Ranbir Kapoor Fitness Transformation and Diet plan

Ranbir Kapoor is among the most dashing, intelligent, and good-looking celebrities in the Bollywood industry. He ruled the screen with his looks and charm and gave superhit blockbuster films like Sanju, rockstar, yeh Jawaani hai deewani , etc.

He has also achieved so many awards for his work and acting.

While Ranbir has proved himself with various roles, he also follows a specific strict diet and training routine as he has to follow his busy schedule of shooting. 

But he eats a balanced diet of protein, carbs, and fats. Ranbir’s trainer has given specific advice to all his fans who also want to look like him and have a physique like the rock star. He said, “Healthy and balanced eating habits are the most important factor of his diet”.

He was born on September 28, 1982, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and he is inspired by his grandfather Raj Kapoor, which is even visible in his actions and acting skills on big screen. Ranbir is not only famous for his acting but also his physique. Although he might be busy with his schedule, he never misses his workout and his trainer help with this promise.


Ranbir Kapoor’s Body Vital Stats

ranbir kapoor workout routine
ranbir kapoor workout routine

His flawless body has a different level of charm with the most appropriate body stats.

Height: 1.83m or 6 feet

Weight: His average weight is 69 kg, but during his body transformation for the film Sanju, he put on 15 kilograms of weight and reached almost 85 kg.

Chest – 40

Biceps -14


Ranbir Kapoor Workout Routine

Ranbir Kapoor’s workout is well disciplined with his workout routine, and the fitness game is not one day. It would help if you practiced it daily. The actor reveals that he has undergone several body transformations and changes, and his trainer reveals that he has done functional training, weight training, and German volume. It’s been a mixture of all kinds.

Ranbir does not favor spending hours in a gym. Instead, his trainer, one of his close friends, motivates him to go the extra mile and guides him in additional workout. He spends almost 40 to 60 minutes daily in the gym. He even complains that his busy schedule does not leave enough exercise time. So all he has is that bound of time in which he has to do it all.

So he goes to the gym five days a week, and his workout starts with ten minutes of cardio and circuit training. And then he switches to pull-ups and crunches, and after doing this, he goes for abs, chest, shoulders, biceps, and triceps workouts.

Whenever he is busy shooting, he practices kickboxing and plays sports.

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ranbir kapoor fitness body transformation
ranbir kapoor fitness body transformation

Ranbir Kapoor Fitness 

Never miss your workout.

He starts his day with a workout and a warm-up session of five to ten minutes. Then he also does crunches and pull-ups. He goes for biceps, triceps, back, shoulder, and chest workouts. After doing these, he switches to legs and abs. Due to their busy schedule, he cannot work out daily, but being engaged, he tries to do it at least five times a week.

He also focuses on weight lifting and strength training. He does both in combination with traditional weight training and CrossFit, especially in gymnastics and Olympic lifts.

And lots and lots of compound movements like squats and deadlifts.

Drink lots of water.

For detoxification, water is beneficial, as it can maintain the body functioning properly because of its detoxifying ability. It even keeps your body temperature low and maintains it throughout the day. So he keeps himself hydrated throughout the day. Also, he carries his water bottle everywhere he goes and takes at least 5 liters of water daily.

Play sports 

Because of his hectic outdoor or travel schedule, he often cannot afford to go to the gym daily, so he generally prefers to play sports like football, basketball, badminton, etc. He used to play football often as a dedicated fan of football. Ranbir also likes to do kickboxing. He used to practice it even during his workout or tried to blend it.

Give your body time to recover.

He knows how important it is to rest and recover, like doing a workout and going to the gym. Relaxing and letting your body heal is essential, and he balances both. He knows how to give rest to his body after his hectic shooting schedule and intense workout sessions.

ranbir kapoor diet plan
ranbir kapoor diet plan

Ranbir Kapoor Diet Plan

Maintain your Diet

Breakfast is the most important and vital meal of the day, and Ranbir follows this strictly as his breakfast includes a banana or egg white with brown bread, juices, and cornflakes with some milk. For lunch, he takes tandoori chicken, dal, and only two chapatis which are primarily made from the mixture of war, bajra, wheat, and curd, all the food he takes is made from olive oil in significantly fewer amounts, is only three tablespoons. In the evening, he takes fresh juice or green tea, and for dinner, he takes chicken, salmon, and grilled fish.


Healthy Diet by Ranbir Kapoor 

Although you are doing a workout, it is still mandatory to follow the proper diet. Because what you eat determines your physical and mental health. He says that as he is growing older, losing fat gets a bit tougher, so to maintain it all, he needs a strict workout schedule. He talked about his experiment with different kinds of diets, from high carb to low, keto with no carb, and doing all this, he got to know more about his body.

Surprise element

He says that the surprise element that keeps him going is that he never gets bored from his workout. Instead, he enjoys it with his trainer, Shoham. He says that coming to the gym and seeing him doing different kinds of activities with different combinations and with equal passion makes him do a little more and push his boundaries.

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Fitness Secrets by Ranbir Kapoor 

Discipline is key

Ranbir’s fitness coach appreciates a lot about him because he is very punctual and disciplined. This factor makes him easier to work and coordinate.

He even tells Ranbir, ” One thing I appreciate about you is that wherever you are, no matter how busy or stuck, you are always punctual with the timing. He further adds that if you are disciplined about one aspect of life, it will be further added, and you are pushed ahead in every other field.

Ranbir also says how he practices discipline in his free time, so he gets a disciplined life because that is valuable to him. He respects people who respect the time and are disciplined.


On his Fitness Transformation for his Roles

ranbir kapoor and alia bhat jodi
ranbir kapoor and alia bhat jodi

In his transformation for the Sanju movie, he has to put on 8 kg, and to put this much weight is a challenge because he has to eat a lot of food, and Ranbir was not used to eating this much food. Eventually, he managed to have 85 kgs, so bodybuilding is building structure first, making it, and then scripting and shaping it. So the regime involves one-hour weight training a day and taking 8- 10 meals a day. That was the most critical part of gaining so much size. No matter how much exercise you do not have a suitable diet, it will not bulk up. So the most challenging part was the diet. So it was a time he had 125 grams of meat, vegetables, and carbohydrates in each meal. 

He hasn’t eaten roti in 1.5 years; his trainer reveals that the actor is an extreme fitness enthusiast and follows a strict diet. He hasn’t eaten roti in the last 1.5 years. An exclusive talk with his trainer reveals his fitness secret is that he hasn’t eaten the roti, which is no fat consumption.


Healthy Recommendation by Ranbir Kapoor

Having a rich diet and proper workouts are the building blocks of a sound body. Even if you have the most slender body, you should still stick to a good diet, and regular exercise is a must because it prepares you and your body for old age and that too physically and mentally.

It will make your body supple and strong enough to defy aging.

Young age is the time that carries stamina and energy to live a blissful life. Suppose you are consuming lots of oily products. In that case, you should stop yourself because it will degrade your metabolism. Many people are devoid of the benefits of exercise and a proper diet because they think if they can look perfect without doing much, it’s a healthy lifestyle. But it’s not because though your body might be ideal, however, your inner metabolism needs to be boosted, and to be healthy and mentally fit, you still need a perfect diet and a healthy lifestyle.



Ranbir Kapoor turns 40 and still looks like 25. And the secret behind his charming look is his diet and fitness routine. Of course, he is a family guy who loves eating different food and dishes, but that doesn’t mean he compromises with his routine because it is strict and firm, and he knows how to balance it with his likeness. The credit for his flawless looks and classy style is his balanced diet and disciplined lifestyle. He prefers small meals, especially in chunks, which made his trainer build his body for the film Sanju. He loves eating homemade food like Bhindi, Paya, Jungli Mutton curry, etc.

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ranbir kapoor fitness plan
ranbir kapoor fitness plan

Some Interesting Facts about Ranbir’s Love for Food

​Balanced Meal

In an interview, his trainer Kunal mentioned that he eats five meals daily, consisting of eggs, meat, dry fruits, and veggie.

Eating five times in chunks made his body more balanced and digestive. Many detritions suggest that having a well-balanced diet will keep your metabolism healthy even in your 40s. 

​Favorite dishes

His favorite dishes are Jungli Mutton curry. He also mentioned that he loves eating vada pav, dosa, and Sushi. And homemade food is absolutely what he loves. 

​Favorite restaurant

Explicitly talking about Mumbai, he loves eating at Hakkasan and Bandra and was spotted at olive Bar and kitchen many times by the paparazzi. So these are some of them, but he loves to travel out of India and is a big foodie for trying and tasting different menus. So he has good taste in terms of his choices. That may be clothes, brands, or food. He tops it all.

​Fresh food lover

His vanity mainly compromises fresh food because that is what he prefers and suggests having. He is inclined towards fresh food instead of packaged food items.

Easy to lose weight, hard to build body

The actor said he wanted a body like that of a working man, like a prisoner who spent some time in prison. It was a difficult task physically as he was a thin man, so for him, it’s easy to lose weight but hard to gain muscle, and it’s complicated to build such a body during Sanju and Shamsher as well but with constant effort and guidance of his trainer he, fortunately, succeeded in doing it.

Ranbir Worked Hard

Karan Malhotra, director of his film, reveals that he has done commendable work in making his body, or the body they want for their film. His motive behind creating such a body was that the people watching the movie should feel the strength, especially his inner strength, and get thrilled every time they see him.

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