Regular Health Check up “A Necessity today”, Best Options to Discover

Last Updated on September 1st, 2019

Are you healthy from inside? Who has given you the certificate of your health? If no one then, you might be assuming that you are healthy from inside. Assumptions can go wrong with awareness and why should you only rely on assumptions when you can have body test reports showing the right picture of the state of your health.

You cannot judge your body condition from outside until the worst state of your health has come up. We better do a regular check-up to make sure we avoid that worst state of health.

Today, we are open to many new health issues due to pollution and our sedentary lifestyle. Every day we come across a new health issue. We sometime neglect our health due to high cost of health check-up and sometime due to lack of time for going on a regular health check-up.


healthy living smart tips and ways for life
healthy living smart tips and ways for life


We neglect our health concerns till the stage, it becomes really bad and cannot be made stable without doctor’s consultant and medication. Why wait till that stage? Why not to have regular updates about your body and act when there is still time left.

This is one of the many reasons which tells us why should we go for health check-ups on regular basis.

Regular Health check-up is one important part of our life that should be taken into consideration very  seriously. We not just neglect it because of time and money but also, when we have no good source of health check-up that can ensure that check-up is done with high end technology and ensure true results at an early stage.

We often come across the news that a particular disease was not caught at an early stage else the person would have been saved. To avoid this situation we need to take necessary actions and one most importantly is to get a health checkup done on time

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To help you with that, we would like to share a great source of health check-up which is well equipped to do all types of check-ups and give you early results.

Thyrocare Technologies, the world’s largest Thyroid and preventive health care laboratory. They have more than 2000 centres in various towns and cities in India and also internationally.

thyrocare best medical helpp online
thyrocare best medical helpp online

They are popular for their  “Aarogyam”packages  which offer different combinations of comprehensive health assessment on their website. They are based in Mumbai yet their services are available PAN India.

Being automated laboratory it ensures less manual errors and more accurate results based on the samples.

We are able to tell you this based on our user experience. Many of our clients and readers have used the services and were really happy with the fast mode of operations.

We also tried their app based service which was really an easy solution to all our problems. You get some good discounts as well on aarogyam packages and tests.

We were able to book the tests and packages and also, track our reports online. We could pay online wiith their simple & secure payment gateway which ensures error-free transaction.

One can also book the test on web based portal. In case you are not clear with any of the details mentioned on website you can submit your contact number and they will call you to resolve all your queries.

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You can even upload your doctor prescription in case you do not know what  test you need to go through or what test your doctor asked you for.

There are more than 200 different types of tests that are carried out by Thyrocare services.

You can also have a web chat on the website and get on the spot answers to your questions or queries.

aarogyam tests costs at thyrocare
aarogyam tests costs at thyrocare

After the booking of test, the appointment date and time needs to be confirmed. The Thyrocare customer care executive calls in the next few hours after booking  is made to ask for the date of sample collection. If the sample collection is urgent, you can also make a call on the contact number of the service provider whose necessary details are given on the mail/sms you receive after booking the tests. So you can now book the sample collection date and time as per your convenience and availability.

All these are really interactive and easy to use services which creates a good user experience.

Once the samples are collected, including transit time, the laboratory will take anywhere between 2-4 days’ time for reporting, depending on your location

As per the survey another news tells us that many laboratories and hospital brands in India, Middle East and South East Asian countries, use Thyrocare to complete their menu and deliver quality at an affordable cost.

All this ensures that they take health of all the individual seriously and do not have any cost cutting on the part of quality which makes it the best of the laboratories for diagnosis.

I would not have written this post about the diagnostics tests at thyrocare if I wouldn’t have been satisfied with their services. So I openly recommend you to go for a body check-up from Thyrocare in case you think you need one . So what are you waiting for? Go have a body check-up and get assured about your health.

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Now it is your turn to tell us about your experience with diagnostic test centres. Share your views and feedbacks with us.

If you think this was an information worth sharing, then do not hesitate to tell your friends and family about the same. Share it on facebook, twitter and gmail.

Stay Healthy Stay Fit

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