Why Are You Overweight Or Underweight : Importance of Eating Healthy

Last Updated on September 24th, 2020

Are you Underweight or Overweight ? Are you having too much belly fat ? Or Are you getting weak day by day ? If you have these question in mind, then you should ask yourself, Are you eating healthy ? The biggest enemy of our fitness motive is the Modern fast food. The modern food lack mostly all the essential nutritional value, still we like it because of the taste and the presentation with which it is served.

eat healthy to stay healthy, smart tips
eat healthy to stay healthy, smart tips

You can find nutrition deprived food and junk food everywhere, but what is difficult to find is the good healthy food. Need to create awareness regarding the harmful health effects of the fast food and how to have healthy food. Food business has grown many folds in the last few years and the sole reason of that is the wrong mentality of people.


The Fast Food or Street Food Trend

They think celebrating in a restaurant is way more enjoyable due to good quality food they serve. They are not aware of the fact that these restaurants serve food made with poor oil, sugar and lots of refined floor. Pasta, noodles, pizza, burgers are not at all healthy for human body even if they are served with lots of vegetables. Remember the very important fact, what is home cooked is the best nutritious food you will get and there is no comparison of home cooked food or fresh cooked food with the restaurant or street food. The street food can taste good but you can always have the same taste with home made food as well if you try. The too much spiciness and cheese in the street food, makes you admire it more which is actual scenario harmful for your body. 

Overcooking of the vegetables destroy all the essential vitamin and nutrition in it. These overcooked food with toppings of corn starch and unwanted synthetic fat are then served with a touch of uncooked raw green vegetable on top.

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are you overweight or underweight
are you overweight or underweight

The non – vegetarian dishes are either white – sauce based or made in rich gravies. All these listed food, in no way, provide the exact nutritional value to our body which it actually demands. On the other hand, the trend of junk fund is leading us to several mental and physical health hazards. 

The Trend to Lose Weight in Wrong Ways

Another major misconception that prevails highly among people is trying to lose weight by eating less or nothing in the day time. They go on many diet crash course to lose weight fast. This leads to the many health issues. They try to fulfill their taste buds need by eating at night which affects the health badly sometimes.

Sometimes they skip breakfast and lunch. Perfect health, however cannot be achieved by a process of deprivation and elimination. The idea is to nourish the body. We might achieve some weight loss but will also lose out on our health.

By following proper vegetarian healthy diet plan daily, we can surely lose extra baggage of weight automatically. This indicates that weight loss and healthy regime go hand in hand. We don’t have to eat less to lose weight but choose our food correctly.

The ideal body weight and healthy body are both linked to each other. Achieving any one of them will ensure you get the other. Losing weight to get the ideal body weight as per the BMI calculated will ultimately help you become healthier and fitter from outside and inside.

eat healthy to stay healthy
eat healthy to stay healthy

How Eating Healthy Affects Us?

Food influences almost every aspect of our being. It influences our nails, hairs, skin and hormones. It balances our emotion, makes our mind sharp, influences our mood and helps us to deal with situation better. Just imagine, the milk that we drank yesterday eventually becomes a part of our nails and bones. The vegetable that we eat will affect the texture of our skin. The fact that the right kind of fats are essential to achieve good health comes as a surprise to many people.

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benefits of healthy diet plan
having a healthy diet and healthy meal

Having a limited amount of carbohydrates will ensure that no fats are formed in your body but cutting out calories from your diet is not the correct way of losing weight. Eating less or limited is not a bad idea but going completely fat free has its own health effects that are not good or positive. Eating Healthy is really important for you to maintain proper body weight.

Fats make ‘eicosanoids’ which impact vital aspects of our body right from blood pressure to premenstrual pattern to pain sensitivity as in arthritis. For example, PUFA – based oils triggers inflammatory responses and increase pain in arthritis patients, while on the other side Omega -3 and MUFA – based oils like mustard oil, groundnut oil do not increase pain and inflammation of the joints. 


Other Health Effects (Overweight or Underweight)

Another example can be – that of bran. It is primarily composed of fat. The right intake of fat in our daily food would definitely improve our memory, concentration power, ability to calculate and comprehend life in a better and enhanced way. It will also increase our ability to conceptualize things better. Foods like almond, alsi seeds, and walnuts are really good for brain. Brain is one of the vital organs in the body that help us make necessary decision, and controls the proper functioning of the body and senses.

eating healthy , healthy diet
eating healthy , healthy diet

If we deprive our body of the right fats, we might fall prey to depression and other mental disorders. Fat is as essential to our body as vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates are. Therefore, if you plan to join any weight loss program, remember that healthy body and weight loss both can be achieved if you eat well and healthy.

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Concluding Thoughts

There is an old proverb, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, which shows the healthy benefits of eating fruits and vegetables in our daily diet. It also shows that our health is the reflection of our diet. If we eat well, we stay blessed. However, eating junk and high fat content food will lead us to obesity, depression and laziness. In a recent survey conducted, it was reported that packed noodles in markets contain heavy amount of lead content, which when consumed in large amount could lead to kidney failures, cancer and slow down memorizing power of youngsters.

So, our diet should be filled with right amount of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The fruits and vegetables that we use should be properly cleaned in boiled water. The breakfast should never be skipped. In fact, the breakfast should be the heaviest one and the dinner should be lightest. Our personality is the reflection of our eating habits.



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