Natalia Muntean Weight Loss, Workout Tips & Diet Plan

Last Updated on January 7th, 2021

Natalia Muntean is a fitness model, entrepreneur, nutrition expert and writer. A testament to her success is the numerous awards she has won, such as “Miss Bikini Universe Overall Champion 2009“, “Miss Bikini Florida” and “WBFF Fitness Model World Champion“, 2009.


Natalia Muntean body
Natalia Muntean body


Born on September 11th, 1980 in Ukraine, this gorgeous model was enchanted by the world of modeling when she was merely 16 years old. Growing up chubby and frustrated, Natalia began reading and acquiring knowledge related to fitness and attaining a healthy lifestyle. She was once told by a casting director, that to become a model, she must go on a diet and work towards attaining fitness-which is exactly what she did!

The now mother of one, worked extremely hard and applied her knowledge and gained more so as to attain fitness. Her passion and dedication paid off eventually, as she tasted success and made her name in the industry soon after.


Natalia Muntean weight loss tips
Natalia Muntean weight loss tips


However, the road to success is never easy, and Natalia too had many obstacles to overcome. She struggled with health issues and even had eating disorders. Yet, she kept moving forward to figure out the perfect plan for her body and live a healthy lifestyle.

Now, Natalia endeavors to help others like herself to attain fitness and hopes to guide and inspire them. Natalia is happily married to Frank Kern, who is a mastermind in online marketing together they have a baby boy, Alexander. She also has two stepdaughters, whom she adores.


Let us look at the beautiful model’s vital stats!


Natalia Muntean vital statistics
Natalia Muntean vital statistics

Natalia Muntean Vital Statistics

Height — 5’5″ or 165 cm

Weight — 112 lbs or 50 kg

Breast Size — 35 inches

Waist — 22.5 inches

Hips Size — 36 inches


Natalia constantly sets personal and professional goals to motivate herself to maintain such incredible stats.

While doing so requires a great deal of mental and emotional strength. Another important factor is, of course, ensuring you have in place a rigorous workout and diet plan which works best for your body.

Let us now look into the workout regime that has helped Natalia gain such incredible fitness.


Natalia Muntean Workout Routine:


While designing your workout routine, it is very important to understand the requirements of your body, analyse its strengths and weaknesses and work according to them.

Natalia Muntean workout routine
Natalia Muntean workout routine

Natalie has followed a very intense workout regime to enable the fitness she enjoys today. However, post her pregnancy, her workout routine has changed dramatically. Her body has certainly altered a lot, and so she has adapted to the change, by working on strengthening her body instead of split training.

Natalia’s workouts consist of doing HIIT, incorporating weights and Plyometrics, which she believes is the most effective way to lose weight. S

he also enjoys long walks, runs and dancing. Natalia manages to squeeze in at least 3-4 sessions in a week where she focuses on high-intensity training.


Here is a breakdown of her weekly workout routine:


DAY1: On day 1, Natalia focuses on sculpting, strengthening and toning her legs.


DAY2: Natalia reserves Day 2 for working on those enviable abs and also does some HIIT.


DAY3: On day 3, she works on her shoulders and back.


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DAY4: Once again, on day 4, Natalia works on her abs and does some HIIT.


DAY5: Arms and chest are her focus on day 5.


DAY6: Day 6 is retained by her for plyometric and glutes.


DAY7: On day 7, Natalia ensures that her body has time to recuperate from the intense workouts, and uses this day to rest.


Natalia Muntean fitness tips
Natalia Muntean fitness tips


Three of her favourite exercises are lunges, burpees and plie jumps.


To lose weight as well as maintain fitness and health, one must follow an appropriate diet plan to find the balance between working out and eating right- this will get you success. Let us dive into the diet plan that Natalia follows.


Natalia Muntean Diet Plan:


Natalia believes that in addition to following a rigorous workout routine, it is critical to also have a great diet and nutrition plan in place.




She eats clean and believes that diet is the key secret in attaining such incredible fitness and maintains a strict diet. Natalia, hence prefers to eat a great variety of clean, healthy and fresh foods and loves the superfood, Kale. She includes protein shakes, wheat grass powder, baked/grilled fish and chicken and green salads in her diet.

When craving a crunchy snack, kale chips and fruit are her go-to choice.

Turns out, Natalia loves cooking food and is constantly experimenting with healthy foods to make them more appealing. While Natalia does not include salt in her diet, she has a sweet tooth and can simply not resist them! Luckily, her love for baking ensures that she is making healthy and yet yummy sweets, such as healthy cookies, sugar free ice cream, berry puddings etc to satiate those cravings!

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Natalia has worked immensely hard to make her dream a reality. Achieving fitness is a long and arduous journey, but also one that is highly rewarding. Hopefully, Natalia’s story has inspired you too to take up the challenge of achieving and maintaining health and fitness!


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