Reasons Why New Generation More Prone to Health Issues

Last Updated on December 23rd, 2020

Difficult was the time of 1990’s when we didn’t had mobile phones. Instead of that we used to have telephones (landline connection) at home and that was also not very easy to get. People used to go to shops to make the STD calls. Those were the days when mobile phone was just seen in pictures. Computers were not there in schools and most of the houses didn’t even had generators or any other power back-ups.

Today all these facilities are like so common that our life has become used to all these. But the impact of these on health has been really bad.

Now you must be thinking that how can home with power backup deteriorate our health? No it has not deteriorated our health but the addiction of many other things have. Power backup means everything nowadays. With power back up you get to use all your electronic items like computer, laptop, mobile, TV, AC, and what not 24×7 without any break and the addiction to all these have resulted in more health issues than earlier.

The generation of 90’s used to wait for the electricity to go off. Because at night that was the time when children used to come together and play hide and seek in the society.

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Children used to enjoy the childhood days with kites, bicycles, brick game, gully cricket or football. But today if you go in a metro city, you will find kids playing on mobile phones, watching TV regularly, riding a battery operated vehicle like a small mini car. They do least or no physical workout even when playing. That is why when they grew up they start showing health issues.

health benefits for kids playing outside
health benefits for kids playing outside

Kids need to be more active and energetic, but that is not the case today. They are either busy with books, TV or play station.

Kids of today’s generation have a very weak immune system and they get hurt really soon. No doubt they have become more intelligent but at the same time they are even more fragile and sensitive. Intelligence cannot always win against nature. Health is wealth and if you are not going to abide by that rule then surely you have to suffer the consequences.

new generation kids playing games
new generation kids playing games

While we (children from 90’s) used to get all that scratches and wounds on the elbows, knees, foot etc. and that is what made us stronger and harder. We learned to stand up even after falling. That is how life teaches you all those important aspects and lessons which you never forget later. You do not make the same mistake later in life because you know what the outcome will be and that is what helps you in making the right decision.

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Today in metro cities we see such scenarios where childhood is getting waste in the screens of mobile, tv or play station. Consider this situation for the rest of the Tier 2 or Tier 3 cities in the coming years and also the effect of the fast growing technology that is contributing for the same. This is the reason why I titled the article as such.

May be this might be the eye opener for some of the people who will now make sure their child does not sit in front of the screens and rather play in the ground and share some healthy time with his friends.


health benefits of playing outdoors
health benefits of playing outdoors

I miss my childhood days where we used to fly kites, play hide and seek, run a bicycle race, compete on dance floor or cricket grounds, run for the life when a watchman of mango nursery used to catch us on tree. Those where the golden days I really want to relive because at that very moment we used to be more alive and energetic than ever. We used to share, help, and learn at the same time. We used live a stress free life at least for the 3 months till we had exams to clear.

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Read Healthy and Stay Healthy !!

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