Natural Mouth Freshener, Mint and Its Unknown Benefits

Last Updated on December 21st, 2020

Mint, the name in itself bring the feeling of freshness. To me it is more of a fresh aroma creating veggie that is often used in dishes and many of mouth fresheners. Many toothpastes, mouth fresheners and after smoke candies also contain mint because of its invigorating scent. It has its unique role in kitchen also, nor just it adds that unique flavor to any dish in which we use it, but it also gives life to many dishes when garnished over, and is also used in salads, soup, juices and tea quite often because of either its medicinal properties or to get a fresh taste.

Mint is one of the most popular herbs that is grown around the world. Apart from all this garnishing and providing freshness mint has a lot to offer that you might not be aware of. Mint leaves contain a number of minerals and vitamins, though not in huge amounts, but still they are worth mentioning. Mint contains trace amounts of iron, fiber, vitamin A and potassium. The best part about the nutrient content of mint is that it contains a number of rare antioxidants that take care of body by protecting against cancer and boosting the immune system.

health benefits of mint leaves
health benefits of mint leaves

Some of the health benefits that this green little veggie has to offer:

  1. Aids Digestion:

The main health benefit of mint is that it aids digestion and helps to remove stomach inflammation. Mint is a great appetizer and due to its soft aroma, it soothes the stomach. The aroma triggers the salivary glands in mouth to produce more saliva and more digestive enzymes. Hence, facilitating digestion. Mint also contains essential oils that stimulate the gallbladder to secrete its store of bile, which the body uses to digest fats. This makes peppermint a wonderful digestive aid for heavy meals. This is the reason why mint is so extensively used in appetizers and starters before meal in restaurants. Moreover, many studies have also shown that mint is a possible cure of Irritable Bowel Syndrome may it be in children or adults.

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  1. Fights Acne:

Surprised? Mint and acne… huh? Never thought of mint this way? Yes, mint is the possible home cure of acne that you might be looking for. Actually mint has a high content of salicylic acid which helps prevent pimples, blemishes and even helps get rid of blackheads. It has high anti- inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which can do wonders on acne prone skin. The compounds present in mint helps in faster shedding of dull and dry skin which in turn helps avoid clogging of pores; which is the main reason for pimples and acne, thus resulting in pimple free skin.


  1. Oral Care:

fight bad breath and get white teeth
fight bad breath and get white teeth

When it comes to oral health, mint is such a great ingredient for this job because of its germicidal qualities and breath freshening property. It finishes bacteria in the mouth preventing tooth decay, beats bad breath and keeps your tongue and teeth clean naturally. Because of the same reason you could easily found toothpaste and mouthwash available in market claiming to have mint in them. Moreover, the increased flow of saliva because of mint also helps keep teeth clean and whiter in shade. So, just chew some mint leaves after you are done with meal, specially if you had garlic, it will help you fight that foul smell of garlic and will also take care of your teeth and total oral hygiene.


  1. Nervous System Health:

Mint leaves could prove to be a good source of copper. The copper from mint leaves helps body in making phospholipids — fats needed for healthy nerve function — and regulates brain cell communication. Plus, the iron it helps in creating blood cells, thus the supply of blood to the brain is continuous and disrupted making brain work at its best. Thus, adding mint leaves could also help you stay away from Alzheimer’s disease and other nervous system disorders that sometimes start appearing with age.

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  1. Fights Allergies:

The antifungal properties associated with mint helps in curing allergic conditions from as serious as asthma to seasonal allergies. Mint leaves contains a rare antioxidant known as rosmarinic acid. This antioxidant has been known for its effectiveness in relieving seasonal allergy symptoms. Because of rosmarinic acid’s anti-inflammatory properties, mint leaves has been shown to be a promising treatment for asthma as well as any kind of allergies that could be as nominal as itching to as serious as causing skin ailments.


  1. Respiratory Illness:

Studies have proven that mint leaves are very good for respiratory system – from fighting asthma to nourishing lungs, mint leaves does it all. Mint dissolves the sputum, nourishes lungs and increases body resistance against infection. It is proven to prevent the harmful effects of anti-tubecular drugs. It also aids in asthma by reducing congestion in the air passage. The phenols in mint leaves have been found to be beneficial in treating several respiratory infections.


  1. Fights Obesity:

mint leaves amazing health benefits
mint leaves amazing health benefits

It is very beneficial for obese people. Mint leaves have been recommended as an obesity cure since ages, which now even studies support with proofs. It helps in digesting food, absorbing nutrients and metabolizing fat in our body. Not just this, eating mint or even the scent of mint increases brain activity in the area which controls alertness. This, in turn, curbs your snacking which, most of the times, takes place to stimulate energy. Mint not only increases your sense of fullness and satisfaction after eating, it also enhances your senses of taste as well as smell. This means you get more satisfied with your meal thus curbing further craving for other food. Thus, helps fight obesity.


This is not it, mint leaves like its size also helps in many small day to day problems, like fighting cold and cough, viral fever, menstrual pain of women, mosquito bites and all as it boosts immune system also. These little mint leaves are like big things in small packages. So, don’t wait till next time, add mint in your salad, tea and you can even prepare a ketchup with mint leaves. Further, this could be added in juice or lemonade drinks. The ways could be different to consume but results would be same.

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Keep eating and keep commenting. And feel free to share your views and suggestion related to post and I am also open to any related queries.


Eat Natural…!! Stay Healthy…!!

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