Common Reasons that Causes Immunity Damage to Body

Felling weak and lazy every day? Or are you getting sick very frequently? If you are facing any of this in your daily life, then you need to consider the fact that your body is not holding up a good immunity system and you need to find the reason for immunity damage.

Your body’s immune system is first line of defense against ailments and external antibodies. These unwanted ailments come through viruses and bacteria’s that tends to enter in your system via nose, mouth and damage it.

Common cold, viral fever, flu, diarrhea, frequent vomiting, headaches, body-ache are some of the very easy to find signs that your body is looking for improving the immunity or you are doing something that is damaging the existing one.

So either you build a good immunity for your body or save the existing one from getting destroyed. We have already discussed about the ways in which you can improve the immunity of your body. You can check that here:

While you can improve, you can also make sure, you do not break or damage the existing one because 1 less mistake is, 1 extra added immunity point in building a strong firewall for your body.


how coronavirus is spreading
how coronavirus is spreading

Let’s Discuss the things that counts to be the major reasons for immunity damage.


  • Avoid Alcohol consumption

Yes, We Modern Metro people always find time to have alcohol in the name of party, weekend, celebrations and many multiple occasions. Avoid the too much of alcohol consumption, as it may cause immunity damage and your liver.

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  • Avoid smoking, Quit it if you can

Quit it, because smoking is not only harmful for you, but to your closed ones as well and is a reason for immunity damage. No more lecture to you on this, since you already must be listening much from many, if you are in habit of smoking.

If you want to quit but not able to find the way to do so, then check out this very effective way discussed here:

8 Ways On, Smoking Cravings Gone


  • Reduce Your stress levels

This is no joke. We are all working under great stress and pressure daily. So, we should also know the correct way to reduce it. Stress, Depression, and anxiety are some of the major problems that results towards body immunity damage. So, to Boost immunity of body, we can either go for some good healthy drinks or we can reduce stress levels by practicing yoga daily.

Here is the art to practice yoga to overcome anxiety and stress problems.

anulom vilom yoga asana tips
anulom vilom yoga asana tips



  • Little Changes in your Diet Routine

Avoid regular outside foods and also try to follow the correct eating habits. You think you are eating the right way? Just take a look into the below article and understand the right eating habit.

Why you should have a Heavy Breakfast, Moderate Lunch and Light Dinner


We usually have wrong eating schedule as well. This needs to be fixed and we should give enough time to eating on table. No to skip meals in hurry and not to eat light and run away due to some urgency every now and then.

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Add Milk and paneer to your diet plan. Add lots of fruits for morning breakfast and evening juices. Also do not run away from green leafy vegetables. They can be made tasty too with some alteration in your cooking recipes. Try them.


  • Avoid frequent masturbation

Yes many do this when they are alone, bored, ore sometimes stressed out. This is normal for the young people, but bad for health as it damages immunity of body when done too much frequently. You should be aware of the side-effects of masturbation and then make a decision of going towards that road.

masturbation will not turn you gay
excessive masturbation can turn you gay
  • Avoid use of medicines for small-small health issues

We all face small health issues, at some point of time in life. Issues like common cold, headache, gastric problem, constipation, back or neck pain etc. that can be dealt with simple home remedies, should not be treated every time with medicines. Most of the medicines in these cases have pain killers in it which reduces the body’s ability to generate fighter cells over the period of time.

So try and follow simple home remedies that can easily fix up the health issues in a couple of days.


  • Your Hygiene

Wash hands before eating food. Take Bath daily. Brush your teeth twice, in the morning and before going to bed at night. All these are well known phrases used by parents and teachers. These things came into existence knowing that your hygiene plays an important role in keeping your immune system healthy and productive. Playing wrong on these hygiene tips causes immunity damage of body.

personal hygiene and sanitation health problems
personal hygiene and sanitation health problems


There can be many more reasons other than which are mentioned above, that are responsible for the weakening of your immune system. But the ones mentioned above are the most prominent ones and can be dealt with simple yoga or changing the lifestyle.

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Let’s try and spread the knowledge of this and make this world a healthy place to live. Not everyone can be as lucky as you are, and they might need your help in times of damaging health. Let’s share this to them and help them fix the weaken immune system if that is the reason of their trouble.

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