The Importance of Pre-Employment Medical Assessment in Companies

Last Updated on November 24th, 2020

Are your employees fit to bear the work pressure and deliver the tasks without hampering productivity at a stipulated period? Every organization needs to take care of its employees’ health, along with projects. The workforce of a company should be mentally competent and physically healthy to perform the tasks efficiently.


During the interview session, companies should ask potential candidates about their mental and physical fitness for the new job opportunity. The recruiter needs to evaluate and select the candidates, who can create a healthy environment at the workplace.


Nowadays, companies need to take a pre-employment medical assessment to ensure a medically fit workforce. While hiring a new candidate, recruiters should seek the help of expert medical professionals for taking a preliminary medical examination of the candidate. These screenings are useful for those tough job roles that expose workers to physical and environmental risk factors.


The management of an organization conducts pre-employment medical assessment or tests to collect every possible information about the medical condition of employees. These pieces of information help them examine the potential candidates for the higher procedure.


Advantages of Pre-employment Medical Assessment 

Ensure Safety.

Hiring a physically fit candidate creates a healthy environment at the workplace; other colleagues won’t be at risk, especially for sensitive job profiles like piloting, driving, medical representatives.

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Track Health Compilation.

Pre-employment medical assessment and check-ups help the administration to maintain the health-related data of each employee. Management can somehow predict the future health status of an employee in certain situations. If the candidate is suffering from a contagious disease, professional exposure may exacerbate the candidate’s condition.


Anticipate efficiency and productivity.

Employers can assume that an employee will perform with full efficacy after joining the company. The health of an employee is directly proportional to their work performance.


Medical expenses.

Many companies offer full or partial medical reimbursement of employees, so medical treatment is a significant concern for organizations that can’t afford the long-term medical expenses of any employee. However, companies have started assessing these factors before recruiting any new employee.


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Different Types of Pre-employment Medical Assessment


Organizations decide the medical examination checklist to understand the fitness and soundness of any new candidate based on their job role:


  • Hemoglobin test—companies prefer to take a hemoglobin test to determine the energy level of the candidate. People having low hemoglobin may suffer from fatigue and shortness of breath. This deficiency may hamper the candidate’s efficiency in work performance.
  • Blood sugar test—candidates with low blood sugar may find difficulty concentrating and lack of energy. They may even suffer from headaches, muscle pain, and blurred vision. The new employee needs to maintain healthy blood sugar levels for better productivity. Moreover, those with diabetes may need to take extra precautions for their safety.
  • Liver test—if the candidate has the liver disorder, then it may cause abdominal pain, fatigue, and high blood pressure. That person needs to control alcohol consumption for a healthy lifestyle. The liver test is one of the essential examinations before hiring any candidate on board.
  • Renal function examination—this test helps evaluate the working function of kidneys in the body structure. Kidney disorders may lead to the swelling of hands, legs, loss of appetite.
  • Urine examination—this helps detect the presence of drugs like cocaine, marijuana, nicotine. Safety-critical occupations (e.g., operating machinery, driving) require focus, and drug use may impede that. As for marijuana use, it is legal in some states, so workplace policies may need to work in conjunction with state laws and workers’ rights. Employees may need to detoxify to pass a drug test.
  • Electrocardiogram—in this examination, medical professionals measure the heart’s electrical activity to identify cardiac problems.
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Things to Remember

The pre-employment medical assessment provides a realistic picture of the employees’ health condition and how these employees will meet the demands of the company. This examination also protects the employee from any risky occupational exposure. Knowing the employees’ health condition will also help companies initiate policies or measures that further any employee’s efforts to take care of themselves in a holistic manner.


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