Olive Oil Health Benefits For Body and Skin

Last Updated on July 26th, 2021

Olive is one of the most widely enjoyed fruit throughout the world even though it is not grown around the world; the reason is the olive oil which is known to be a healthy alternative for cooking instead of regular oil. Olive oil health benefits are numerous and we will through some light on those. As it is mostly used in pizzas and burgers along with other vegetables, so many people around the world consider it as a vegetable also, but it is actually a fruit. These olives are bitter when taken off from the tree and hence need to be cured to vanish the bitter taste.

Properties of Olive

There are different varieties of olives, so it is not easy to know which one is fully ripped which one is not.

Some of them start being green in color when just new fruit comes from tree and as they ripe some turn to blackish purple, some to copper brown while others remain green only even after they are fully ripped. So, one cannot identify which one is fully ripped and which one is not. Although a few varieties are sweet in taste also and can be eaten directly, yet it is recommended to eat them after drying in sun.

Olives actually contain alkaloids which is reason for its bitter taste. Apart from the alkaloids, olive also contain a number of nutrients that makes olive a really nutritious and healthy fruit. Olives contain vitamin E, iron, vitamin A, copper, fiber, phenolic compounds, oleic acid, phytonutrients that makes it rich in antioxidants. It also contain small amount of selenium and zinc. Along with the nutrients there is myth that olive also contains fat, which is not wrong, but this is incomplete knowledge, it contains fat in the form of healthy monosaturated fats and that too in very less quantity.

olive oil health benefits for healthy skin
olive oil health benefits for healthy skin

Presence of all these nutrients make olive oil a good food for health.

So let’s have a look at the Multiple Proven Olive Oil Health Benefits.

  1. Boosts Immunity:

The phytonutrients present in olive, and therefore products like Gundry MD olive oil, makes it rich in antioxidants, and these antioxidants fight off the free radicals, that are responsible for causing several diseases including cancer and heart problems. Vitamin A and vitamin E on the other hand provide the helping hand to the present immune system and helps it to function better. Furthermore, the rich iron content of olive helps in the production of blood cells, which simply indicates more blood cells means more white blood cells (WBC’s). And more white blood cells means more guardians against the disease causing virus in body.

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Not just this, iron along with copper also helps in increasing the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen to all the body parts, the lack of which may result in weakness and tiredness. And iron also takes care that immune system is working at its optimum or not. Olive oil health benefits thus include immunity boosting as well.


  1. Prevent Heart Attacks:

The main reason behind heart attacks is the increased cholesterol level of body. In such situation, bad cholesterol (LDL) gets oxidized by free radicals and cause damage to arteries and even lead to fat deposition on the walls of arteries. Which ultimately results in difficulty in passage of blood through arteries which in series becomes a cause of heart attacks and strokes. Olives in this case helps first of all by eliminating the free radicals present in body, plus the antioxidant content combats the oxidation process of cholesterol.

A phytonutrient called oleuropein is known to prevent the damage to arteries plus it clear offs the accumulated fat in arteries making a clear way for blood to flow. Plus, monosaturated fatty acid in olive helps the production of good cholesterol that is further required for proper functioning of heart. Furthermore, olive also contain oleic acid which is known to reduce the blood pressure, which is again a dominating factor in preventing heart attacks.

olives for healthy you
olives for healthy you
  1. Healthy Skin:

The presence of vitamin E in olive that too in very good quantity makes it one of the best food for your skin. Because vitamin E alone is responsible for nourishment & conditioning of skin, fighting diseases (like acne), protecting from sunburns, maintaining complexion and giving glow from within. That’s why you might have heard that olive oil is good for skin when applied topically but you might not be aware that indigestion olives is also as good as applying it on skin.

The vitamin E content plus a number of oxidants good for skin; combats the skin problems, protects skin from the UV rays damage on exposure to sun, keeps complexion fair by maintaining melanin content, nourishes and gives glow from within by keeping skin cells well aligned and problem free.

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  1. Fights Obesity:

The extra fat that piles up along the waist, thighs and other parts of the body makes a person obese. But do you know what exactly the reasons are for it. Just overeating merely is not the reason but improper digestion is also one of the key factor. Olives being rich in fiber content can help in fighting obesity both ways – improvising process of digestion and curbing the hunger to eat more. This makes another important olive oil health benefits that one should know about.

The fiber content of olive ensures the proper functioning of your digestive system by fighting indigestion, constipation and bowel movement problems. The fiber gets mixed with the food and slower its pace so that body could better digest the food,  eradicated the extra fat accumulated along the waist with it and gets mixed the stool and makes it bulkier and ensures proper bowel movement. Not just this, eating few olives just before a meal will make you feel full and can eliminate overeating. Thus keeps obesity at bay by not adding more piles of fat and letting body utilize the available stuff to get energy.


  1. Good for Eyes:

Olive Oil health benefits extend to eyes as well. As we know the vision power of eyes is directly dependent upon vitamin A, and olive contains enough vitamin A to take good care of visionary power of eyes. Not just the visionary power, it also helps fight night blindness and inability to differentiate between two different colors. Plus the antioxidants and phytonutrients along with vitamin A are known to prevent cataract, glaucoma, AMD (age related muscular degeneration) and other age related disorders. It provides required strength to the supporting organs and creates a shield that protects eyes from any kind of external damage.

olive oil for healthy liver
olive oil for healthy liver
  1. Healthy Bones:

Olive oil intake is also associated with the stronger bones. Studies have shown that intake of olive or olive oil increases the levels of osteocalcin and procollagen I N-terminal propeptide procollagen compounds. Both of these act as a shield for bones and protect from damage and side by side also helps in formation of bones by utilizing the calcium and potassium. Plus, the presence of phenols in olive prevents the loss of bone mass. Furthermore, the monosaturated fatty acids present in olive help maintain the bone mineral density.

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  1. Reduces Inflammation:

Olive has one mineral in abundance and that is copper. This copper has anti-inflammatory action that reduces the symptoms of internal inflammation (arthritis) as well as external inflammation. It is also known to strengthen the muscular system, add to bone mineral density and provides energy. All of these factors help reduce the inflammation and it’s after effects. Thus, all those who are suffering from arthritis or any other disease that may cause inflammation or deficiency of copper, then olive is one fruit that will take care of all your problems and will help you lead a pain free life.


All these olive oil health benefits add one more reason to enjoy it with more flavor. Olive whether consumed as a fruit or in the form of olive oil is beneficial in both forms. The only thing to take care here is that olive oil is the most adulterer fruit available in market, so before purchasing just make sure that the olive oil you are purchasing is real to get all the olive oil health benefits you want.

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