How Could PEMF Therapy Reduce Pain?

PEMF technology has now become a popular treatment for treating pain. Chronic pain is annoying and may last longer than a few days. Pain can occur at any part of your body, affecting your overall functionality. Continuous pain interferes with your daily life activities and reduces your concentration. Various medications used to treat chronic pain may relieve your pain for a short interval, but they do not cure the condition. Most painkillers have potential side effects, which include addiction, tolerance, or dependence. Luckily, the advent of technology has introduced PEMF technology which provides an effective way to reduce pain.


PEMF Devices for Pain Management

A PEMF device uses pulsed electromagnetic frequency technology to provide an optimum strength of the electromagnetic field to reduce pain by giving the following functionalities.


  1.   Helps in the contraction or expansion of cells
  2.   Improves the blood circulation in cells
  3.   Reduces edema
  4.   Reduces stress and inflammation in muscles
  5.   Enhances body’s natural magnetic field
  6.   Regenerates and heals cells


The pulsed electromagnetic field goes deep into the body’s cells to improve metabolism. In addition to that, it targets your muscles, relieving pain. Another advantage of this therapy is that it requires less time than other treatments.

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The PEMF devices have provided a revolutionary way to treat body pains. It uses low-frequency electromagnetic pulses that reach deep into your body parts. These tiny pulses can stimulate your muscles, bones, brain, and spinal cord to alleviate pain. These pulses are less than 1000 Hz and are quite efficient in reducing pain. Whether the pain is due to bodily injuries or surgery, or arthritis, this therapy provides an easy, painless cure.


Now, many PEMF devices are available with different ranges to treat various pain conditions. The best thing about this treatment is that there is the least probability of occurrence of any complications or side effects. 


PEMF Therapy Reduce Pain
PEMF Therapy Reduce Pain

What is Amethyst Mat, and how does it work?

Amethyst Mat (also known as a jade mat) is a pain-relieving gadget. As the name suggests, it uses the electromagnetic waves of amethyst stone to cure pain. This mat is made by filling tiny amethyst stones into a mattress. It is designed in a way that whenever it is turned on, the stones inside are heated, which results in the release of radiation to soothe your pain. The radiation penetrates deep into your body to cure it. The treatment using this mat is simple, as all you need to do is lie down and put this mat on the targeted area. You will see its surprising effects in no time. You can use the jade mat to treat the following conditions.

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  1.   Relieves your Muscular or Joint Pain

You can use this mat to treat any pain caused due to injuries, chronic or acute issues, fractures, or post-surgical pain. It speeds up the healing process while reducing the pain.


  1.   Heal Arthritis and Muscle or Joint Pain

These body conditions are common as you age and make your life miserable. The amethyst mat helps to relieve pain and may also help to treat muscle sprains or inflammation.


  1.   Say Goodbye to Headaches

Migraines are common, and people of all ages suffer from them. These mats are best to instantly relieve your migraines and get you relaxed.


  1.   Diabetic Management

If you are diabetic, you are likely to feel numbness in your body due to nerve damage. The jade mat can help you with it also.



If you are suffering from any sort of pain, give the PEMF treatment a chance. Now the availability of many devices makes it easier to use. Besides curing pain, it is used to treat a variety of other health issues as well.

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