Natural Remedies to Cure Snoring of Your Sleeping Partner

Last Updated on July 20th, 2020

In today’s world where half of the population is suffering from insomnia, remaining half who are able to sleep are also having the problem of snoring. Yes, near about 40% of world’s population snores while sleeping (congrats, you are not the only one). According to a survey, people who have a sitting job, and not the physical job, they snore more than those who have physical work. There is a virtual perception that people who do more physical work snore more, but reality is totally reverse. Snoring in itself is not bad for health but it may affect your partner’s sleep plus, if you are a heart patient, loud snoring could be even life threatening. So, snoring is anyhow not something that should be overseen and considered as normal behavior. There are many ways to cure snoring of your sleeping partner.

But, before we start off with the remedies to cure, I think you all should know what exactly happens inside you, which makes you so loud even while sleeping. Actually what happens is, while you sleep the throat muscles relax, and tongue falls back, thus it narrow downs the throat and creates hindrance for the air to pass. And as the air passes through the narrow way, vibrations are produced which are quite audible. This noise of vibrations is known as snoring. There could be a number of reasons behind this, overweight – the most common one, drinking alcohol, nasal congestion or many more.

sound sleep no snoring
sound sleep no snoring

Before this also you might have tried a number of remedies, or you might have even tried pharmaceuticals to stop this, but nothing seems to have worked out. But, today, I am going to give you the tried and tested, best natural remedies that will definitely help you sleep quietly.


All you need is to make the following changes to cure snoring:

1. Lifestyle Changes:

The way you spend our day to day life has direct relation with such problems like snoring. Making a few changes in your lifestyle could help you get rid off snoring.


2. Lose Weight if you are Obese:

Obesity is the most common factor that leads to snoring or making it even louder. Studies suggest that the excess fat on the body, especially around the neck, can put undue pressure on the airway and even cause it to partially collapse, which is the key reason for snoring. It is easy to understand that the more obese you are, the more fat tissues you will have in the mouth, and the more the fat are the tissues, the lesser would be the area left for the air to pass. So, the first and foremost remedy is to cut obesity. You can use these easy home remedies to lose weight.

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3. Avoid Alcohol:

Drinking alcohol is not only harmful for your liver, but is also a root cause of snoring. When you intake alcohol, it causes the relaxation of throat muscles, which in turn causes the compression of airway, which in turn causes snoring. Thus, avoiding alcohol could be your one shot to stop any more snore.


4. Quit Smoking:

Studies have shown that among’st the smokers, more than 87% of them do snore. Actually cigarette smoke creates irritation in the lining of the nasal cavity and causes swelling. This swelling further makes the airway narrow and hence snoring occurs. Thus, one more disadvantage of smoking, while if you’ll quit smoking, this swelling will be normal again and you can have a silent sleep again. If you find it difficult you can use these eight ways to quit smoking.


5. Maintain Sleeping Schedule:

It is very important to have a fixed time for sleep. The basic logic behind a fixed sleep time is that if you will have fixed sleeping time, probability is that you will be able to have a proper sleep, which means your body will get desired rest and you won’t be tired. And if you are not getting adequate sleep and feel tired you will have a deeper sleep that affects throat muscles and airway somewhat like drinking alcohol does. So, a quality sleep is all you need to stop snoring.


6. Sleeping Posture:

It is very essential to have a good sleeping posture in order to stop snoring. Sleeping on your chest is not the best way I would say, straight posture, laying on your back with chest on upper side is the best pose. Because if you sleep on your chest or any one shoulder, the throat muscles displaces and lead to congestion of the airway, which again leads to snoring.


7. Do Exercise:

Today’s lifestyle has made man so busy that nobody has time to exercise. By practicing just moderate exercise on daily basis one can easily beat snoring as it helps fight obesity and it has been also found that exercising keeps throat muscles active, which helps maintain their health and elasticity that helps curb snoring and its main reason narrowing of airway.


how to stop snoring, home remedies
how to stop snoring, home remedies

Food Items to Cure Snoring:

The following food items are known to be the best cure of snoring. Each of them has special ability to keep the throat cleaner and broader, making clear gap for airway, thus helps avoid snoring.

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1. Peppermint:

The peppermint has natural anti-inflammatory properties that combats swelling in the lining of throat which ensures easy breathing. It is known to curb the snoring caused due to dryness in air or congestion of nose. You can directly rub the peppermint oil on your nose or gargle with peppermint oil added to water. You will notice changes in very few days.


2. Turmeric:

Turmeric has been used since ages to cure snoring problems. It is a well know agent that treats inflammation. Thus, it works more or less the similar way as does the peppermint and keeps nostrils and throat open for airway. Hence helps stop snoring. You can have a glass of milk with two teaspoons of turmeric in it and have it half an hour before the bed. It will surely help cure snoring.


3. Garlic:

The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property of garlic helps clear out the mucus from nasal passage which is often know to block the airway and cause snoring. Not just this it’s anti-inflammatory properties keeps respiratory problems at bay which could add to snoring. You can simply add garlic in your daily meals or chew one clove of garlic just before bed. This can do wonders in overcoming snoring.


4. Honey:

If you are looking for a tasty food that can help you relieve this problem then honey is a perfect choice. Honey has high anti-inflammatory property that can help reduce the swelling around the throat and nostrils that can obstruct airways and lead to snoring. Furthermore, honey acts as a lubricant and prevents the vibrations occurring in throat. Just have a half teaspoon of honey before sleep or prepare a glass of milk by adding honey and drink half an hour before sleep and witness the magic.


Natural Ways to Cure Snoring:

These are the natural ways that can fight off the reasons which leads to snoring. These are generally more effective than any other way.

1. Elevate your Head (helps cure snoring):

While sleeping, your tongue falls back that prevents the air flow by blocking the way. Elevating the head while sleeping can prevent tongue from falling back and can let the air pass easily which means no snoring. You have to elevate the height of your head by keeping a well fluffy pillow under your head. If you are not used to it, you can start off with a medium sized pillow and slowly switch to a more heightened pillow.


2. Humidify the air:

Dry air is the biggest reason of snoring. Actually it dries out the throat and nasal way, creating conditions susceptible for congestion. This makes air passage difficult and thus vibrations occur and you snore. You can buy air humidifiers which are easily available in market or you can alternatively also use steam vaporizer.

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3. Maintain Cleanliness:

It is always recommended that bedroom should be clean in order to stop snoring. Many of you might develop allergy with dust without even knowing, because dust mainly affects nostril and throat areas where it gets accumulated or leaves behind germs that may cause congestion or any kind of hindrance in the air way and thus cause snoring. So, keep your bedroom clean and don’t forget to change air filters.

Healthy bedroom hygiene helps fight insomnia
Healthy bedroom hygiene helps fight insomnia

4. Practice Yoga :

There are a number of asana and exercises in yoga that are known to strengthen the throat and nostrils muscles so that they retain their elasticity. It is often seen that with age these muscles tend to lose elasticity and collapse that’s why elder people snore more. Practicing “Kapal-Bhati” or “Anulom-Vilom” for 5 minutes on regular basis can keep snoring problem at bay.

Kapal-Bhati is nothing but sitting by crossing your legs and inhaling and exhaling air vigorously continuously and Anulom-Vilom is blocking one side of your nose with any finger and inhaling from the other side, once inhaled, change the nostril side of blockage and release the air or exhale with the other nostril. Do this regularly 10 times a day and feel the difference.


These are the best natural ways which have been tried and proven to be effective to cure snoring. Just make sure that you don’t let your nostril or throat congested due to any reason because resistance to air passage is the only cause of snoring.

Try these methods and do tell us if these work out, or if you have any suggestion or any alternative way of carrying out any of these activity to cleat the throat or nostril. And don’t forget to share it with your friends and loved ones.


Practice Healthy…!! Stay Healthy…!!

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