New Workout Technique : Pilates Workout and Fitness

Fitness has become a necessity for all of us. But in this journey of fitness, has your routine become stale and boring? Pilates Workout and Fitness Routine will help you make your workout Interesting and a massive success. Pilates Workout is usually a low-impact workout but really effective in terms of gaining good physical results. Fitness Regime like Pilates Workout can be beneficial for various purposes like improving posture, increasing core strength, toning up muscles, high muscular strength build up and even toning the core.

The Workout such as pilates also helps in recovering from back pain issues and other injuries by strengthening the muscles in the affected areas. Moreover if you are a person who is looking to lose some weight, you can definitely incorporate pilates in your wellness plan. 

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a system of exercise as well as activity that is made to enhance stamina, toughness, adaptability, as well as equilibrium. It incorporates breath as well as movement within appropriate body auto mechanics to increase awareness, and make use of every one of the muscular tissues of the body as they were created.

A lot of the exercises focus on the hips as well as trunk, utilizing both stability as well as movement to train the body. It can be practiced on a Floor covering like mat using your very own body and also occasionally small props, or on specialized Pilates Device (the Pilates Reformer is one of the most usual). Pilates classes can happen in individually or group setups. Pilates is for all bodies of every ages. Part of the beauty of the technique is that it can be customized to fit the demands and capacities of each individual that methods it.


home workout
home workout

Here are a few of the most convenient pilates techniques to follow.

Best Pilates Techniques

  1. Lift Circles

A. Lie down on your back and lift one leg.

B. Now, move it in a circular pattern, while keeping the second leg bent.

C. Repeat with the second leg.


  1. The One Hundred

A. Lift both the legs halfway towards the ceiling.

B. Curl your head up and extend your arms as if reaching your legs, with your palms down.

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C. Pump your heads upwards and downwards while inhaling and exhaling on every 5 counts.


  1. Single-Leg Stretch

A. Lie on your back while curling up your head towards your chest.

B. Also, pull your knees towards your chest, one at a time.

C. Keep your core engaged and your lower back on the floor.


female fitness pilates
female fitness pilates
  1. Plank Leg Lift

A. Start in a high plank position, with your hands under your shoulders.

B. Lift one leg off the floor, as high as you can, while not crossing your shoulder height.

C. Alternate between your legs.

D. It is essential to keep your core, butt, and quads engaged.


  1. Slow Motion Mountain Climber

A. Start in a high plank position, with your hands under your shoulders.

B. Bring one knee towards your chest at a time. Now, move to the other leg.

C. It is essential to keep your core, butt, and quads engaged.


  1. Hip Dip

A. Start in a side plank with your left hand directly under your left shoulder, and your right foot above your left foot.

B. Dip your hips towards the ground and then pull yourself back up.

C. Repeat 10 times and then change your sides.


  1. Pendulum

A. Lie down on your back, with your arms extended on both sides.

B. Bend your knees and raise your feet off the mat.

C. Let both knees slowly fall to your left, keeping your lower back on the floor.

D. Now, move back to the original position and then repeat on the other side.


  1. Sidekicks

A. Lie on the right side of your body, with your arms overhead.

B. Have a deep inhale and lift your left leg slightly upwards and now move it forward, bringing it in line with your hip.

C. Now kick your leg back to the original position, while exhaling softly.

D. Repeat 8-10 times before switching sides.

Now you’re aware of some of the common techniques of Pilates. However, it is important to understand the intricacies of the Pilates workout routine, in order to perform it efficiently and gain the most out of it. Read on!


Pilates Workout
Pilates Workout

The Six Principles Of Pilates Workout

  1. Centering – It refers to the practice of focusing all your awareness at the center of the body. This is the region below your ribs, and above your pubic bones. Pilates is focused on engaging this core region of your body for best results.
  1. Precision – It is considered important in a Pilates workout to focus on quality instead of quantity. This means that precision is fundamental to Pilates with complete concentration on the technique of the exercise and breathing.
  1. Breath – Joseph Pilates strongly advocated the efficient use of lungs to pump air in and out of the lungs, while performing Pilates. Hence, each exercise in the Pilates workout routine is in sync with a definitive breathing pattern.
  1. Control – There’s a conscious effort to control each movement of your body while performing Pilates. Any involuntary actions are also controlled.
  1. Concentration – For greater precision and to follow the appropriate breathing techniques, it is important to concentrate on your body movements while performing Pilates.
  1. Flow – Fluidity, grace, and ease are the keys to Pilates movements. None of the exercises are rigid and instead promote fluidity.
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Pilates Workout and Fitness
Pilates Workout and Fitness

What Are The Benefits Of Pilates Workout?

Pilates works on engaging the core, to build long and strong muscles, by taking advantage of muscle contraction called an eccentric contraction. Pilates also promotes flat abdominal muscles, emphasizing core strength, flexibility, and skeletal alignment.

In addition, Pilates works on building a better posture and getting stronger. It also increases energy and promotes weight loss. Thus, the benefits can be listed as below:

  1. Gain strength and endurance
  2. Improve flexibility
  3. Improve posture and balance
  4. Promote weight loss
  5. Build stronger, and leaner muscles
  6. Relieves back pain
  7. Promotes stability

Now, let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions about Pilates.


Frequently Asked Questions About Pilates

Q. What is Pilates?

A. Pilates is a unique approach to exercise and body conditioning, outlined by Joseph Pilates. It works on giving you a leaner, toned body and a relaxed, calm mind. This approach involves 6 main principles – precision, control, concentration, centering, flow, and breath.


Q. What are the benefits of doing a Pilates workout?

A. Pilates is known to build endurance and strength, engaging with your core. It lengthens and strengthens the muscles, improves flexibility, and improves posture. It is also a great approach towards rehabilitation and greater body awareness.


Q. What is the difference between equipment Pilates and mat Pilates?

A. Pilates can be performed both, with specific equipment, as well as simply using a mat without other pieces of equipment. The equipment utilizes springs to change the workload. The most popular types of equipment used for Pilates are the Reformer, Cadillac/trapeze table, and Wunda chair. All of these come with a set of exercises that can be performed using these. Alternatively, you can use a mat and get started!

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Q. How does Pilates differ from yoga?

A. In simple terms, Pilates works on full-body strengthening and conditioning, with flexibility as an added benefit. Yoga on the other hand is based on flexibility at its core. Both the exercises promote strength and flexibility, but differ in their approach and technique.


Q. How quickly can I see results from Pilates workout?

A. As Joseph Pilates himself famously said:

“You will feel a change after 10 sessions, you will see a change after 20 sessions and you will have a new body after 30 sessions.”

This statement only advocates consistency, while the actual results may vary from one individual to another. However, remember, fitness is a journey and not a destination. So, keep going!


Workout and Fitness
Workout and Fitness

Concluding Thoughts

Pilates workout is a great way to add to your fitness game and take it a notch upward. With the benefits of both yoga and strength training, Pilates can be performed by absolutely anyone. Therefore, it’s a great form of exercise to add to your routine! So, get your mat and get started with the perfect Pilates workout.

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