Myths and Facts on Mass Gainers [ Protein Supplements for Workout ]

All the daily gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts training for a while now have been bombarded with various suggestions about what supplement they must choose. In addition, they have also come across various myths that are very popular within the fitness community. While the seasoned experts are aware about the truth, many newbies do fall to such false claims.

Today, we are going to break the myth about one such important muscle building supplement – Mass Gainer Protein. However, before we proceed ahead, let’s discuss what they are.


What are Mass Gainer Supplements?

In simple words, Mass Gainers or weight gainers are dietary supplements that help you gain body mass and weight. However, this does not mean you accumulate too much fat in your body and instead load healthy muscle mass. Hence, the activity of bulking up and gaining muscles mass has to be done with utmost care and perfect planning.

Mass gainers being high in protein, not only help in muscle growth but also helps in improving stamina and endurance. Since they have lots of protein, some carbohydrates and very few fats. One serving of mass gainer protein supplement can offer 400-1000 kcal (varies from brand to brand).


Myths and Facts about Mass Gainers

facts and myths of mass gainers
facts and myths of mass gainers

MYTH 1: Mass Gainer Supplements Don’t Work

FACT 1: Mass Gainers are Effective in Muscle Gaining

This myth is because many mass gainer supplement brands include very poor-quality ingredients. Opt for a certified and trusted brand, and you shall see the results within no time. Check the ingredients list before purchasing any mass gainer supplements and never buy supplements which have fillers like wheat.

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MYTH 2: Gainers Make You Fat

FACT 2: Gainers Make You Develop Healthy Muscle Mass

Best Mass Gainers are those which provide very less fats, high protein and moderate amounts of carbs. This helps you increase your total calorie intake, aiding muscle building. These combined with your training helps you develop a lean body.


MYTH 3: Mass Gainers Aren’t Safe To Consume

FACT 3: They Are Absolutely Safe

Before any supplement you buy, you must scan the ingredient list. This activity will help you buy a high-quality supplement that contains only the required ingredients. Ingredients to look out for in a Mass Gainer Protein are – Whey Protein Blend, Calcium Caseinate, Creatine Monohydrate, L-Glutamine and other vitamins and minerals. Never buy supplements with artificial sweeteners and flavors.


MYTH 4: Mass & Weight Gainers Are One & The Same

FACT 4: Both Gaining Supplements Are Quite Different

Both weight gainers and mass gainers are completely different. While weight gainers are used to gain weight and fat, mass gainers are used to gain muscles. Protein quantity is very low, carbs are high, and fats are moderate in a weight gainer, while they are high, moderate and very low, respectively for mass gainers. Hard gainers generally consume weight gainers and mass gainers are used by bodybuilders.


Facts on Mass Gainers supplements for workout
Facts on Mass Gainers supplements for workout

Benefits of Mass Gainer

1.     Promotes Muscle Growth & Recovery

Those who want a stunning physique should combine regular exercise with healthy muscle development and recovery routine. Mass gainer supplements have the required nutrients to aid muscle growth.

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2.     Contains Essential Vitamins & Minerals

Mass gainers proteins contain a wide variety of important minerals and vitamins. These help you to stay fit and healthy.

3.     Offers Healthy Calories

Individuals training to bulk up will find mass gainers as their perfect partners as they provide the required number of healthy calories. A good gainer will provide nearly 1200 calories in a single serving.

4.     Contains High Carbs

After an intense workout session, your body needs energy. For this, it starts to break down carbohydrates in the body to produce required energy. This requires you to intake more carbs in your diet. Since, mass gainers provide good amounts of carbs, they aid in energy production.

5.     Best Source of Healthy Fat

A mass gainer powder offers high dietary fat. Dietary fats don’t increase your weight but instead, they help prevent weight gain. Thus, you must ensure that your supplement contains more unsaturated fats and less saturated fats.

6.     Contains High Fiber

Fiber is another important nutrient that helps to gain healthy muscles. Fiber aids digestion by helping the body eliminate toxins. Hence, your body can easily accumulate the required nutrients from your daily diet.

Workout tips for bodybuilders
Workout tips for bodybuilders

Wrapping up to Conclude

Since all the myths are busted, we can safely conclude that Mass Gainers are a healthy supplement to gain weight. However, many of you might still be confused as to which supplement to use to build muscle mass. A well trusted nutrition supplement that you can choose is Fast&Up.

To conclude, let’s help you with factors that will help you to select the best mass gainer supplement. First and foremost, you must check the carb-to-protein ratio which ideally should be 3:1 in favor of carbs. Secondly, if digestive enzymes are present, they will help to improve the digestion process. Next is the sugar content present in the powder, and it is no surprise that sugar must be as low as possible. Furthermore, fat offered per servings should be between 1 and 2 grams. 5-gram fat in a single serving is a big NO. Lastly, the calories offered should meet your daily calorie requirements.

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We hope that all these points will help you select the best mass gainer protein supplement for yourself!

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