Reasons and Solutions for Stress Incontinence in Women

Last Updated on September 30th, 2020

Stress Continence is a state where a person has an unintentional urine discharge. The patient is not able to control the urine flow when certain pressure or stress is created on bladder. Such circumstances may occur while laughing, coughing, exercising, sneezing, dancing and in severe conditions it can happen even when standing from a sitting position or talking loudly. The condition of stress incontinence is seen both in men and women but is seen more common in women. This problem causes huge embarrassment and many patients do not know how to handle it. If you are suffering from this, here is how you can have an immediate solution. Going with the name of this problem, a person may think that this stress is connected to mental tension, but here stress refers to the physical pressure created on bladder.

Stress Incontinence in Women and solution for that
Stress Incontinence in Women and solution for that

Reasons for stress incontinence in women:

A woman may fall prey to this embarrassing condition due to many conditions. Major reasons are:

  1. Pregnancy & Menopause
  2. Chronic Urinary Infection
  3. Pelvic Surgery
  4. Persistent cough problem in old age
  5. Obesity
  6. As a side effect of smoking, caffeine & alcohol usage
  7. Hormonal changes before menstruation.
  8. Excessive physical activity on regular basis.
  9. Depression or phobia
  10. Exerting force while urinating and constipation.

While one can avoid this problem by taking precautions against some of the reasons, there are still some points which are part and parcel of life and cannot be avoided, for example pregnancy and menopause. What one can do is cure the problem when it occurs in such cases.

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reasons of stress Incontinence in Women and their solutions
reasons of stress Incontinence in Women and their solutions

Precautions & Cures

Precautions: Avoiding the avoidable reasons that can cause or worsen stress incontinence is the primary step one needs to follow.

  1. Nicotine, caffeine & alcohol are no best friends of your bladder. A smoker also faces the problem of rigorous coughing which again sends pressure on the bladder causing the condition to get worst. A person may also need to reduce the liquid intake.
  2. The patient needs to lose the weight as obesity is also one of the major reasons. To reduce weight, one will definitely need to exercise, but a person already suffering from stress incontinence should exercise under doctor’s (or an expert’s) supervision. Wrong or excessive exercise will all the more pressurize the bladder and can embarrass the patient furthermore.

  3. The athletes suffer from this problem more often. Their excessive physical activity is the reason. Also, they cannot avoid this. Hence, athletes need to add pelvic exercises to their exercising schedule.

  4. Every person, whether suffering from stress incontinence or not, should make pelvic exercise part of their life. These exercises strengthen the pelvic muscle which helps in holding the urinary flow.

  5. A patient who is suffering from acute depression should avoid conditions that get him/her depressed and results into unwanted urinary flow.


lifree for adult diapers and urinal problems
lifree for adult diapers and urinal problems


The patient should remember that this disease is totally curable and one can save oneself from the discomfort caused due to it. Few of the ways that one can take to cure the incontinence are:

  1. Anticholinergic drugs, antispasmodics and TCAs are recommended by doctors in most of the cases along with certain exercises and an advice of scheduled toilet trips. A doctor may give you combined medication therapy of oxybutynin and imipramine wherein one is for smooth muscle relaxation of the urinary bladder while the other is for bladder outlet resistance at the level of the bladder neck.

  2. These days, we have one more smart option to tackle this problem, to use adult diapers. This is, however, not an option but a necessity. Even if you are undergoing the treatment to cure this disease, you will have to use these diapers till you get totally cured. Adult diapers are easily available in the market or you can purchase them online also if you are ashamed of buying them physically, for example, lifree is one such brand that offers adult diapers online. They are easy to use and are very effective in stopping the leakage from embarrassing you.

  3. In severe cases, doctor may also ask for surgery. These surgeries help in supporting urethra and strengthening sphincter With the advancement in science, there has been a tremendous increase in success rate of surgical procedures. Also, these procedures are less time consuming and more result oriented.

  4. Apart from the above cures, an initial stage of this disease can be cured by pelvic muscle training and with certain changes in the lifestyle. The points mentioned in the precautions are surely to be followed by a person who is already facing the issue.


So, all the women out there who are facing this issue and are very much concerned about the same needs to know that the medical science is into your help. Consult a doctor, get the treatment and till then use the adult diapers.


Be positive and stay healthy!!!

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