Salman Khan Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Last Updated on December 21st, 2020

The handsome hunk, ‘Bhai’, and everyone’s favourite of Bollywood, Salman Khan is forever famous for his well-toned superb physique amongst many other things. One of the first stars of planet Bollywood to bring the abs to the scene and make it a thing has been a fitness inspiration to thousands of people, especially in India. Salman Khan, therefore, has always been very vocal about his fitness and how dedicated he has always been to it. 

It is said that nothing comes easy and Salman Khan has been proof to it. If you go back to the times when the hunk started his career, you would rather come across an extremely thin, undesirable man. But then, everything changed. And all this is enough to get us motivated!

salman khan workout fitness
salman khan workout fitness

Hence, if you are looking forward to knowing some of the exercises that top the list of Salman Khan workout routine, without a blink keep reading further. Tagged along with his fitness regime is Salman Khan diet plan that draws a rough sketch of what he eats in a day. 

Therefore, read on to get the details. 


Salman Khan Body Stats

salman khan workout routine and bodybuilding
salman khan workout routine and bodybuilding

Handsome “Bhai”, Salman Khan as always had great strength and endurance and he is a workout freak. He was always seen maintain the ‘Hulk avatar’ and therefore has his workout chart fixed similar way. Hence, before we proceed to know the Salman Khan workout routine, we must get to know his body stats first.

Age54 years
Height5′ 9″
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Chest 45 Inches
Waist 35 Inches
Biceps17 inches
Shoe Size10




Salman Khan Workout Routine

The most eligible bachelor of India has never failed to grab attention and be a talk of the town. One of the many things that have never failed to create a buzz amongst the paparazzi and the netizens is his well-toned physique.

Hence, we below have jotted down some of the most favorite workouts that top the chart of Salman Khan workout routine.


Weight Training:

If you follow the superstar, you would know his love for weight training. From his movies to his Instagram, the actor flaunts how he can lift heavy weight easily. To mention some of the weight training exercises that can help us beginners or intermediates while starting with weightlifting exercises are: 

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salman khan workout routine fitness
salman khan workout routine fitness
  • Shoulder, Biceps, and Chest: The first and foremost thing that we glance at when the hunk comes on screen is his amazing shoulder, biceps, and triceps. The amount of effort he puts to nurture them is also huge. Some of the exercises he does to keep his arms and shoulders in shape are pushups, dumbbell press, dumbbell bench press, cable cross over, front raise, barbell overhead, push press, lateral raise, and side raise among others. 


  • Legs exercises: One of the worst nightmares of all of us is chicken legs. But that is what most people have. For the fact that leg exercises aren’t so easy and require a lot of effort, people often tend to skip their leg days. However, that is a big no-no. Hence, some of the easiest leg exercises that you can try at home are sit ups, different types of squats, lunges, step ups, leg press amongst a huge variety of exercises. (They are also the handsome hunk’s favourite.)


  • Abs: Who does not want chiselled abs like your superstar and are envious of how perfect they always are? Well just a bit of dedication and normal netizens like us can have it too. Some of the most loved exercises in Salman Khan workout routine when it comes to abs are plank, crunches, seated rotations, dead bug, and dumbbell side bend amongst others. 


Cardio Exercises:

salman khan workout routine
salman khan workout routine

Cardio exercises are one of the musts exercises and should never be skipped. It helps to keep one fit and helps to burn the extra fat and calories away. Likewise, although known famously for always keeping a ‘Hulk’ avatar, Salman Khan loves to invest time in cardio exercises. His gym trainer often finds him cycling intensively or just jogging. This helps him to release stress and relax. He also invests time in warming up his body before an intensive workout.

The best thing about cardio exercises is there is a huge variety of it. Hence, you can choose to do your favorite or can even go for a mix of exercises to help yourself from getting bored. Some of them are burpees, swimming, running or jogging, cross trainers, treadmill amongst a huge list.


Salman Khan Diet Plan

If you are a follower of Salman Khan and even if you are not, you would know that he loves to carry a bulky toned, hulk like physique. Hence, needless to mention that the Salman Khan diet plan is quite different and heavy than ours.

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To draw a rough sketch, this is what the superstar eats in a day. However, before proceeding it is important to understand that this is a rough sketch. The diet routine of the ones in fitness keeps changing for good. The diet plan of an individual is based on the calorie capacity of their individual body.

salman khan diet plan and fitness
salman khan diet plan and fitness
  • Breakfast: For breakfast, Salman Khan prefers a good protein diet. Therefore, his favorite choices include having low fat milk and egg whites. This is the most important meal of the day and must never be missed.
  • Lunch: For lunch, the handsome hunk prefers to have some chapatis and various vegetables.
  • Dinner: When it comes to dinner, he prefers to have some egg whites, chicken, some soup and chapatis.
  • Pre-workout: The body needs to pump up and be filled with food before hitting the gym. This too should mainly be a burst of good protein. The ideal things he generally goes for are protein shake, egg whites and amino acid tables.
  • Post Workout: To have a good meal post workout is a must. This helps the muscles to pump up after all the workout. Some of the things that Salman Khan loves to dig in to when he comes out of the gym are protein bars, almonds and oats amongst others.
  • Snacks: In times of snacks, the hulk of Bollywood prefers grabbing something light and good. Usually he grabs some nuts or protein bar.


Salman Khan Workout Tips

Working out isn’t just a day’s job but is a lifestyle. The superstar Salman Khan lives by this. In addition to this there are a couple of things that he trusts when comes to bodybuilding. They are:

  • The first tip that comes from the superstar is to be devoted and dedicated before starting to workout. The basic aim is to have a goal and fulfil it at any cost.
  • Never skip an exercise. No matter how tired a person is the basic aim should always be to work out every day. Taking a daybreak once a week is fine and important.
  • A balance of cardio and weight training is important to get the desirable physique.
  • A well sketched diet plan is as important as hitting the gym every day.
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salman khan workout routine and diet plan
salman khan workout routine and diet plan

Fitness Secrets of Salman Khan

Along with Salman Khan diet plan, there are various crazy fitness secrets of Salman Khan that show how dedicated and crazy he is regarding his workout. Here are some of them:

  • No matter how late, the handsome hunk never misses his workout.
  • He can around 2000 squats or sit ups a day.
  • The hunk can do around 1000 pushups a day.
  • When in the mood he can run or cycle for three hours straight.
  • He can do around 500 crunches.
  • Salman Khan follows a very harsh workout routine that cannot be completely followed if you do not have incredible strength.
  • He takes a day off in the week and relaxes. This helps the muscles to grow.
  • The workout routine of Salman Khan is a mixture of cardio and weight training.


One of the fitness inspirations to look for whenever you seek some, is none other than Salman Khan workout routine. The man who would be 55 years old in the year 2020, looks and works out like a 20-year-old. That credit solely goes to the dedication he has had all these years. We know for sure that to reach the stage where he is today in terms of strength and endurance would take us years. But we would never know if we would be able to achieve it even if we never try, would we?

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