Reasons Why You Should Have SEX Everyday; Amazing Health Benefits You Can’t Ignore

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Sex is not only pleasurable but is also healthy. But some people fear that if overdone, this act of joy may become a nightmare. I often receive mails from people all around the world asking if indulging in sexual activity daily is healthy or not? While others fear that they might lose their ability to have sex in long run if they will do it daily in their 20’s and 30’s. And some even start thinking that they might get some STD’s… I mean how one could think this way. But, this is not their fault, people around you and internet has a big influence on your lifestyle. There are I guess thousands of articles available on internet that would stop you from enjoying the most pleasurable thing you can do. What I would suggest is don’t let those myths stop you from having fun, fulfilling your desire and sharing love. Those are just myths, nothing amongst those is true, even science favors having sex everyday.


benefits of regular sex
benefits of regular sex


You might have read the usual benefits of having sex, but having sex daily is 10x more beneficial. It can make you a “Superman”. But keep in mind, you just have to take care of diet along with it, nothing else. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t have it daily or four to five times a week. Make every day your partner fall in love with you, show your love in every possible way, that is the only key to a happy life. Still not convinced? Let me turn your thoughts around by sharing with you the best benefits that sex gives when had on daily basis.


  1. Quality Sleep:

One change that you can expect from the very first time you indulge in sex is the quality of sleep you’ll get after a lovemaking session. Not just because it involves movement of body, pulling, carrying each other, so it will you make you get tired and give you a better sleep. This is the reason one but it has other internal ways to improve that also. During sex when one reaches orgasm, it releases hormones which relieves stress and tension and gives lethargic feeling to both, and helps induce sleep, thus also fights insomnia. Plus, a better night sleep helps make the day active and help feel healthy throughout the day.


  1. Burns Calories:

Those, who can’t wake up early to go for a walk or jogging and don’t get the time in evening also, they can shed their extra pounds in the easiest and a pleasurable way by making love with their partners. Continuous movement of bodies, kissing, cuddling, and other activities burns a lot of calories. On an average one love making session burns 207 calories. If you’ll do it four times a week you can burn around thousand calories a week, which means in a month you can burn a whopping 4000 – 5000 calories, which is I guess enough to keep those extra pounds away from your waist. Plus, it also helps give good shape to butts plus removes extra fat from thighs and is even considered a good exercise for arthritis patients.


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healthy sex tips for beginners
healthy sex tips for beginners


  1. Healthy Heart:

Sex not only burns calories but it also takes good care of your heart. All you need to do is just live the moment while you have sex and do the talking with your partner about your life. This is the best psychological way to vanish out the tensions and worries from your mind which ultimately keeps heart working to its normal pace. Plus, the high rate of respiration during sex makes heart do its part of exercise so that it functions at normal rate. Studies have also concluded that 55% of people who have had sex twice or more times a week are less prone to get heart attacks and strokes.


  1. Builds Immunity:

This is not what I am saying or I believe, scientists have discovered that people who have sex on regular basis have higher levels of antibodies that defends the body against disease causing germs, viruses etc. Not just this, regular lovemaking also increases the level of a specific antibody – the immune-boosting antibody immunoglobulin A (IgA) inside the body, which in turn makes the body stronger against common illness like fever, cough and cold by creating antibodies.


  1. Healthy Skin:

You might have yourself observed a glow on your skin after every love making session you ever had. The reason is that while having sex, our body releases a compound which is good for a number of things related to your skin, including improving your complexion. Actually during sex, our body produces a particular hormone called DHEA. This hormone not only gives a better complexion but also gives the required nourishment, making it soft and younger looking. Many a scientists have also claimed that those who have sex on regular basis (3+ times a week) may look up to 10 years younger than their actual age. So, would you still buy that costly night cream for younger looking skin or just have some fun with your partner in exchange.


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healthy sex tips to follow for beginners
healthy sex tips to follow for beginners


  1. Pain Reliever:

Whenever you get headache or body ache, does your hand extends to the first aid box for medicine? Stop doing that when sex can do the same work for you. Actually, when you’re about to have an orgasm (during sex), the level of a hormone – oxytocin (a class of endorphin) increases by approximately seven times. This endorphin (hormones) have an analgesic effect and thus helps in reducing pain and aches. So, from next time onward keep in mind that medicine is not the only solution, try natural remedy – sex. Studies have even shown that people with arthritis who have sex regularly experience less pain as compared to those who don’t.


  1. Better Bladder Control for Women:

The problem of incontinence is very common among women. Around 40% of women around the world suffer the same. The reason for this is weak pelvic muscles which can be easily resolved by sex. Yes, sex can give you stronger pelvic floor muscles which helps fight the problem of incontinence. Actually during sex, pelvic floor muscles are contracted and expanded again and again, which is like a workout of muscles which in turn results in making them stronger. And thus, you can have better bladder control. Not just this, but it also helps maintain regular periods for women.


  1. Boosts Sexual Stamina:

This is for sure a surprising one for you. Sex itself helps you have a better sex next time. The movement of sexual organ of men exercises the pelvic floor muscles the same way it does for women. The contraction and expansion of pelvic floor muscles helps better erection, longevity in ejaculation. It is also linked to help produce better quality of sperm and also fight erectile dysfunction. Thus, instead of taking that blue pill of Viagra you can opt to have sex on regular basis it will automatically improve the performance in bed.


Perfect Anal Sex


So what are you waiting for? Give your health a much required boost tonight and make your life a healthier life.

Now, here is a point to be kept in mind. You might have heard that excess of everything is bad, and the same applies to sex also (don’t want to break your heart). If you are newly married or have just got into a relationship than you can enjoy having sex daily, but after some time like two or three months you should reduce it to three to four times, because everything needs some rest and so does your sexual organs. There could be several issues that may arise if you’ll stick to the point that I have to do it daily. But this doesn’t mean you can never cross this line of four times a week, you may extend it, but keep giving breaks after sometime, so that even the demand comes from the deep of your heart. And don’t worry these benefits are for all those who do it twice or more times a week.

But before winding up let me make one thing pretty clear that these benefits are only extended up to the point till you have safe sex. Safe sex in the sense like you use a condom to prevent STD’s (if your partner has and you are not aware of that). These benefits are also extended to anal sex.


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Share the words and let others also know about these benefits and let them also lead a healthier life. After all, sharing is caring.


Practice Healthy…!! Stay Healthy…!!


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