Poor Sleeping Habits That You Should Avoid, Part 2

Last Updated on December 20th, 2020

In the last post of poor sleeping habits I discussed over the first and the most important part of sleeping that you should practice or follow to avoid the bad health effects of sleeping on stomach.

We discussed about neck pain and back pain, their reasons of long term effects and also how you can avoid these problems with simple solutions. If you have not read that in the first place, we would recommend you to please read it so that you are able to take necessary precautions and follow safe grounds to stay away from these health issues.

You can read the article here:- 

Are you Aware of these 3 Bad Sleeping Habits ?


hours you should sleep daily
hours you should sleep daily

Continuing the bad effects of poor sleeping habits, while being on the same page, let me help you explain the other issue in brief that your sleeping posture can give.

You might not notice the damage the bad or poor habit of stomach sleeping may cause in one episode of sleeping, but over a period of time these problems can become evident.

Did you eat your dinner late last night? And if yes then did you slept as soon as you finished your meal or dinner? If that is also yes then you are making big mistakes with your body. Do not test the tolerance of your body, that is one big rule you should always follow to stay healthy and fit.

In present world, we are so much occupied with so many things that we hardly give time to our dinner and sleep. Both good food and good sleep are really necessary for a healthy body and mind.

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Human body is a very good example of the energy converter. The food that you eat and the sleep that you take is actually getting converted into good amount of energy and fuel for your body, mind and soul. But what if your food is not getting converted properly and instead it is getting scrapped by the body?

NO Digestion means NO energy.

Similarly what if your body is not able to get proper sound sleep of 5 hours? Your mind will stop working at its best and you won’t be able to perform your best.

Both these things happen when you eat late and go to sleep just after your food/meal.

That is why it is always asked to eat at least 2 to 3 hours prior to going to bed. Our parents and grandparents usually had their dinner in the time interval of 6 to 8 pm and they used to sleep by 10. This was the main reason they never faced any health issues in their early age cycle.

poor sleeping habits
poor sleeping habits

There is a reason why this happens.

While you are sleeping, your mind stops working and tries to go into hibernate state where it stops giving the signals to many other organs of your body. Digestive system stops working because of that and thus your food remains undigested and finally goes into your kidney for excretion. Now the food that you ate was actually not converted into energy and thus you are going to lack it the next morning. Now if your body does not have enough storage of energy then, while you are at sleep, it will start utilizing your body fat and that is the reason you will feel weak next morning.

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This is not the only problem that you are going to face; it leads to increased risk for a stroke also.

sleeping women poor habits
sleeping women poor habits

When you are sleeping your body is hard at working on digesting that last meal you ate. This can lead to indigestion or poor digestion, which further leads to gastric issues. These gases accumulate and may cause serious stroke as well.

While you’re napping, your body is hard at work digesting that last meal, and this can lead to problems ranging from indigestion to a possible increased risk for a stroke.

So you always keep this thing in mind that “Going to sleep right after a meal can increase your chances of having a stroke”.

Wait there is one more issue that is caused due to your poor sleeping habits.


You might feel good in taking a nap right after your meal but it actually harms your body and your digestive system. It results in heartburn which is caused by an excess of stomach acid which leads to a burning sensation that spreads up from your stomach to upper parts of your body. Making way from stomach into chest and sometimes leading up into your throat, this burning sensation can cause serious damage. This also makes it difficult to get a good sound sleep and thus reduces your performance as well.

This also leads to Acid Reflux, which in biological terms is caused by the valve between your

stomach and esophagus not closing all the way.


Are you making these mistakes? If yes then start taking necessary steps to avoid issues. Sound sleep and at proper time is a must for healthy you. We hope this article served its purpose of explaining in detail why is it necessary to sleep in the right manner. Lets help our body to stay fit because you cannot buy health and time, once gone it is gone.

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