Regular Reading and Writing are Essential for Healthy Mind?

Last Updated on September 30th, 2020

Humans are very intellectual organism and the only thing that makes them different from animal is that they have brains that works with the best efficiency. Imagine yourself with brain working at just 1%, you are nothing but a small kid who has many things to learn. Now imagine yourself with brain working at 2%, you are a school going child with still many things to read and learn, and imagine yourself with an adult whose brain works at average of 5 percent. In order to be always growing in terms of knowledge, continuous efforts towards reading and writing is really important.

You want yourself to be really successful, believe me you need to start reading and writing more. Why am I saying this? Reading more and more helps you increase your knowledge and gain more insight into what is going around you in the world. Reading helps in developing the habit of listening more which is really important. It improves your concentration power over a long period of time.

A normal human being can concentrate on anything continuously for not more than 10-15 minutes. Reading more helps you increase this time span of concentration which eventually helps you in being more productive and in gathering more information than any other person can. All the successful people have the habit of reading and writing. Actually I should re frame my sentence to the fact that most of the people who are successful are actually successful because they have the most important habit of reading and writing.

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healthy reading and writing habits
healthy reading and writing habits

How Can Reading Help You Stay Healthy and Fit?

Healthy means we are happy and ready for all unexpected in life. We are ready when we actually know how to deal with all kinds of situations that may arise. Books can teach us how to react to different situations and how to think in the right direction thus helping us stay prepared for all the unpredicted circumstances and situations.

This is how all the good business men manages to stay on top of charts with constant efforts and new ideas. Reading books gives your thoughts a wider angle and thus helps you in thinking of new ideas and creative ways to do things. You are able to make correct decisions when you are aware of the possible situations that may arise after the decision. Every business includes risk and you can only make a business successful when you make decisions which are having lesser risk. Knowing the risk needs knowledge which comes from reading.

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Now you are reading about the possible causes of any problem, you will tend to remember it next time. So next time you can avoid those things and thus stay healthy. Precaution is better than cure, we all know this theory but what we don’t know is “what are the precautions”. Read about the precautions and next time you will be prepared.

Reading about good healthy tips and fitness measures helps you follow the right practices.

reading and writing a good habit
reading and writing a good habit

How Can Writing Help ?

Writing also helps in many ways you can’t imagine of. When you learn something, your brain stores that in your cache memory part of your brain. Now when you use that information multiple times in next few days, it gets stored in your brain hard disk which is accessible anytime and every time you want to. But what if you can’t use that recently acquired knowledge or can’t share that information but want it to be captured in your brain for a long time. Simple way to do that is write it. Write down that, what you have learned and read and your brain will store that into permanent memory space. That is the reason we have handwritten theories, exams and training sessions in schools and colleges.

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Now you don’t have to worry about memory space in your memory (brain). Human beings have a vast memory space in brain. So just keep reading and learning.


Keep Reading Healthy and Stay Healthy!


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