Natalie Jill Fitness Trainer Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Last Updated on July 1st, 2020

Natalie Jill is a fitness model, author as well as the founder and CEO of Natalie Jill Fitness. Natalie is also a certified and licensed fitness trainer and nutritionist and holds a degree in Health and Human Performance from the University of Maryland. Natalie was also listed in the Forbes List of Top Influencers in Fitness (2017). She follows a very regressive Workout routine to maintain a good healthy body and perfect figure.


Born on 2nd September 1971, in Washington DC, USA, Natalie’s story is one of perseverance and an indomitable will to succeed, despite the odds. Post graduation, Natalie began working as in the corporate sector, under the sales and marketing department. At one point in time, after having her first child, Natalie went through a dark phase of her life.

She was going through a divorce with her first husband, and also underwent a huge financial crisis, with her owing over $1.4 million in debt. She was also unable to lose all the post-pregnancy weight and it eventually led her into depression. Natalie also suffers from the Celiac Sprue disease, which inhibits her from having gluten in her diet.

Yet, she decided to stand back up and build her life for herself and her daughter.

Natalie Jill is a fitness model workout
Natalie Jill is a fitness model workout

Natalie Fitness Mantra

All through this time, her love for fitness never died and was only increasing, ready to spur her into the world of fitness celebrities. After attaining the killer fitness for herself that we see today, Natalie began enrolling in courses and getting relevant certifications. She soon began working as a fitness trainer, specialising in weight loss and core training, as well as a nutritionist.

It was by a lucky accident that Natalie Jill Fitness actually began! Soon began her rise to success, and it was not before the age of 39 that she took on assignments as a fitness model!

natalie Jill fitness workout tips
natalie Jill fitness workout tips

Apart from training her clients and guiding her followers through videos and her blogs, Natalie has also worked on workout DVDs and is the author of the book, “7-Day Jump Start: Unprocess Your Diet”.

Natalie has also been featured in leading publications such as ‘Tribune’, ‘Forbes’, ‘People Magazine’, ‘Marie Claire’ etc. and has been the cover girl for ‘Cosmopolitan”, “Glam Today”, “Fitness X” and many others. She is now happily married to Brooks Hollan and enjoys a great life.


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Despite the odds stacked against her and the intense competition she faced in the industry, by women half her age, Natalie managed to emerge victoriously. Let us dive right into her workout routine and diet plan and understand how she managed to do it!

workout fitness natalie jill trainer

Natalie Jill Workout Routine

Natalia has worked extremely hard to get the body that she has today. There are numerous workout routines that she has developed and recommends her followers to adopt, as per their specific needs.

Full body workouts, home workouts and workouts based on specific body parts are all something that she has personally undergone to achieve the stunning transformation that she has had.

When she first began, she had to undergo intense cardio and train super hard to get that killer body. Now, to maintain her fitness, she usually just does high-intensity training to balance her food and workout.

Here, let’s discuss her famous and surprisingly simple 7-minute workout routine, which is extremely effective for a total body workout!

fitness trainer natalie jill workout
fitness trainer natalie jill workout

This workout routine tones the core, arms and glutes, and relies on bodyweight only. Here is a breakdown of Natalie’s 7-minute workout routine!


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First off, start with doing the glute bridge, staying in the position for 30 secs. Do around 8-10 reps of the same.

Next, go for the “Dip and kick” on each side for around 30 seconds each.

The Reverse bridge walk comes in next, followed by plank, alternating between the sides.

Next, complete ten hamstring curls for each side, and then proceed with four plank walks on each side.

Now, it’s time for the pike position walk, which you must repeat two times.


This workout is so simple and yet, it manages to work the entire body so well. It is just perfect for all those who need to workout under time constraints!

diet plan natalie jill fitness routine
diet plan natalie jill fitness routine

Natalie Jill Diet Plan

No fitness program is truly complete without a well chalked out diet plan in place. Natalie too believes that nutrition and diet play a very crucial role, due to the simple reason that one eats more calories a day than what is burned by workouts. She focuses on eating healthy and her all her food is gluten-free.

sexy and hot natalie jill figure
sexy and hot natalie jill figure

Natalie believes that diets supplementing weight loss or other workouts, should not be restrictive or be directed towards self-starving.

As per her, an ideal diet plan should consist of around 6 small meals in a day at an interval of 2-3 hours.

Her diet is based on calories and the inclusion of nutrients and healthy fats, proteins etc. The meals generally consist of natural, fresh and healthy foods, including fresh vegetables, nuts like almonds, proteins etc.


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Natalie is truly a woman with resilience and sets such a wonderful model for all.

Despite all that she has gone through, she still manages to inspire thousands of people through her work and is advocating the message of fitness and health all across. Surely, if she can do it, so can you! All it takes is determination and willpower!


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