Post Workout Protein Diet Plan – Best Weight Gain Diet Plan

Last Updated on October 7th, 2022

Did you know that having a proper protein diet plan is just as important as having a proper plan for a workout? However, even though some people are aware of the energy foods they must have before their workout session, they are often not aware of the importance of having post workout protein foods and supplement products such as those from Steel Supplements (pop over to these guys). This holds more importance especially for the ones who are trying to gain weight. You must know the best weight gain diet plan if you are targeting to gain good weight. Post workout protein diet plan holds the key to put on some good muscle weight.

Hence, if you are one of those who have hit the gym intending to gain weight, you are in the right place. In this article, we have discussed in detail all the veg as well as non-veg food that you should include in your diet plan for weight gain


best post workout protein diet plan
best post workout protein diet plan


Why is a Proper Post Workout Protein Diet Plan Important?

Those who have been working out for a good period understand that having a proper diet plan is extremely important for gaining and losing weight. Hence, having a good meal after a good workout comes with huge benefits. Let us see how.

diet plan for women weight gain
diet plan for women weight gain

Our muscles contain glycogen which is glucose molecules that the body stores. To fuel a workout, the human body uses up these glycogens. Along with that, a good workout also causes these muscles to deplete.

Hence, the body now needs to repair the depleted muscles, proper hydration, and proper nutrients to store its energy back.

Having a proper protein diet right after working out can help these muscles to regrow. It enhances the lost muscle recovery and adds the glycogen that was used up during the workout. Without a proper diet, the body quite some time to rebuild these depleted muscles.

Once the body is repaired and its energy is restored, it becomes ready for its next workout regime.


Post Workout Veg Diet Plan for Weight Gain

Contrary to common belief, there are also a number of foods to opt for if you consider having veg food to gain weight and muscle power. Mentioned below are some of the foods you can include in your post workout protein diet plan. These are mostly pocket friendly and readily available.


  • Protein Shakes

    Having a whey protein shake right after a workout is one of the most efficient ways of gaining weight. Protein shakes releases a burst of proteins in the body which other source of protein fails to provide. Post workout protein helps a person to gain good muscles thereby gaining weight. However, most of the premade protein shakes that are available in the market often contain added sugar. This could be harmful to the body. Therefore, you must have a look at the contents well before consuming. Here is the list to the best protein powder available in market :- “Top 10 Best Whey Protein Powder

best weight gain diet plan online
best weight gain diet plan online


  • Avocado

    One of the most popular and sought after fruits, Avocado is great when it comes to gain weight. This fruit provides a lot of healthy and important nutrition to our body and thereby contributes to the healthy diet plan. It is extremely calorie-dense and comes loaded with healthy fats and fibre. Therefore, including this in the diet plan for weight plan can really create a good difference.


  • Rice

    By adding rice to the daily diet plan for weight gain post workout, one can see visible changes in their weight. This is because of the fact that it is one of the most calorie-dense carbohydrates that is there. There are almost 200 calories in one cup of rice. Rice is one of the most available and cheap food. Hence, people also find this easier to add to their diet in comparison to anything else.


  • Nuts and Dried Fruits

    In case you want to add some extra pounds quickly then nuts and dried fruits are some of the best sources to turn to. These are filled with nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and calories. These are tasty and delicious treats that can be added to different snacks, salads, and meals. To derive the most benefit out of it, it is advised to consume it raw or roasted.

Best Weight Gain Diet Plan
Best Weight Gain Diet Plan
  • Whole grain bread

    Whole-grain pieces of bread are one of the other things to opt for and include in the diet plan for weight gain. It is an excellent source of carbs and therefore promotes the gaining of weight amongst all who are seeking the same. You can add other sources of high calories and fiber foods such as butter, cheese, etc with it to increase the efficiency.


  • Milk

    Irrespective of the fact that you like it or not, Milk is an excellent option to include as a part of your protein diet plan if your goal is to gain some extra ounces. Milk comes with a lot of benefits. Besides carrying a very good amount of protein, milk also contains a good mixture of fats and carbohydrates. To add on to that, milk is also a very good source of calcium, vitamins, and minerals. Hence, with all of these benefits, milk becomes one of the best foods to add to the diet for gaining weight.


  • Essential Oils

    Adding certain oils as a part of the protein diet plan such as Olive oil and coconut oils can contribute well to adding some extra pounds. This is because some of these are not just calorie dense but also healthy. Olive oil contains monosaturated fats which in turn helps to gain weight. Coconut oil contributes too in the same. Adding oils to the diet is easy and just a spoon of the same is enough for a whole day. Sprinkle a spoon of oil over salads or add it with your regular meal.


  • Full Fat Yoghurt

    Fall fat yogurt is one of the other healthiest snacks to add to the protein diet plan. There are various tasty recipes that you can make from yogurt and add to the diet to gain weight. The nutritional profile of yogurt is good and contains a good amount of fats, carbohydrates, and protein. For witnessing the best results, it is best to include whole milk Green yogurt in the diet to get the best results. This is because this yogurt contains less sugar but more calories and almost twice the protein as others.

veg protein diet plan for weight gain
veg protein diet plan for weight gain


  • Cheese

    Who doesn’t like cheese? And when you get to include this delicious thing in your post workout protein plan it’s always amazing. Cheese is tasty and comes in a lot of forms- from soft to hard, and therefore one can easily include this on their diet plan. Furthermore, cheese can be added to the regular diet in various ways. Just a tiny amount of cheese contains a large number of fats and calories. Hence, it is one of the tastiest and best choices to opt for if you’re planning on gaining weight.


  • Dark Chocolate

    One of the best things about wanting to gain weight is that you can have chocolates, a lot of them. Similar to any other chocolate, dark chocolate too contains a lot of calories in it. Therefore, it is one of the go-to food to include in the post workout protein plan. Along with that, dark chocolate comes with truckloads of other benefits. It contains a lot of antioxidants, magnesium and fiber, etc, and many other nutrients. Hence, it helps to protect a person against various diseases such as various kinds of cancers, stress, heart diseases, inflammation, etc.


post workout diet plan
post workout diet plan
  • Potatoes

    Starches, mainly potatoes and sweet potatoes are one of the best and cheap sources to opt for if you want to build muscles and gain weight. They add calories and carbs to the body which helps your body to build glycogen. Along with this, the nutrients present in potatoes and other starches also help to nourish the gut bacteria.

Potatoes can be prepared in a lot of ways. It could also be made calorie dense by adding other carbs and fats to stimulate the muscle-building process. You can prepare some yummy dishes with potatoes. Some of the things that can be added are grated cheese, sour cream, spiced olives, avocado oil, olive oil amongst many others.

Apart from potatoes, some other starches that can be added to the diet are:

  • Root vegetables
  • Oats
  • Quinoa
  • Corn
  • Legumes
  • Beans


post workout protein diet plan for all
post workout protein diet plan for all

Post Workout Non- Veg Best Weight Gain Diet Plan

There are various non vegetarian foods that you can include in your protein diet plan. Having these after a good workout ensures the muscles to repair quickly and the glycogen to get restored faster. Mentioned below are some of the non vegetarian foods that you can add to your protein diet plan to accelerate muscle growth and weight gain.


  • Whole eggs

    Hands down, eggs are one of the best non vegetarian food to include in the post workout protein plan. They contain a lot of important nutrients such as a huge number of proteins and healthy fats and are one of the best muscle-building foods to opt for. Most of the benefits of an egg can be derived from its yolk.

The best thing about eggs is that they can be cooked and consumed in several ways. Hence you prepare different recipes everyday and help yourself from getting bored of it. You can half boil and eat it, make a poach, scramble it, add in salads, use in bread or desserts, etc. Whatever the choice, if you are not intolerant towards it, you can easily three to four eggs in the everyday protein diet plan.


best weight gain diet plan for man
best weight gain diet plan for man


  • Oily Fish

    Including oily fishes in the diet can help you add all the important and healthy fats to the diet. Along with that, oily fishes also a great source of protein and omega – 3 amongst others and thus help contribute to the protein diet plan.

Just like eggs, salmon too can be cooked and consumed in various number of ways and thus can ensure you don’t get bored of it easily. You can steam it, grill it, poach it or bake it. In all ways, it would be tasty and also healthy. Moreover, salmon is one of the most inexpensive choices of food to include in the regular diet, which also has a great number of benefits.


  • Read Meat

    protein diet plan weight gain
    protein diet plan weight gain

    Although it is always advised to not consume too much red meat and limit its intake, red meat is particularly one of the best muscle-building foods that you can include in your diet. It contains an ample amount of creatine and leucine naturally. Leucine helps to add more muscle to your body by stimulating muscle protein synthesis. Along with that creatine is considered to be the best supplement for muscle building in the world.


  • Chicken

    Chicken is the most favourite of almost all the non-vegs out there, isn’t it? And that’s a good thing considering that chicken contains a large number of proteins that aid in muscle growth and helps to pump it. For better results, consider eating boiled chicken. However, it is advised to avoid adding salt to the preparation. Add a little bit of pepper to the boiled chicken and witness the wonder happen to your body.


Bottom Line

A good post workout protein diet plan that contains all the required amounts of carbs and protein that the body requires is a must for everyone. This helps the body repair the muscles quickly and pump up the muscles. It also helps to enhance the glycogen levels that otherwise gets depleted during the workout session. It repairs and prepares for the next intensive workout session the next day. Along with a proper protein diet plan, here are some other tips to consider to pump muscles up and gain weight quickly.

  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water.
  • Make a perfect chart with all-time sketches of all meals.
  • Avoid eating junk.
  • Do not skip meals.

There are a lot of people who are extremely ignorant and do not find it necessary to follow the diet routines. This can lead to the body giving up after a certain amount of time. Hence, follow the lead of your trainer and have the best weight gain diet plan here.

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