Death of Michael Ojo and Physical Fitness for Athletes: How to Take Care of Yourself.

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Sports fans around the world are in mourning for Michael Ojo. This devastating loss makes us reassess how important physical fitness for athletes is and why everyone should learn to take care of themselves properly while training.

Who was Michael Ojo?

The Nigerian-born basketball player, Michael Ojo, was a former Florida State Centre. For this 7-foot 1-inch giant, Nike made an investment of $51,000 on a machine to make his shoe size (size 21) fit him for his college basketball days in Florida. After un-drafting in 2017 and then playing with Red Star Belgrade in 2018, Michael was now looking for a new team.

Michael’s career in basketball has included many spotlight moments and victories. Michael has played for the Florida State from 2012 till 2017. After graduating, he played for international leagues like the Serbian Cup, Liga ABA, Euro league, and ABA Super cup. He had been active for all seasons from 2017 till 2020. Some of his career’s highlights included some of his best assists; giving career-high two assists in 2017 in Liga ABA. Also following with career-high three steals in 2017 in the same league. Then in 2018, Michael recorded a career-high efficiency rating of 32 in the A-league game. Similarly, the same year he also scored a career-high 21 points in the same game. He has played a total of 131 career games, putting him on the 7th rank in his school history for most games played.

importance of physical fitness for athletes
importance of physical fitness for athletes

A Star on His Way:

Ojo was also famous for his wonderful and warm personality. His coach mentioned his name in good praises, saying he was probably the most famous person in Tallahassee and at his university, Florida State. Owing much of it to his heartwarming personality. He finished his Master’s degree, saying he owed it to his people as American culture could change anything or anybody. He was a great teammate and the purest of souls. Ojo came positive in the testing of coronavirus, but he was on his way to recovery. During practice, on the 7th of August 2020, Michael got a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. The doctors failed to resuscitate the player in time, and unfortunately, Michael Ojo didn’t make it. “Farewell good giant,” says the Red Star fan page.

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Physical Fitness For Athletes:

This might be the most vital factor for an athlete’s career, after of course being talented in sports.  Physical fitness for athletes equals greater performance in sports. It’s essential for players to keep up with the increasing hard work requirement and focus on their athletic health. Moreover, persistent hard work and training result in the player to develop greater endurance and performance. A detailed analysis of famous players shows how different pieces of training help to improve physical endurance and fitness provides better performance.

A proper analysis of body fat, muscle mass, and respiratory efficiency are some of the factors that contribute to an athlete’s play. These factors can quickly improve through continuous and persistent training. Physical fitness is also an essential factor in determining the player’s health and long-term career. A player must achieve good physical fitness to ensure long term good health despite the vigorous plays. A few things that athletes should try to avoid are:

  • Injuries.
  • Long-term breaks.
  • Laziness.
  • Procrastination.
recovering from injury for physical fitness
recovering from injury for physical fitness

How Do Athletes Take Care of Themselves?

To ensure excellent and long-term performance, athletes pay great attention to their bodies and avoid injuries as best as they can. To do this, some crucial things that they do are:


Start with a proper warm-up and end with thorough stretching:

It is important to do this to make sure your body does not give painful side effects of vigorous training. Therefore, you should know that a dynamic warm-up is different than starting with stretching. It is imperative to thoroughly warm up your body and get your muscles moving before heading into the workout. Furthermore, different warm-up routines for various sports are readily available online. Remember to stretch out your muscles after the exercise to avoid cramps. Cramps can delay a player’s workouts and make it painful to work out. Hence, to prevent that, make sure you warm-up and stretch your body enough.

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warmup physical fitness
warmup physical fitness

Relaxing your body and mind:

Many players indulge themselves in various relaxing activities, which can help them to calm down their mind and body. Having a tense state of mind can hinder your performance, causing you to slow down. That’s why investing in good massages or relaxing oils can help your performance by a lot. Even investing in products like Delta 8 THC can help you relax your mind quickly and efficiently.


Getting yourself a good coach:

No matter how easy a sport may seem to be, a good coach is essential for excellent performance in the field and physical fitness for athletes. Thus, a good coach can help you by telling you ways of training that can avoid injuries, get better results faster, and many more ways. Having someone assist you and track your progress can help you get better and take care of yourself easily.


Getting proper sleep and diet:

Diet and sleep go hand in hand for an athlete. A proper diet is one of the most important factors in shaping an athlete. That’s because the core of a healthy athlete is a good diet. To do this, one can start by making sure that the correct amount of nutrients are present in your body; progress can speed up. To shape the right body type needed in the play, you need the proper food ingredients for it as well. For your body to rest well and recover from training, the right amount of sleep is also very essential. During a session of rough training, many parts of our body experience a great deal of exhaustion. To ensure that our body continues working effortlessly, it is a good idea to give it proper sleep to recover.

diet for physical fitness for athletes
diet for physical fitness for athletes

Visiting Sports Psychologists:

Sports psychology works in assisting athletes in having a healthy and fit mindset. Sports Psychologists hold many benefits to the athlete like:


Usually, in a lot of cases, many athletes face anxiety before games, even if their gameplay is good. This is normal to happen to a lot of people, especially newbies or recovering players. Hence it is essential for them to visit a sports psychologist before this disturbs their abilities. The psychologists help an athlete to cope with anxiety or stress for his gameplay by many breathing exercises and meditation.

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Keeping persistent training routine:

Many players can face slumps or times of demotivation. Athletes usually face a phase of low motivation and lethargy at least once in their career. This can happen after bad gameplays or results, and this slows a player’s ability to train. This can result in their performance to slow down. Sports Psychologists can help a player achieve a consistent routine by assisting them with motivation and focusing on their goals. Personal problems can also trickle into your career, that’s why an athlete needs a professional to train their mind.

Mental Recovery from injuries:

Injuries can be very burdening on a player’s mindset. Usually, in many cases, the athletes have difficulty returning to the same gameplay after injuries. Injuries can cause insecurities, hesitance, and doubts to appear in a player’s mindset about themselves. This can hinder their performance and slow down their progress. A sports psychologist helps to ensure a smooth return to gameplay after injuries and to return to the same performance. This ensures mental fitness as well as physical fitness for athletes.

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