Best Natural Remedies to Treat Pimples, Acne and Scars

Last Updated on July 20th, 2020

Before you pop that ugly small white bulge on your face, I would urge you to read this article and then decide what you want to do. Jumping directly to the remedies might not be effective if you are not well versed with what is a pimple or acne. You should know what could be the possible causes that it pope out on your face. There are many ways to treat pimples and acne but not all are effective. We have explained some easy ways to handle pimples at home and treat even the acne and scars on skin.

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Why Acne or Pimples happens?

Our skin has tiny holes in it throughout, called pores. These pores when gets blocked by oil, bacteria, dirt or due to any reason, then one gets to face their biggest nightmare “pimple” or you may call it a“zit”. If your skin is repeatedly affected by this condition, you may have acne.  

According to the studies, acne is the most common skin problems faced by people throughout the world (cheers you are not alone). Around 40 and 50 million people have this condition at a time in world. Although it is not a life-threatening disease, though it could be painful, but is a curable problem.


Here I won’t say it might also cause emotional distress, because it actually does that.

And I exactly know how it feels to have a pimple or a cluster of them on face as I have also suffered the same problem. I faced the similar problem since I was in high school till the time I completed my graduation. Acne that appears on the face may also be a cause of permanent scarring.


treat pimples and acne at home
treat pimples and acne at home

Why go for many solutions to treat Pimples and Acne ?

Unfortunately pimple do pops up just before a party or some outing where you specially need to look good, as if this pimple was also invited (has happened to me also). But, no more.. because today I am going to tell you the ways; natural ways which will minimize the number of pimples and will help you reduce scars as well.

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Before we start with the effective home remedies, I need to first tell you what could be the possible causes of pimple. Because if you’ll be aware of it you would easily be able to find out the reason for yourself. And then you can look for the remedy that will suit your need. Each pore on skin is the opening to a follicle which is made up of a hair and a sebaceous (oil) gland. This gland releases oil which is meant to keep the skin lubricated and soft.

If one develops acne, this could possible be because following causes:

  • too much oil or sebum is being produced by the follicle
  • dead skin cells are accumulating in the pore
  • bacteria has built up in the pore


reasons of stress Incontinence in Women and their solutions
reasons of stress Incontinence in Women and their solutions

Most of you might have come across various myths that eating fast food, chocolates or may be eating any oily stuff contributes to development of acne. And to me every second guy I used to meet while I had acne problem; they use to say “hmmm..!! These are just signs that you are now turning adult.” At that time I use to think why these signs are so ugly and are coming up on face only. Somehow all those people who told me all this were right because yes this problem of pimple and acne majorly comes across in that age only. Along with these, comes multiple suggestions to treat pimples and acne also from all around the corner. Many ways are there to treat pimples and acne but to find the right method you need to understand what lifestyle changes are causing them to pop up on your face.


Why Acne and pimples mostly occur at Young age?

Young people are most at risk for developing acne during puberty – which is actually the age to show off. Actually during puberity, body undergoes several hormonal changes which sometimes result in triggered oil production, leading to an increased risk of blockage of pores and thus acne. Hormonal acne related to puberty usually stops when one reaches adulthood.

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But still your question of why not to pop the pimple is not yet answered. The answer is that when you puncture the pimple’s outer skin, the gunk (white material) oozes out. If the bacteria contained in that gunk splits and lands inside other pores, it can lead to more pimples. Moreover, even if you pop a pimple you won’t get a flawless skin, redness will still be there. And this will stay for longer duration than that pimple and later on it may lead to scarring.

aloe vera for pimples treatment
aloe vera for acne cure

Ways to Treat pimples, acne and scars:

You can use a number of self-care activities at home to prevent or treat pimples and to clear up your acne. Home remedies for acne may include:

  • Washing face twice daily with a gentle face wash to remove excess oil and dirt.
  • Regularly shampooing your hair.
  • Take black pepper twice a week before going to bed.
  • Drink lots of water specially early morning on vacant stomach. This helps clean up your digestive system and thus help to treat pimples also. Clean stomach and intestine helps in removing toxin from body easily which in turn helps in preventing acne and treating pimples.
  • Drink aloe-vera juice.
  • Avoid too much oily food or consume in less quantity.
  • Use aloe-vera cream on affected areas.
  • Apply lemon juice on affected skin and wash after 15-20 minutes.
  • You can also apply honey on pimples and wash after an hour.


If self-care activities do not help with your acne, there are a number of acne medications that can prove to be a boon in times of great need.

These medications to treat pimples and acne include:

  • benzoyl peroxide: prescribed by maximum number of dermatologists. It dries out existing pimples and helps combat the growth of new ones.
  • sulfur: it is a natural cleanser which is mostly used in face masks and cleansers.
  • resorcinol: a less common ingredient that is used to remove dead skin cells
  • salicylic acid: often contained in soaps and acne washes.
  • clindamycin: most commonly prescribed gel for acne. This one is quite effective and has by far produced best results for me.
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sapna vyas patel fitness mantra for weight loss
sapna vyas patel fitness mantra for weight loss

Sometimes, you may continue to experience symptoms. But, you need not loose hope, just follow the above mentioned remedies and be patient. It may take time but will eventually give a flawless clear skin.

Treatment for acne is often found to be successful. Most people can expect their acne to clear up within six to eight weeks. But, scarring may take some time to go, depending upon the intensity of scars.


For those who haven’t got acne and don’t ever want to get it, there are some tips to prevent pimples:

  • wash your face twice daily with an oil free cleanser
  • avoid makeup as much as you can
  • clean the skin thoroughly before going to bed and wash your pillow cover as soon as possible
  • shower after exercising


Above all this, to all those who have acne problem, never get disheartened or emotionally stressed because of pimples. These pimples are there for a shorter duration only and if you have started taking the treatment mentioned above then that short duration has become even shorter. 

Live a Acne Free Life !!

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