Natural Mood Swings and How to Control Them

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Yay, this happening feeling. I feel good! The very next moment you start feeling bad. Just a blur of thought can change your mood, your “out of world” feeling suddenly gets converted to despondence. Abruptly, your mood swings that may be because of some person, act, notion, view, opinion, perception, conception or may be nothing.

What Happens Actually ?

Probably when you come out of sad movie and feel that movie was depressing and it made you discouraged and anxious. So, all you can gather is that your mood swings are just because of thought coming to your mind. Due to change in your mood, your whole group get affected. Your mood swing may turn environment unpleasant for all in that gathering. This may lead to mood spoiler for others also. So, don’t you think this need to be figured out?

Mood swings transfigures whole state of mind of an individual. It is actually due to secretion of gonadal hormones – progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. These hormones are secreted by the ovaries and testes. As a result, the release of these hormones impact on our sentiments, emotion, fervor, reaction, response. Women and teen girls come across mood swings at the time of menopause and pregnancy due to secretion of steroids. During this time, women’s body development takes place.  According to many researchers, men abuse steroids (roid rage) due to which he experiences mood swings.

mood swings and how to control them
mood swings and how to control them

If you experience frequent mood swings, then it’s the time to consult your doctor. Although, mood swings occurrence is normal but at times it may prove to be something serious to your health. May be you are suffering from diseases like:


1. Personality disorder-

Personality disorder is state of mind in which person behaves abnormally. It is also termed as mental disorder. Person suffering from this disorder is not able to adapt the particular situation, also has difficulty in understanding and behave accordingly.

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2. Clinical depression-

Clinical depression is caused due to emotional imbalance and psychological disorder. It is deep rooted therefore, it takes more time to get cured. It is very serious that you feel that life is nothing like enjoyable. You start losing interest in the things you used to love and you start struggling with yourself.


3. Schizophrenia-

According to dictionary, schizophrenia means split personality. Schizophrenia starts at teenage. It is type of mental illness. There are sub types of schizophrenia are paranoid, disorganized, catatonic and residual. In paranoid, person have illusion about that other is planning and plotting against them. Also In disorganized, this affects patients thought process. In this person uses unsuitable vocabulary, speaks in unorderly manner and is unable to complete daily routine tasks. Now, catatonic often affects movement impairment. They produce sudden sounds and sometimes they purposelessly repeat continuously the current process. At last residual, this is nothing like extreme state of mind. In this, person undergo normal life and daily routines. It can be treated by psycho social treatments.


 4. Bipolar disorder-

Bipolar here means two poles one is high (mania) and other is low (depression). If patient goes in high (euphoric) and as well as low (sad), it is bipolar disorder. In manic side, people are hyper active, restless and go in risky behavior. They are in super excited mode and get involved in irrelevant things. But in depressive side, the person feel rejected and lonely. They come across suicidal thoughts.


Person having this disorder become least interested in life, accomplish sad mood frequently, decreases eating, decreases sleeping. Root causes of this disorder are negative approach, suspicions, anxiety, past bad memories, family conflicts, fear, failures, overthinking etc.


This disease is related to mind, not brain. If you bring back concentration of person, then it can be cured. Also, inner strength of person is to be regained to overcome all these feelings.

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5. Dysthymia-

Dysthymia is persistent depression disorder. It last for long period of time. You start feeling gloomy, under-confident and loss of interest, excitement.

how to control mood swings
how to control mood swings

Reasons of Mood swings:-

  1. Improper Sleep- Sometimes, lack of sleep leads to tough moods. Sleep deprivation makes you irritated. At every single unfavorable instance, you react abnormally. Suddenly, you get angry and very next moment you behave annoyingly. So, try to take at least 8 hour sleep every single day.
  2. Drugs and alcohol consumption Actually, alcohol consumption blocks some nervous signals from reaching to the brain. You start feeling low because the brain has to do less processing. You are not able to decide whether to be happy or sad. Due to this experience, your mood swings. Excessive consumption of alcohol reduces your brain functioning. You feel light for the moment.
  3. Relationship- If you undergo unhealthy and disturbing relationship, it directly affects your mood.
  4. Stress- Due to today’s life in metropolitan cities where person has to manage work, family and responsibilities all together.
  5. Modern lifestyle- All you need to do is change in your lifestyle. Basically, children suffers from mood swings due to chaotic environment. They also suffer due to lack of attention of their parents.



mood swings and anxiety issues
mood swings and anxiety issues

How to control mood swings??

Mood swings sometimes become excessive to handle that you have suicidal thoughts. The best practice to overcome frequent mood swings is exercise and meditation. Although, exercise cannot control your mood swings directly but you come in control of your body and brain. While doing exercise, stress hormone cortisol is suppressed by hormone endorphins. As a result, it is giving you everlasting happiness rather than temporary one. Secondly, meditation brings you the control and balance to your senses. Practicing it daily brings inner tranquility and gives you break from difficult moods. Some of other ways are also listed:

  1. Hormonal mood swings can be reduced by having a balanced diet.
  2. Give a thought to yourself asking why it is occurring to me?
  3. When your emotions are in auguring more than it is optimal way to take an exit from that situation. Basically, walk away from there.
  4. Talk to someone who is close to you. That time you are bringing out your emotions like anger, frustration, and sadness off your brain. At least, you are able to overcome from loneliness.
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As we know, there are pros and cons to everything. Then, the same lies with mood swings. So, try to understand your lifestyle, figure out what is good for you and what is not because one wrong decision may leave you suffering from severe mood swings. Also, I would add up develop your inner strength to deal with things around.

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