observes right now available the Moov now has an exceptionally focused cost.


fitness coach in hand moov now
fitness coach in hand moov now


  1. Information investigation-

At present Moov is not able to be more informative or be able to give information at every profound step.

  1. Configuration involves taste-

The outline of the Moov Now is unquestionably a matter of taste. Not every person likes the look of the band.

  1. There is no show-

The Moov tracker was intended to devour as meager power as could be expected under the circumstances. Accordingly, the architects did exclude a power expending show but rather just a little Drove. As a result, Moov Now must be worked by means of your cell phone. Obviously Moov Now will track your typical movement constantly.


  1. 4. Unrealistic to zoom into information inside the Moov Now application-

By and by I would favor it to have the capacity to get a more profound knowledge into the day by day insights. I was not ready to zoom into the time outlines showed at the Moov Now application.

  1. Silicon band is once in a while to lose

A few people were revealing that they lost their center since it slipped out of the band too effortlessly. Fortunately, Moov discharged another 2016 release of the Moov Now which includes another more solid and secure band.

  1. Mechanical Voice-

Another Moov Now survey blurb expressed here that the automated voice is extremely irritating. This might be correct. But the best part is, the voice generated can be changed drastically in the event that you download a top-quality TTS (Content to Discourse) dialect record to your telephone.


All you need to know about MOOV:

This detail presented underneath can be sufficient enough for the tech savvy to make up his/her mind for the fitness band watch.



Battery life: a half year (Movement following)


Battery utilized: CR2032 (non-rechargeable)


Weight: 0.2 ounces (6 grams)

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Sensors: 9-hub movement detecting framework (accelerometer, spinner, magnetometer)


Sensor center distance across: 1.1 inch


Waterproof rating: 0.3 ATM


Show: Drove input diode


Materials: Polycarbonate with UV covering (center), nourishment review silicone (band), Aluminum (band clasp)


Synchronizing: Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Vitality)


Synchronizing Reach: 50-100 ft


Following highlights: Run, walk, cycle, swim, 7-minute exercises, cardio boxing, movement, rest, calories


Gadget UI: 1 push catch, 1 Drove


waterproof fitness band moov now
waterproof fitness band moov now


Moov’s wearable fitness mentor is intended for you, by any chance that you might want to make your entire day more dynamic. Specifically, the fitness band will help you to build your action and get more advantageous after some time.

Even if you are searching for a gadget with a decent value/execution proportion that gives a long battery life you ought to consider the Moov now.

In these cases, Moov Now is your ideal friend to track your regular action.

Only the drawback is extremely missing of an information send out capacity to make claim diagrams and get a more profound investigate your information. Hence, information sweethearts ought to consider more costly wearables that may likewise incorporate extra highlights like heart rate observing (in spite of the fact that Moov Now supports outsider HRM) or coordinated GPS.


sleep tracker fitness watch moov now
sleep tracker fitness watch moov now



  1. A rainy-day exercise at home:


Despite the fact that I view myself as a genuine sprinter, I like to stay inside on cool or hot sunny days. This is the place I truly delighted in the Moov. Instead of depending on a treadmill to get my morning cardio in, I utilized the Moov’s at-home training programs. There’s a seven-minute-in addition to exercise and a boxing one, which was my top choice.


The seven-minute exercise doesn’t require any weights or exceptional hardware (beside the Moov and your cell phone). Everything is finished utilizing your own particular body weight, along with huge determination, to say. The exercise incorporates different levels inside it, with each being somewhat more difficult/ challenging than the last. The real fitness freaks take this moment as a true delight. They can cross levels after levels and gear themselves up and make their routine go from all simple and sorted to intense and complex at the same time, by incorporating their exercise they can actually reach to a higher level say, from 5 minutes workout to 25 minutes workout with all sort of bouncing jacks, boards, thrusts, squats, pushups and crunches. It gives a feeling of getting light weighted and yet influencing to feel achieved.

The app helps the beginner in a very friendly manner by including a video demo before each exercise, which is nice for beginners that may not be familiar with them. Along with coaching and motivational feedback, the tracker will also count the amount of reps you complete.

Collectively, I would rate this feature of the fitness watch 4.5 out of 5. For its flexibility and audio/video guides.

moov now fitness tracker features and design
moov now fitness tracker features and design
  1. Buoy like a butterfly, sting like a honey bee:


I’ve never boxed, however the Moov influenced it to feel like I could go up against Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather. This was the best time I had with the gadget. Sadly, that fun accompanies an additional cost (recollect that you require two Moov trackers for boxing). The application gives you a chance to test the boxing exercise with one gadget yet notes for the best understanding (tallying the majority of your punches), a moment Moov is required.

There are four boxing modes: fundamental preparing, light, semi-genius and champion. The initial two will make them go, and you will start to feel the consume with semi-genius. I started up the champion mode and just endured three rounds (around 9 minutes). It made them sweat, it had my heart rate pumping, and it made them grin. As opposed to an exhausting cardio schedule, the boxing exercise feels more like a diversion. It was by a wide margin my most loved movement, and I could see myself proceeding to do it.

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Though this feature has been the most unique feature until now, but it demands the double cost as that of a watch.

On an all, because it demands two devices for one particular exercise, (you can ignore if you aren’t into boxing) I would rate it 2.5 out of 5 for its features.




The $100 (£65, AU$135) Moov Now is an exercise tracker and mentor for amateurs that need to end up more dynamic and begin working out, however don’t know where to begin. This little gadget, which is a follow-up to a year’s ago Moov tracker, resembles a fitness coach on your wrist. Exercise projects and constant sound training through the versatile application (for iPhones and Android telephones) can help improve you a sprinter, a speedier cyclist, a more proficient swimmer and – in particular – can enable you to get in shape. You can even wear two to prepare for boxing, despite the fact that that duplicates the cost.




Moov undoubtedly has most unique and attractive features as compared to the other fitness band watches. It has a unique packing too.

-You get a Silicon band watch with gaps in between, gives it a very unique look from other Fitness watches.

– Also, you get guidelines on how to connect the fitness tracker with the application on your phones. As the MOOV has a flexible application, it works well for both Android and IOS.

moov personal coaching trainer
moov personal coaching trainer



Overall, we could see that the Fitness watch is worth a try and also it comes with most unique feature that not all fitness watches has incorporated yet.

We will rate this fitness watch, out of 5 in these categories mentioned below:

-Display: 4.5

– Features- 4.5

-Rate- 3.0

-Flexibility In use- 4.0

-Application Usage Flexibility- 4.0


If you are one of those users of MOOV NOW, let us know how you are using it in your regular life and how its features are helping you to get your routine right. Have MOOV NOW, write us down!

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