Reasons You are Not Making Good Use of Lockdown Phase

Last Updated on July 1st, 2020

We are all stuck in this Lockdown situation and really don’t have much to do while we sit at home. But We still can make good use of time while being with family which we couldn’t in the past years and regretted it for so long. Giving time to family, talking to relatives and friends forgotten for so long, taking out time to do something creative or pursuing some hobby that we always wanted to but didn’t had time. Now no more of complaining about lack of time as you are in lockdown period and start building things that can help you in future for a long time.

While the things we have discussed below are not bad but the continuous process of doing these things can make you weak and lazy. Things should be done in limit in order to have the correct positive effects, when done continuously way out of limit, can cause damage to health.

Obesity, Back and neck pain, dizziness, fatigues, weakening of immune system, frequent headaches, body pain, joint pain, paining eyes are some of the health problems that you may encounter if you are doing too much of the below mentioned activities during the lockdown period.

health effects of watching too much tv
health effects of watching too much tv

Watching Too Much of TV During Lockdown

Since now is the time you can spend with your family, watching TV is 1 of the most common things we tend to do in free time. Watching Movies, NEWS channels, TV Series and what not. This will make you addicted to the TV screen. Better invest time somewhere else as well.

Like for instance do some gardening, try to find the way to pursue your passion or hobby. Learn new things like ART, Cooking, new indoor games, etc.

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Working Too Much on Laptop

formals - work from home
formals – work from home

Work from home is getting heavy due to slow internet and thus taking more time. Just sitting in front of laptops and trying to do as much as you can. Taking up the pressure of things you cannot control. Not only work is something that has glued you to laptops, but your addiction to playing digital games can also be the reason.

Too much of TV and then Too much of laptop screen daily can really harm your eyesight. Better be careful, unless you really don’t know what it is like, to be a person with really bad vision or no vision. Let’s start taking care of these eyes as well.


Killing Free Time with Sleeping

Too much of free time, and nothing to do makes you lazy and dizzy all the time. This is natural and happens to all human beings. That is the reason you are now taking daytime sleeping also.

poor sleeping habits
poor sleeping habits

You can avoid this, by getting yourself involved into something new. Start a new learning curve. May be a new subject of your interest. Start communicating more with your near ones. Taking long naps of 3 hours or 4 hours aren’t going to help you anyways, and only make you inefficient to do work effectively over a period of time.

Pick up things that were left unfinished few years back, or work towards new goals to take an edge over other people in society during this lockdown phase.


Doing just the Household Work

You should and must do these household tasks but don’t limit yourself to these only. Take up extra things and tasks in hand. Don’t confine yourself with just dusting, washing, cooking, moping etc. when you have all the time to do extra things like practicing new skills, cultivating new skillset.


Sitting Idle for Long Breaks

Why sit idle when you can use it for something interesting. Join your partner with household deals like washing, cooking, dusting. With some help you can finish up these non-productive things quickly without much load on a single person. Then enjoy the spare time with your partner for more lucrative things to do. Learn dancing, do some new dishes together, play some indoor games like monopoly or chess, listen to good music and enjoy each other’s company.

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You can Do YOGA practice or body weight workout while you are locked indoors. Yoga can be very effective and help you deal with certain problems easily.

netflix and chill
netflix and chill

Stress, anxiety, frustration, laziness, mood swings, are some of the very common problems faced by everyone during lockdown phase. Yoga can surely help you get some relief over that.

Body weight workout is simple and does not require much of equipment also. It can be done at home. Basic exercises include pushups, pullups, crunches, planks, squats etc.

These exercise helps you keep your body in shape and healthy from inside as well as outside.


All Time in Front of Mobile Screens

Yes, mobile phones and similar smart gadgets keep us occupied all the time. Social media channels have taken up a big crunch of time in our life. Let’s try and distance ourselves from all these. Don’t get glued to these social media all the time. Relax your nerves and eyes and free yourself from all the social fuss going around. Instead of these mobile screens you can go play some indoor games. Try out something new and share it with your friends.

Mobiles are biggest distraction in night
Mobiles are biggest distraction in night

Sleeping Late and Waking up Late Everyday

Is your routine also disturbed during these times of lockdown? If yes, then you should try to bring the routine back on track. These awkward sleeping timings can be bad for your health. This may affect your focus, your body immunity, too many lifestyle problems. Your body needs a sound sleep of minimum 6 hours. So If you are sleeping at 3 or 4 at night, and waking up at 12 in the noon, you are not getting that sound sleep.

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unhealthy junk food destroys fitness
unhealthy junk food destroys fitness

All the Time Involved in Eating with No Physical Activity

Already said in previous point, start some physical activity. Don’t sit and relax all the time. May be a morning walk or walk after dinner can be done. Do some yoga practice or simple body weight workout to stay healthy and fit. Keep a check on your eating habits. Too much oily food or deep-fried food can be bad for health. Don’t have too much of sugar or too much of salt daily. Have some detox drinks that you can make at home easily. Eat fruits and vegetables and avoid packaged food as much as you can.


We know it is difficult to execute these things then said, but once you start doing it you will feel the difference for good. Try not to push through every point said above. Start with a few things and then slowly you can keep on adding good things in your life.

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