Prana Mudra “The Energy Posture” : How To Do It and Health Benefits

Last Updated on September 10th, 2020

Mudra gyaan or Mudra Vigyan is not only the science of human energy but also the science of 5 elements that combine to form a human body. We are talking about the following 5 elements:-


Mudra and yoga has the power of healing. It has the power to generate the power. This is something magical but yet believable on the facts of science and knowledge of these 5 elements.

yoga and mudras for healthy body and mind
yoga and mudras for healthy body and mind

When these 5 elements are combined and directed into proper direction, a human body can act as a source of high energy. We can talk about this in detail but we have to now focus on a particular form of mudra know as prana mudra or the energy posture. You can know more about mudra and its healing power in another post ( Link below ) where we have shared detailed info about how this is one of the best natural way to heal ailments and provide necessary health and fitness quantum to body.


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Tatva Yog Mudra vigyan is an independent yoga, built upon the knowledge of the five fingers of the human hand. Till now, we have used our hands to do physical work or to spend our energy in some form or other, but have you ever thought that our hands can be used to generate energy! Yes! And this can be done by simply practicing Prana mudra which is also known as the vital energy posture.


The mudra helps to increase the Prana Shakti or the “Life force”. The meaning of the word “Prana” is the energy or life itself. It increases one’s self confidence. It helps the body in increasing its vitality and sustainance when deprived of food and water.

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How Prana Mudra Routes the Energy in the Body?

crossed legs posture for yoga and meditation
crossed legs posture for yoga and meditation

There are 10 vayu available in the body and prana vayu is an important vayu among them. It stimulates the root chakra that creates the heat and vibration. It awakens and energizes the body. Practicing Prana Mudra also helps in achieving inner stability and mind clarity.

Mudras has tremendous amount of benefits associated with them. Prana mudra not only makes us feel energetic but also increases our immunity power. With increased immunity power we automatically get resistance against viral or bacterial infections.

Work done by an energetic and enthusiastic person will give better result as compared to the work done by a lazy and a person lacking self – confidence.

Hence, it is not wrong to say that this mudra influences our physical , mental as well as social life!


For how long should you practice this Mudra? How to Practice Prana Mudra? What other benefits are there with this mudra? All these questions and queries will be answered in this article.

For how long should you practice Prana Mudra?

Duration: There is no time limit for practicing this mudra. One can do it anywhere and while sitting in any posture. It is although suggested to take a saint sitting posture with legs crossed as shown in below picture for reference.

How to Practice Prana Mudra?

Method : It is simple to form this hand posture. Touch the tip of Ring finger and Small finger to the tip of Thumb and keep the remaining two fingers comfortably straight. Practice this 2 times a day for around 10 to 20 min.

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You should practice this with both your hands. Below picture clearly shows how to do it.

prana mudra , mudra vigyaan
prana mudra , mudra vigyaan

 It is always beneficial if you can control your breathing also while doing the hand mudra. Simply take deep and rhythmic breathe while inhaling and exhaling for same duration. It brings in breathing control in your body. You can chant some words like “radhe” “Krishna” while inhaling and exhaling. Chant radhe while you inhale and Krishna while you exhale. Chanting of “OM” is also very beneficial.

Try to focus your mind and remove all other unnecessary distractions from your surroundings.

The benefits of Prana mudra are limitless but we will still try to bring as much as we can.


Benefits of Prana Mudra:

  1. Regular practice of Prana mudra makes us energetic and active .
  2. Prana mudra increases our immunity power and prevents us from bacterial or viral infection. It also purifies our blood.
  3. The whole universe is made of five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky. This mudra includes the involvement of Ring finger (which symbolizes Earth), Small finger (which symbolizes Water) and thumb (which symbolizes Fire), when we touch these three fingers, not only energy is generated within us but also it improves blood flow in our body and removes any blockages if present in blood vessels.
  4. Practicing it with gyan mudra, solves the problem of sleeplessness.
  5. It increases our concentration.
  6. People suffering from survical, citica and spondylosis also feel relieved by practicing Prana Mudra.
  7. Practicing Prana mudra cures eye disease. It increases our vision. 10 minutes of Prana mudra can keep eyes bright and can solve the problem of quiescence (motionless) of eyes.
  8. People suffering from diabetes should do it along with gyan mudra .
  9. This mudra cures vitamin deficiency in our body.
  10. In religious events, some people do fasting and decide to live without food or water for some days. Doing prana mudra will provide stamina and energy to them.
  11. Mudras effect changes in veins, tendons, glands and sense organs. Hence, practicing Prana mudra helps in proper blood circulation and cures pain in limbs or legs.
  12. Prana mudra is helpful in high or low blood pressure as well as for those suffering from heart problems.
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These mudras are really effective and work wonders if practiced regularly for certain period of time. All you need to do is make sure you practice it on regular basis and have patience to see results.

Share your experience and your views in the below comment section. Also if you like our work, do like our facebook page also.

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