10 Natural Ways to Sleep Better; Fight Insomnia

Insomnia is the most common disorder these days among people of all age groups. Insomnia is difficulty in sleeping and thus staying asleep and restless the next day.  The Problem of Insomnia is most commonly related to improper sleep habits followed by sleep deprivation thus feeling of not well-rested enough to start a better day and concentrate on study or work.

Various research shows the consequences of insomnia or sleep deprivation increases the risk of accidents as well as increases health risks too. Due to a decrease in concentration, work productivity is also decreased and thus an increase in absenteeism and improper work.

proper sleep , fight insomnia
proper sleep , fight insomnia

Causes and Symptoms

Insomnia varies from one patient to another. Some have short term insomnia some have chronic insomnia. The symptoms vary from – 

  • Difficulty in concentration in work or studies 
  • Poor performance 
  • Irritation 
  • Fatigue and stress 
  • No energy 
  • Risk of accidents 
  • Mood issues 
  • Headache 


The Causes of Insomnia May Include Factors like – 

Stress – It is the most common factor of insomnia. Stress might be of anything exam-related, work-related, relationship issues, health-related. Some stress might make insomnia worse.

Health Disorders  People who have severe health issues or medical disorders are not able to sleep properly due to pain, discomfort. Such insomnia is most commonly seen among older adults but it can be seen in any individual who has severe health issues.

Lifestyle Factors – Irregularity in sleep schedule due to study, work, or overslept in the afternoon for long hours, watching TV or scrolling various applications on phone can disrupt sleep and can cause insomnia.

sleeping problem and body pain
sleeping problem and body pain

Medicine/substance abuse – Few medications like medicines used for treating blood pressure can cause insomnia. Alcohol intake leads to frequent awakening at night rather than proper deep sleep. Having caffeine like tea/coffee just before bed disrupts sleep.

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Other Factors – Some factors like light, noise, snoring by a bed partner, jet lag sometimes interferes with sleep and disrupts sleep leading to insomnia.

Self-Test / Diagnosis – You can self-test by answering to few questions like Does it take more hours to fall asleep, Do you feel the loss of energy and concentration the next day due to improper sleep, Do you wake up earlier than desired?

If you feel the answer YES, you might consider you have insomnia and you must try to book an appointment with a sleep physician. You might always maintain a diary for two weeks. This would help your physician to get a clue about what is causing insomnia and what treatment is required.

The doctor might ask about your medical history and may prescribe over the counter medications if required. They may also look upon the events such as any stress, tension. With the help of a medical record.



If you have insomnia you must try to take help from the doctor. But before that, you can try some natural ways to sleep better. Let’s discuss some ways in this article for better and good sleep.

sleep better , beat insomnia
sleep better , beat insomnia

Music as Therapy

Listening to soft, calm music could help in a good night’s sleep. Turn on some soothing music before going to bed improve the quality of sleep. Adjust your phone settings in such a way that music gets turn off itself, once you are already sleeping. 


Bedtime Rituals

Complete bedtime tasks that are important like brushing, wearing comfortable clothes. Lie in bed quietly and calmly for a few minutes. Avoid all the negative thoughts, pray, meditate, and try to sleep calmly.


Exercise and Walk Regularly

Exercise and brisk walking especially during the morning improve sleep quality and sleep duration. Due to tiredness in the body and secretion of happy hormones insomnia symptoms are reduced drastically. A study conducted in October 2015 in one of the sleep journals showed after 6 months of exercising for few hours in week insomnia symptoms are reduced to much extent. Even they felt a reduction in anxiety and stress. 

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jogging benefits
jogging benefits


A Regular Bedtime is Important

You must maintain your bedtime schedule on regular basis. Once you follow a particular schedule the brain follows the same pattern. Daytime napping is not advisable since it alters night time sleep. 


Maintain an Ideal Room Temperature

Optimal room temperature for sleep is really important that is 60 to 67 degrees. Keeping the bedroom at normal temperature and wearing comfortable clothes is very important to have a peaceful sleep. Sleep friendly environment helps you fall asleep faster.


poor sleeping habits
poor sleeping habits

Reserve your Bed only for Sleep

Don’t keep your bed reserved for answering phone calls and doing office work. The bed should be reserved only for sleep, prayer, and meditation. This way you would be able to sleep peacefully and faster. 


Eat your Dinner Early

The best advice is to eat your food latest by 8 pm and eat enough food. If you don’t eat enough food you might wake up at night in the middle due to hunger pangs. A light meal full of proteins easy to digest and eating it 3 hours before going to bed would encourage sleep-friendly results naturally.


Avoid Tea/Coffee Before Going to Bed

We all know tea/coffee before going to bed can stop many people from sleeping. You must stop having caffeine in the form of tea or coffee for at least 5 hours before going to bed. 


Bedtime Ritual for Kids

It is recommended for children to make them sleep naturally and quickly. A quiet environment, reading a story before bed benefit in mental conditioning and help them to prepare for sleep naturally and quickly. 


No Phone Screen Before Bed

Scrolling Facebook, Instagram before bed may find you completely relaxing but actually, it is the opposite. The light from your phone screen can make it harder to fall asleep. According to a few sleep psychologists, the blue light from the phone blocks release of melatonin the hormone that regulates sleep cycles. You must skip the electronics like TV, Mobile phones, Laptop for at least 1 hour before going to bed. 

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causes of sleeping problem
causes of sleeping problem


Right Mattress and Pillows to Sleep Naturally

A good mattress according to your height, weight, sleep position should always be taken into consideration. A high-quality fill pillow is important for good sleep. Poor quality pillows can cause neck pain and disturb sleep.


Some Deep Breaths Before Sleep

If you have anxiety or stress and you are not able to sleep properly, try some deep breathing. 

are you taking proper sleep
are you taking proper sleep

Sleep Promoting Snacks

Some sleep-promoting snacks such as milk, almonds, ice cream are a natural calming agent. Pairing bananas with glucose regulates sleep, maintain appetite, and promotes a good night’s sleep naturally. 



Nowadays, most adults are taking sleep medicine on prescription according to data from the Centers for Disease Control. But many people want and are looking for natural solutions to sleep. Although there is evidence for the availability of many herbal products available in the market above listed are few drug-free and natural remedies.

After trying them if getting to sleep is still an ongoing problem, you must try to look for the cause by consulting the respective doctor for the same.

Dr Jyotsana Anand
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