Priyanka Chopra Figure and Fitness Secrets, Workout routine

Last Updated on July 25th, 2020

Priyanka Chopra – An Indian International celebrity who is making India proud throughout the world. Born on 18th July 1982 in a small town of India – Jamshedpur (Bihar), today she is a role model of women all around the world. Former Miss World 2000, she left her studies to join film industry.  She took off her filming career with a Tamil movie ‘Thamizan’.  She started her Bollywood career with movie ‘The Hero’ in 2003 wherein she was the second lead, but soon after that she starred in movie ‘Aitraaz’ for which she won a lot of awards and that was the first stepping stone of her Bollywood career. After this, she started giving hit movies one after another. Priyanka Chopra Figure and fitness secrets are healthy diet plan and good workout routine that she follows everyday. 

hot and sexy priyanka chopra
hot and sexy priyanka chopra

Later in year 2012 she started following her interest for singing as well and her first international album ‘In My City’ was released with famous rapper ‘William’ and later on with ‘Pitbull’ in 2013 in single title ‘Exotic’.  And recently in year 2015 she also starred in English TV Series ‘Quantico’ which has been a super hit TV series throughout the world. After starring in Bajirao Mastani and Jai Gangajal, she is all set for her upcoming Hollywood debut movie – ‘Baywatch’ which is also starring Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron. She has a lot of Bollywood upcomings as well – ‘Maidam Ji’ and ‘Mr. Chaloo’.

priyanka chopra with dwayne johnson
priyanka chopra with dwayne johnson

She is known by a lot of names amongst her fans, friends and family i.e. Chopra, Piggy Chops, Mimi, and Sunshine & PC. She is amongst the most admirable celebrities around the world which is clear from the fact that she is amongst the most followed celebrities on Twitter. Priyanka Chopra is well known to depict various genre roles as well as has won several awards for her great performances in movies, singing and modelling. She has been in the limelight from young age and she has maintained her fitness all through her career. The adorable beauty of Priyanka Chopra figure is unique in every aspect and it is not at all easy to maintain a figure like the one she possesses. She takes very good care of her looks and body to keep herself healthy and young.

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Priyanka chopra figure has vital stat as follows:-


sexy and hot priyanka chopra baywatch
sexy and hot priyanka chopra baywatch


5 ft 6½ in or 169 cm


60 kg or 132 pounds



Dress Size

6 (US) or 36 (EU)

Bra Size


Shoe Size

7.5 (US)


She follows a unique workout routine regularly and her unique diet plan aids her in maintaining her properly toned body as well. If you want are her fan or admirer and want to know about the diet plan and workout routine of Priyanka Chopra, then keep reading.


hot priyanka chopra figure
hot priyanka chopra figure

Diet plan of Priyanka Chopra

She follows an extremely balanced and simple diet. Priyanka Chopra consumes something in each and every 2 hour in order to keep the metabolism rate high and to always stay energized. 

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The diet plan required to get Priyanka Chopra figure like, consists of:

  • For breakfast Priyanka Chopra has two egg whites / sometimes oatmeal along with a single glass of fresh skimmed milk
  • Every two hours, she takes a glass of pure coconut water with nuts
  • Her lunch consists of veggies, dal with 2 chapattis as well as salad
  • She has a sprout salad or turkey sandwich for her evening snack
  • She always prefer soup with grilled fish or chicken with sautéed veggies for her dinner
  • Priyanka Chopra indulges on cakes, chocolates, and tandoori food on weekends
  • She consists of more green fruits and veggies in her daily diet plan in order to offer all important protein and minerals
priyanka chopra quantico sexy look and hot figure
priyanka chopra quantico sexy look and hot figure

Workout Routine of Priyanka Chopra

She is naturally blessed with a slim sexy figure. Priyanka Chopra does not easily put on weight, so she need not work more on her body. Sexy priyanka chopra figure and body shape is a result of regular workout practice. Even though she is fit, she is passionate to always stay fit and healthy and workout for one hour 4 times per week.

The workout routine of Priyanka Chopra includes:

  • The gym workout of Priyanka Chopra starts with a running on treadmill for appropriately fifteen minutes.
  • She does twenty to twenty five bench jumps as well as twenty to twenty five reverse crunches.
priyanka chopra workout and fitness
priyanka chopra workout and fitness
  • Additionally, she does sixty seconds plank hold and twenty to twenty five bicep curls with very light weights.
  • She does spinning and running when she is not going to gym.
  • Plus, she practices yoga regularly and swear by exactly it to keep mental and physical fitness.


priyanka chopra latest look sexy and slim
priyanka chopra latest look sexy and slim

She spends more time with her friends and family in order to get relaxed. Priynka Chopra also prefers reading books, listening to excellent music, long travel, sleeping and get massage in her free time. 

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PC also does yoga, because it helps her to refresh and relax.


She has tips for her fans as well who aspire to follow her.

  • Incorporate yoga exercise in your daily workout regimen or plan for your mental and physical fitness.
  • Drink lots of fluids regularly.
  • Indulge in the most favorite dishes or recipes once a week in order to control cravings.


So, what are you waiting for?  Its time you should start following her in order to get good looks just like her.


Practice Healthy…!! Stay Healthy…!!

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