Northshore Clinical Labs Press Release: Issue of Statement

Times have been hard, especially when the global Covid-19 pandemic was at its worst. Right from the very start, till now, Northshore Clinical Labs in Chicago, IL, has been at the forefront to provide providing timely and accurate Covid-19 test results.  Indeed, time is always of the essence in as far as proper management and treatment, and of course, the preventing of further spreading of the virus.

A positive diagnosis can be quite scary, but you don’t need to worry, not when you have experts giving you a guide on proper care and how to reduce the risk of spreading the infection. Northshore Clinical Labs is concerned over and dedicated to doing more than just lab tests, but also ensuring the wellness of the patients and the community around. More than ever, Northshore Clinicals is very keen on having a community-oriented approach to its Covid-19 test and care services.


clinical labs press release
clinical labs press release

A Dedicated Community Partner

For a long while, the numbers stayed on the upward trajectory, with scores of new infections being reported every day, and especially with the confirmation of Omicron and other new variants. And with these numbers there arose an even more urgent need for timely and accurate testing. 

This is, indeed, a need that Northshore Clinical Labs has stepped up to fill, through immersive community involvement. By partnering with communities to meet this need, Northshore has been able to expand its reach, not just in Illinois, but also across state borders. 

As a community partner, Northshore Clinical Labs has made some deliberate community involvement efforts, including partnering with education institutions from day cares to public school districts, charter schools and summer camps as well as nursing homes and similar institutions. In each of these facilities across various locations, Northshore undertakes on-site testing.  These areas are of particular interest because many people gather in such places at any one time, providing a great environment for the spread of the virus.

On-site testing aims to ensure that there is minimal disruption to every day life. Anyone who gets tested can go back to their normal routine should they test negative. If the results come back positive, then you will have all the support and guidance you’d require as you go into isolation, manage and treat the  covid-19 symptoms,  being hopeful of a fast and full recovery.


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More than Equipped for the Job

clinical lab tests
clinical lab tests

Northshore Clinical Labs had a strategy in mind when immersing itself into on-site testing through community partnerships.  Part of this strategy is in ensuring that there are enough staff to meet the demand.

Unfortunately, many of the lab’s staff have experienced the pangs of the virus first hand. Some have contracted the virus and been forced to isolate as they recover. Some have had to take some time off work in order to take care of family and loved ones who have contracted the virus. Unfortunately, this has led to the lab being quite under-staffed. As a result, test result processing times became longer, and the tests became backed up.

As unfortunate an eventuality as it was, slower testing became a reality Northshore Clinical Labs had to deal with, and deal it did. Action was swift and effective, with Northshore hiring almost twice the number of lab staff that it did before.  With these numbers, the lab has been more than able to meet the demand for covid-19 testing services. The backlog of unprocessed tests has since been effectively cleared. Additionally, there have been more reported slow-downs in processing test results.

In addition to the heavy investment in personnel, Northshore Clinical Labs has also invested towards getting better, and state-of-the-art testing technology. With the adoption of these new testing supplies processing speed and accuracy of the test results has been improved and guaranteed.

Going forward, Northshore Clinical Labs has reiterated its unwavering commitment and dedication to sparing no expense if only to ensure their clientele get the very best that the lab can offer.  If this means hiring more people, and getting more and better testing supplies, and whatever else it may take, then Northshore is more than ready. All these costs cannot measure up to the health of the community, which remains the top priority for Northshore Clinical Labs.


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lab testing and equipment
lab testing and equipment

Final Say

Northshore Clinical Labs stays on course for expanding its outreach. Towards this end, community involvement is a big deal now and will remain to be, even as Northshore seeks partnerships with more institutions. The high-capacity laboratory facility has swiftly and more than adequately responded to the challenges that arose, leading to slow test result processing and backlogs. Northshore Clinical Labs continues to thrive towards being a world-class testing facility, putting nothing else before the best interests of the communities the lab has partnered with, and continues to serve with the utmost diligence.

Dr. Amanda

Dr. Amanda

Amanda is a certified nutritionist and fitness yoga trainer, and writer in the areas of health, fitness and nutrition.
Dr. Amanda
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