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Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Yoga is an ancient practice where different body formations, postures and controlled breathing exercises helps in healing many physical and mental ailments. But these are not just any physical formations or postures. These are much defined ways, to practice yoga, meditation to reap all the benefits from it. With regular practice and guidance one can master the yoga formations and lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. Yoga as many know helps in physical health, body development and maintaining mental balance. Yoga also helps in keeping your heart healthy. It was believed that yoga is very much capable of healing heart problems, reducing possible heart diseases and improves your heart functionality. It has been scientifically proved in many researches as well that yoga can help us in building a healthy heart and stronger immune system.

practice meditation & yoga tips for healthy heart
practice meditation & yoga tips for healthy heart

Doing Yoga makes you feel energetic and active. Few minutes of yoga daily can help you in the longer run. Yoga is as ancient as Ayurveda and marks its origin from India. Many saints used to practice yoga and lead a longer life. Even the doctors prescribe yoga nowadays to help patients recover faster from the ailments. Regular health check up with doctors for heart patients is really important. It helps you in keeping track of how your heart is performing and how healthy is it.

How Yoga Helps Heart

Yoga is of many forms. There are many asanas that you can practice. Hand mudras are also type of yoga that concentrate on the flow of energy in your body and directs the energy into a particular direction as required. All this is done with the help of particular hand posture. There are different hand mudras which are discussed here on medictips that you can follow. One of the Mudra that is specifically very good and beneficial for Healthy Heart is :- 

Apan Vayu Mudra “The Heart Posture” : How To Do It & Health Benefits


There are other mudras that can help keeping healthy heart. Some of them are :-


Yoga can reduce the heart failure risk and other cardiovascular diseases as much as conventional exercises and brisk walking. Yoga also helps in reducing weight which directly helps your heart as well. Having a proper weight is believed to be the best practice to follow for heart patients. By proper weight we mean, you should not be over weight or under weight. You should have the correct BMI index for your body. Proper body weight helps in keeping cholesterol levels under control. Blockages found in the veins or arteries is common among people now a days due to hectic lifestyle and no physical exercise or workout. Yoga helps in dissolving any blood clot in your arteries and veins, thus reducing the chances of any surgery required for removal of blood clot. “Yoga is unique because it incorporates physical activity, breathing, and meditation

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best yoga exercises for healthy heart
best yoga exercises for healthy heart

How to Practice Yoga for healthy heart?

With proper guidance and information, anyone can adopt yoga in daily life. You can learn more about yoga benefits here on medictips. We have segregated different types of yoga for different health benefits.

There are yoga poses and asanas that will help you increase height, cure problems like gastric issues and back pain. Yoga is also good for getting rid of stress and anxiety. We have a separate article on that as well. There are yoga poses that can help you with weight loss and hair fall also. Find all these articles on medictips yoga section. Or you can just search for that in the search box here and you will get the remedies. You can find these yoga poses benefits and videos online on youtube. Check the below video for the same.

You can learn yoga specific to your heart problems or any other health ailment. These are easy to understand and perform at home. You get the guidance directly and you can ask your doubts and query to us any time you want to.   There are many good heart doctors and heart specialist who have recommended about yoga.


Other Important Points for Heart?

Heart is an important part of the body and it needs proper care as well. Good diet habits and avoiding junk food helps keep heart problems away. Apart from food, regular cardio related workout and some yoga and meditation keeps your heart healthy. It will make sure your heart is strong and fit. Good Heart Care practices needs to be followed and same needs to be preached to friends and family for better life.

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