Rana Daggubati Workout Routine, Diet & Fitness Regime

The well known Baahubali actor, Rana Daggubati, is an Indian film actor, producer, photographer and a visual arts coordinator. With this strong and sturdy physique, and a powerful personality, Rana has become a fitness icon for youth across the country. If you’re someone who is a fitness enthusiast, Rana Daggubati workout and Rana Daggubati body is something you would definitely admire. So, here are some pro tips on Rana Daggubati workout and fitness regime.

Rana Daggubati’s Vital Statistics

rana daggubati body workout routine
rana daggubati body workout routine

Age: 33 Years

Height: 6 Feet 3 Inches (1.86 m)

Chest: 46 inches

Weight: 100 KG

Waist: 35 inches

Biceps: 18.5 inches

Eye colour: Dark Brown

Hair colour: Black

Shoe size: 10 inches


With a strong and impressive body structure, Rana has impressed audiences not only through his acting but also his fitness. So, do you want to know the secrets to Rana Daggubati’s workout and fitness routine? Read on!


Rana Daggubati Workout and Fitness Regime

rana daggubati body fitness
rana daggubati body fitness
  • The well known fact is, Rana Daggubati is a gym freak and works out twice a day. He wakes up early in the morning, and then works out in the gym. Later, in the evening, he again follows his workout routine at the gym.
  • For his role in Baahubali, the actor showcased his ripped abs and strong muscles, along with a stellar performance. Rana worked hard for 3 years to get in to the shape of the loved character, working for 2 hours, every day in the gym.
  • Early in the morning, Rana Daggubati begins with his abs workout on an empty stomach. Then, he does strength building exercises such as rigorous weight training, push-ups & pull-ups. He also does extensive cardio. Cardio exercises could include burpees, squat jumps, split snatches, jump rope, running etc.
  • For the evenings, Rana Daggubati workout includes exercise concentrated on 2 muscles of the body – one big muscle and the other, small one. For instance, these could include the chest muscles and triceps. Rana lifts crazy weights without any breaks, to get into that fit, toned, and muscular body.
  • Owing to his love for boxing during childhood days, Rana also picks up boxing and martial arts as part of his fitness regime. He is also a very active person who likes to be on his toes, instead of sitting for long.
  • Rana has in fact put on 25 kg of weight for the second part of Baahubali. This required intensive training, exhaustive workout and loss of fat to build hulky muscles. For the latter, diet was an extremely important part for the actor’s build up.
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Rana Daggubati Diet

rana daggubati diet plan
rana daggubati diet plan

You must know that, Rana Daggubati’s body structure can not be built by just exercising and working out. It involves a conscious effort at a healthier lifestyle and a nutritional diet. Rana used to follow a high protein diet to build muscles. However, he felt that the lack of carbs could make him feel tired and lose weight on his face. The kidneys could also get affected by a very high protein diet. Therefore, the meat lover made a shift toward a more balanced diet. For preventing any side effects, he also takes multivitamin capsules. Rana also doesn’t have a sweet tooth and keeps himself away from artificial sugar.

Rana follows a strict diet plan and takes 6 to 8 meals in a day. For his breakfast, the actor consumes oatmeal with nuts, lots of egg whites, with brown bread and green vegetables. He also includes fruits like watermelon and papaya in his breakfast to make it a wholesome meal.

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As his next meal, he takes protein shake along with some fresh fruits. For lunch, the actor usually takes fish with vegetables to add the right amount of proteins and vitamins in his diet.

Next, the actor ensures taking a few bananas along with brown bread to energize the body. For his dinner, the actor again adds a protein rich diet, in order to repair muscle tissues, post the long day’s work out. to meat and chicken along with a salad and a few vegetables.

Kunal Gir, Rana’s trainer, in one of his interviews, spills out details of the ideal diet. He recommends having milk protein every single day along with vegetables. He also adds that packaged food should be avoided; Anything made by nature is better for consumption than food made by humans.


Pro Tips To Get A Rana Daggubati Body

rana daggubati workout fitness
rana daggubati workout fitness


The actor’s trainer, Gir says that commitment is what decides your fate in fitness. Along with commitment to a workout regime, you need to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Rana Daggubati recommends a healthy lifestyle and absence of smoking, drinking, drugs and other unhealthy elements from your life. He believes that it takes time to get out of a bad habit, however, it is worth it. The effects of toxic substances can be seen on your face and your body, and therefore, it is best to do away with these.

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Concluding Thoughts

Kunal Gir does agree to the fact that it is difficult for an ordinary man to gain a Rana Daggubati body because of the lack of time, commitment and often, finances to consult a trainer. However, a dream body like that of Rana is not impossible to build. With the right level of commitment to a healthy lifestyle and intensive workout, you can get those ripping muscles and toned abs. So get to the gym and begin your journey to a healthier version of yourself.

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