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Last Updated on September 30th, 2020

When things are a little clumsy, our routine gets clumsy and dull too. To get out of the boredom and to make it productive by all means, is like a task. We all wanted 7 Sunday’s a week and after getting 21! We humans have lost it all. I never knew working from home can be so pathetically boring and may be that is the reason for my 1st article in this month. So, I decided to gear up this morning by making a list of all the things I have to do. But before that I planned to curate an article for our viewers who constantly ask me about the ‘must read’ fitness articles. I never bothered to reply this, honestly as a writer you can get all sort of questions and hence you cannot have answers to all. This is one of those questions. But guess quarantine took a took and I actually checked out quite a lot of articles last night so that I can list must read fitness articles out to you.


But before we get started, I would want to know from all my article readers, what is the most satisfying thing you have in this quarantine so far? Nothing you wanted to do for a long time, and this is the time you got for yourself. Well, for me, this quarantine has been a quite an eye-opening time. I am spending most of my time with my parents, helping my mother with household works, my father by accompanying him with the Movie Marathon or Corona News Marathon. My siblings are really busy with their phones so, not getting there. On personal growth, I always wanted to learn fancy cooking. Kind of dishes I would always want to hit hotels/Cafes and local stalls for. So far, its super amazing. Learnt 4 dishes, bucket listed 3 more.

What about you? How are you spending your quarantine?

health and fitness articles
health and fitness articles


Guess we got a little deviated from the topic. So yes, I’m going to list out few fitness articles (which will be on an off mixed genre).

P.S- I won’t give details about the article so that you can specially go through each one of them and read it as per your convenience. The best way to keep a track of all the fitness articles is by saving it in your bookmarks so that you don’t have to look for them every now and then. Also, I been dealing with reading problem for a week now, so it’s okay if you have lost your appetite for reading gin this quarantine. It’s not a big deal, just pick up on yourself and give yourself time to read one article a day and that would suffice the requirement. Spend more time on executing it and adding that one element in your everyday activity.

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Article 10:

Sexy Irina Shayk Workout Fitness Routine and Diet Plan  By  Amanda

We all have eyed on the sexy figure this Russian Model has. Well, no doubt we all women out there crave for one too. No matter how much we lie but deep down we all want a want to die for. It is not easy and I am not denying this fact, but if you have dedication to work for it then nothing is impeccable too. Here in this article Amanda has listed out beautifully the fitness screw and diet plan of Irina Shark. Get set broom. Hope this will help you.

irina shayk fitness model
irina shayk fitness model


Article 9:

Smart Ways to Stay Healthy, Are you smart and Healthy?  By Anurag Ajmera 

The lazy ones always look for the shortcut, but the smart ones always look for the smarter options. Here in this article, Anurag have stated the ways in the simplest form that shows how you can stay healthy and happy in a smarter way. Read the entire article to grab few easy hacks to deal with it. You can find many other fitness articles written by him.

healthy living smart tips and ways for life
healthy living smart tips and ways for life


Article 8:

Self Defence Workout For Women, Krav Maga Style Workout By Aafiya Siddiqui 

This is one article I consider more important than anything else. It’s not just for women but for men too. Aafiya has very well complied all the essential postures that can be easily learnt and practiced in this free period. To all the ladies in the house, please let’s learn this. It’s for our own good.

self defence workout technique
self defence workout technique


Article 7:

Exercise Is Directly Proportional to Happiness By Nancy Agarwal 

The tagline of the article by Nancy attracted me more to read in detail. Well, hypothetically, it’s not body shamming, happiness can come in all forms sometimes its covered in a box with 8 slices cheesy slices and sometimes it is a chilled guilty pleasure. But admit of all that, make sure you balance your guilty pleasures by giving a heathy and soulful 15 mins to your body every day. This not just calms your soul and mind but also relishes your mood.

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exercise makes you feel happy and good
exercise makes you feel happy and good


Article 6:  

Best Natural Remedies To Treat Pimple, Acne and Scars at Home By Ankit

We all are somewhere there, trying to cope with difficult skin pigmentations or scars and worst that a skin can take is acnes. To help yourself in the quarantine why not try something that is easily available in for home and try what works best for the skin? Ankit has given a few methods with all steps in details about the pimple and acne and how to get over it. Let’s try and do let us know what works best for your skin.

fight pimples and acne with best home remedies
fight pimples and acne with best home remedies


Article 5:

10 Best Natural Remedies for Removing Blackheads By Amanda 

Blackheads can be real pain. Specially in this lockdown when parlors and salons are not very accessible and safe. I tried these steps mentioned by Daneel, early morning because it was very easy to follow and I got instant results too. Way more effective than going the entire process of getting clean up and face spa.

blackheads remedies
blackheads remedies


Article 4:

7 Best Yoga Exercises for kids to stay healthy  By Gazal Mittal 

I wrote this article last month when my apartment aunties asked me to help their kids with bats yoga poses that can be easily monitored by the parents at home. So I compiled this simple 7 yoga poses that you can ask your child to do early at home. Children are very active, and this quarantine is not just making them lazy but unhealthy too. A little step can help them develop a good habit even after quarantine is over.

healthy yoga for kids
healthy yoga for kids


Article 3:

A complete beauty regime with home- made products  By Amanda 

One of my personal favorite article by Amanda . Though most of the thing is easily available at your home it still works the best when you work for it. I have always believed that your skin deserves pampering, and nothing can beat fruits and veggies. Might sound weird but still I get the flawless skin and shiny face by applying papaya and tomatoes. Ever tried it? Read our other beauty and fitness articles if you like it.

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beauty home-made products: besan face mask
besan face mask


Article 2:

12 Good reasons why Dancing Keeps you Fit and Healthy; can keep you in good shape By Sakshi Singh 

Dance is a joy. It is indeed the most natural workout you can do and still enjoy. No matter which song you choose, bhangra beat, Punjabi Bollywood remix, keep the spirit alive by enjoying every step.

dancing and its benefits
dancing and its benefits


Article 1:

Weight Loss Tips For Relieving Joint Pain By Ria Biswas 

After living at home with grandparents for 15 days I realized that helping them get rid of joint pain by medication and massages are really temporary. I saw this article and tried a few of them and turns out to be magical, though the results are not abrupt but it is not worsen the situation too. If you have your grandparents around who are into massages and pain killers do help them with these weight loss tips that will help them.

weight loss tips for relieving joint pain
weight loss tips for relieving joint pain



I have come to an end and I hope you love reading all these fitness articles. Please don’t forget to write me about your well spent quarantine days so far and also which article influenced you the most and how are you working on it!


Thank you!

Stay safe, stay home!

Gazal Mittal
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