Common Reasons of Hair Fall Issues And Hair Fall Solutions

Last Updated on November 13th, 2021

Are you facing Hair Fall Issues? If no then you should definitely read this to avoid that case in future as well and if you are facing the issue then you should read this to stop making those errors or mistakes leading to hair fall. Are you aware of the reason of hair fall? May be you might not be aware of all the main and common reasons of hair fall. If you are looking for Hair Fall Solutions, then you have landed on the correct page. We will not only explain you the common reasons of hair fall issues but we will also give you hair fall solutions so that you can stay beautiful always.

There are many reasons possible for your hair fall issues and so you need figure out what are you doing wrong in your daily life cycle.

It can be a very common thing which you might not be even aware of, so to help you avoid these we have listed down the very list of bad practices that need to be avoided or may be good ones that need to be followed in some cases for healthy hair.

hair fall solutions
hair fall solutions

Reasons for Hair Fall and Solutions

Do Not Use Someone Else Towel for Your Hair.

Yes we are serious and we mean this. If you are using someone else towel to dry your wet hair after bath, you are actually going to pick up his hair related problems and hair fall issues and that might lead to major ones at later stage. That is why we advise to carry your own towel while travelling anywhere. Properly dry up your towel in sun after bath so that the bacteria in the towel gets heated up in the sun and gets properly sanitized for next use.


Do Not Use Helmet Without Head Cover.

We run out on our bikes or scooters with helmets on wet hair and forget to care about the helmet issues. If you are not using any head cover in helmets then you might lose some hair every time you wear a helmet. Your helmet is closed from almost every end and this leads to a situation where your hairs are not able to breathe in air. With moisture enclosed inside the helmet, you will start feeling itchy after some time. That is the reason your hair starts losing out. So the best hair fall solutions in this case would be to keep a piece of cloth on your head before wearing a helmet. Or try not to wear helmet on wet hair. Let the hair dry up and then wear helmet. Also if you are on a long drive, try to take breaks like tea break or water break and remove the helmet during that time to let the hair breathe some air.

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Do Not Use Hard Water for Hair Wash.

Hard water is really bad for your hair. It can damage your hair strands and lead to hair fall issues at a very early stage. Avoid Hard water in any case possible. If you have no other option then to use the available water, then you can some liquid detol in it. This will reduce the harshness of the bathing water. There are other ways like using distilled water for hair wash or tap filter for removing water hardness. Use these possible hair fall solutions to avoid major issues later.

mistakes with hair your should avoid
mistakes with hair your should avoid

If You Have Long Hairs, Do Not Go for Frequent Hair Wash.

Long hair tends to get uprooted quickly compared to short hair. That is the reason people who finds their hair are falling more frequently, quickly go for a shorter hair cut. Another reason is the dandruff in hair. Certain type of dandruff is also responsible for hair fall issues and in that case shaving your head completely helps in removing such dandruff issues and thus helps in hair fall issues also. If that does not work, you need visit a doctor to find the root cause of dandruff and hair fall.


Use Proper Shampoo For Your Hair.

Shampoo should not be too hard or high in chemical contents. We usually keep rotating our shampoo with new ones every month or so which is a very wrong practice. Don’t test your hair with different shampoo. Stick with the one that suits your hair and use it as minimal as you can. Use Shampoo only 2 or 3 times a week at max. Daily use of Shampoo and conditioner will lead to harsh effect on long term periods. You can also try natural shampoo for your hair.


Keep Your Pillow Separate and Never Sleep on Someone Else Pillow.

Yes I am not kidding but it follows with the same reason as stated in the first point in this post. You should avoid this as much as you can. Pillow covers are carriers of your hair bacteria and microbes. Wash your pillow cover frequently, at least once in 2 or 3 weeks time. Change your pillow covers once in 2 weeks to avoid any dusty or infection getting accumulated in it.

common reasons of hair fall
common reasons of hair fall

Use Your Own Hair Comb, Roll Comb.

Yes do not share your Hair comb with others, neither you should ask from others. Hair combs or roll combs may carry your hair problems that might be transferable with regular use. Keeping these small-small things in mind you can avoid many big issues in life.

Clean your hair comb at least once in 3 months or purchase a new in every 3 to 4 months.


Use Proper Oils To Get Rid of Hair Fall Issues.

Try to have natural sarso hair oil till the age of 12 so that you have strong hair. Then on-wards prefer to use smooth hair oil that can keep your hair moist and avoid day time drying of hair strands. This is one of the most important thing we usually skip in our daily routine. In most of the occasions we keep our hair dry which is very bad and should not be done. If done occasionally it is fine but regular practice can make your hairs week and dull. It also leads to early whitening of hair.

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hair oil massage , hair fall solutions
hair oil massage , hair fall solutions

Do Not Use Hair Gel Too Much and Too Frequently.

Most Hair Gels are almost 90% harmful for your hair and their roots. Prefer to use these hair gels only on occasions and parties. You can use oil to reduce the effect of hair gel. Apply small amount of hair oil and massage your head for 5 mins. After the application of hair oil, apply small amount of hair gel on it. This will create a layer of oil between gel and hair strand and hence will protect your hair from harmful chemical also. These Hair Fall solutions are really good and can help you avoid premature greying of hair as well.


Use Hair Sprays to Wet Your Hair

We wash hair or use hands to wet our hairs many a times to set it to a style many times in a day. Avoid using hand to wet your hair. Instead use a spray to sprinkle water. This will avoid unnecessary hair mess up.

hair fall solutions and remedies
hair fall solutions and remedies

Other Important Points and Hair fall Solutions

If your hair is white and you are using hair color, then try to use natural home remedies for that. Natural things won’t give any harsh side effects and will help in keeping your hair healthy.

If you are picking artificial hair colors then do a proper survey/research and then go for a particular product.


There are yoga poses and asanas for hair solutions as well. These yoga poses and asanas help deal with multiple types of hair problems like, premature grey/white hair, hair fall, itching issues, dry hair problems and many more.

Apart from the basic yoga asanas, there are yoga mudras that can also be helpful in such cases. Yoga mudras like “Prasanna Mudra” , “Prithvi Mudra” help in hair problems by fixing the issue from the root level. These yoga mudras have the power to improve the blood flow in your head, making the hair strong and shiny.


Do not let your hair get wet in rain, since now rains are majorly “acid rains” due to huge pollution in air and water. Acid rain is one of the major issues these days. Especially the first rain in the rainy season starting is said to be very harmful for hair and skin. Try to avoid getting wet in this rain and if in case you get wet, take a shower of fresh water after reaching your home or destination as soon as possible.

Your hair needs lots of proteins and vitamins. Make sure your food and diet plan includes that.

Drink milk in the morning and if you can eat eggs then that would be great for your hair. They contain essential proteins required for good hair growth.

common reasons of hair fall issues
common reasons of hair fall issues

Laser Light Therapy

FDA approved Laser light therapy has been around for decades and it has been gaining popularity in recent years because of its various benefits. Usually the process of light therapy works in clinic only but with advancement in technology, you can do this at the comfort of your home. Are you thinking how is that possible? It is possible with laser caps. Yes it is a very effective way of treating hair fall issues. The option of laser hair cap is much more convenient and pocket friendly.

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Now you must be wondering, do laser caps really work? Yes they do, and they are proven effective by many users. Some have experienced complete solution to hair loss problems and new hair growth as well. Laser cap uses low level light therapy and devices that utilises this powerful technology are known as laser caps, and are also referred to as cold lasers, because they don’t actually produce heat. This means it is considered a non-invasive, pain-free, hair growth treatment option.

The results of laser cap therapy may vary from person to person because not all hair fall problems happens due to same underlying reason. You can use hair laser cap along with other hair fall solutions such as biotin or oil massage.

low level light therapy laser cap
low level light therapy laser cap


Concluding Thoughts

So let’s follow these small but important things in life and avoid the situation of going to a hair doctor for hair fall issues. If you want to avoid medicines and any medical applications like hair transplant, on your hair, you should start taking proper precautions and care of your hair. Natural hair can never be replaced with artificial ones or medications.

Let us know if you still have any doubts or issues in understanding the above factors. We would appreciate your questions and would try our best to help you understand and provide you with best possible natural help that you can take for your hair.

Now it is Your Turn

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