Ranveer Singh Body, Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Last Updated on December 24th, 2020

The journey from having a lean body boy to a handsome looking muscular physique body was not at all easy for the new B-town sensation, Ranveer Singh, who is now well known for his crazy acts of comedy and awesome acting skills. He is also known as the Bad Boy of Bollywood and the girls are pretty crazy about him. This is all due to his new avatar that he has achieved by building that ripped muscular body, biceps and six-pack abs. Ranveer singh body is admired by many stars in the Bollywood industry. Ranveer singh workout routine is very different and intense. All this is made possible with good food and exercise. Ranveer singh diet plan is also different and protein rich.


ranveer singh pic
ranveer singh pics


Knowing The Star

Born on 6th July 1985, in Mumbai (India), Ranveer Singh Bhavnani dropped Bhavnani from his name to make it sale-able. He had interest in acting since childhood and had been participating in acting since school times.

ranveer singh showing his awsome physique
ranveer singh showing his awsome physique

After completing graduation from USA, Ranveer came back to India to try his luck in acting industry. So, he landed to Mumbai and started working in industry as an assistant director, helper; but soon he dropped everything and began to give auditions for movies, and luckily got selected for Yash Raj banner movie – Band Baaja Baraat in 2010, for which he also got the most prestigious accolade; Filmfare Award. This marked the beginning of new era of Bollywood and Ranveer Singh, right after that Ranveer started to deliver hits one after another and became the recipient for a number of Filmfare awards. Now is the time where this newbie is ruling B-Town as the most dominating actor in industry.


Ranveer has huge fan followers and those fans are not just because of his acting or humor skills, it’s also because of his ripped muscular body that he made for different roles in movies. Lets checkout latest ranveer singh body stats:


Ranveer Singh Body Vital Stats:

ranveer singh body muscular
ranveer singh body muscular

Over the time, Ranveer has made a really alluring body which is not at all easy to achieve.


Height: 5’10” or 177 cm

Weight: 77 kg or 170 lbs

Chest: 43 inches

Waist: 30 inches

Biceps: 16 inches


Walking on the beach shirtless in that movie might have looked effortless, but the actor had to undergo months of rigorous training along with strict diet plan to achieve his ripped torso. Let’s take a sneak peek into the workout routine of Ranveer that made him build the macho body in matter of time.

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Ranveer Singh Workout Routine:

The way Ranveer works out is pretty much different from rest of the celebrities. Ranveer when started building body he started by doing lots of free-hand exercises like lifting own weight, so that he could build a good stamina for workout. And slowly he then jumped on to heavy weights when he was good with his body weight.

Now today when he has developed a good physique he does the workout daily for 45 minutes including a 10 min of warm-up. 


ranveer singh workout routine and diet plan
ranveer singh workout routine and diet plan


For building those cuts, the only secret Ranveer has is to do rapid weight lifting with less breaks in between and more reps; often known as High Intensity Training or HIT. He does not believe in spending hours in gym and doing the same exercise which he could complete in 45 minutes. Ranveer believes that exercise should be brief, infrequent, and intense, so that it could actually work on the muscles targeted and gives better results than normal weight lifting.

The set of exercises that Ranveer performs during HIT are:

Ranveer Singh workout routine
Ranveer Singh workout routine
  • Bicep curl for biceps
  • Stiff legged deadlift for hamstrings and lower back
  • Leg extensions for quads
  • Squats for quads and glutes
  • Pull-over for lats, chest, triceps, serratus anterior
  • Bar-bell bench press for chest and triceps
  • Bar-bell bent over row for lats, biceps, traps, rear deltoid
  • Shoulder press for shoulders and triceps
  • Triceps extension for triceps
  • Lateral raise for shoulders and traps
  • Standing calf raise for calves
  • Trunk curl on floor for abs



You have to give all the stamina in those 25 minutes of non-stop workout. To achieve that state of 25 minutes of rigorous workout stamina, one has to start slowly and then keep pushing the limits. You cannot just go and workout HIT on the first day of your regime. Be careful and always do HIT under the supervision of a professional trainer only.


Ranveer Singh Body building Secrets:

Ranveer has an “I” type of body structure in which one usually have a very good upper body structure but relatively week legs. But that is not the blocker for anyone. One can always work on his legs and make them as strong as possible. One has to put in lots of efforts to develop such body. It requires tremendous amount of efforts for getting into a high Intensity workout routine daily with high volume of body building exercise which involves all kind of major muscles pushing and pumping like chest, shoulders, back, arms, abs, legs and thighs.

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ranveer singh sexy handsome pics
ranveer singh sexy handsome pics


Next Ranveer tells us about the six-pack abs secret. He says, “it is not only tough to work-out for those 6 pack abs but also very tough to maintain that”. One has to prepare months in advance and has to drastically control the intake of food and water. One should always follow correct diet plan as suggested by trainer and do regular abs workout for better results. Consistency is the main key point for abs.  

Ranveer says, when he does not have access to the gym, he used to do free squats, pull-ups and also used to lift suitcases.

Now to withstand such hard workout routine, he has to take a much balanced diet. Lets checkout what does Ranveer Singh eats to help build those heavy muscles.


Ranveer Singh Diet Plan:

sexy ranveer singh body stats
sexy ranveer singh body stats

Do you know :- Ranveer says that he puts up weight easily and thus he has to keep a track of what he eats and when he eats so that he does not add up any extra fats and destroy his abs shape.

He follows a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. His usual day diet includes:


Breakfast – Ranveer starts his day with boiled eggs or omelet in the morning along with some milk shake or juice to follow. Sometimes, he also include a bowl of oats in his breakfast table along with fruits and dried fruits.

Lunch – Ranveer tries to keep it simple in luch with boiled vegetables, pulses, rice, chapatti, slad and a glass of lassi.

Evening Snacks – Ranveer avoids oily snack for his evening snack time. He prefers fresh fruit salad or fruit juice to kill the in meal hunger.

Dinner – Ranveer usually hits the gym in evening, thus he keeps a high protein diet for dinner. He relies more on natural sources of protein more than to intake artificial protein. Rest he keeps boiled vegetables, pulses, chapatti and salad or sprouts for the dinner so that it is easily digested.


Apart from this, Ranveer takes protein shake before workout session as well.


Ranveer Singh Diet Plan
Ranveer Singh Diet Plan


Ranveer understands that the diet plays a very important role in your physical development and has to be very nutritious. One should always take proper diet at the correct time. Having late dinners and lunch is not good for health and may lead to obesity and heart problems. He also says that proper diet helps you in maintaining good stamina and gives you fresh look at all times. And no need to take energy capsules if you are following the correct diet plan.

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Facts about Ranveer Singh:

ranveer singh muscular body and secrets
ranveer singh muscular body and secrets

Ranveer wants to attain the physique as bulky yet flexible like that of Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff. Thus he always try to keep his body flexible by indulging himself in activities like swimming, cycling, playing outdoor sports.


He follows a 40 – 60 rule for building body where he gives 40% credit to his workout and 60% to his diet.


Ranveer in an interview also mentioned that he was put on an athlete physiotherapy program, following the same workout and diet plan as that of the athlete, in which he was treated as one of the professional sportsman. Due to that he was able to recover 5 times faster than normal.


Ranveer also gives credit for his fitness level to his personal trainer “Jaret Grossman”, who is a steroid-free bodybuilder, certified personal trainer, motivational speaker and fat loss expert.


This was it from Ranveer Singh’s guide. So what are you waiting for? Get up and follow his footsteps to be the next sensation like Ranveer.

ranveer singh sexy body and kisses
ranveer singh sexy body and kisses

To know more about Ranveer, you may follow him on FacebookInstagram & Twitter as well.


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