Samantha Akkineni Workout Routine Diet and Beauty Secrets

If you are a part of the glamour world, you have to take care of yourself every day. Starting from keeping a check on what you eat, regularly exercising and practicing yoga, watching your sleeping hours and time, to doing hundreds of things to keep your skin flawless and beautiful. Us netizens have always wanted to know exactly these secrets and routine to be as pretty and fit as them. So we decided to bring you the best of Samantha Akkineni workout routine and diet plan.

Well, your search ends here. This article exclusively deals with one of the prettiest south stars, Samantha Akkineni, and unleashes in detail all her beauty secrets. Hence, if you are a fan and even if you are not so much, keep reading to be the pretty she is.

Read on to know Samantha Akkineni diet and workout and Samantha Akkineni beauty secrets.


samantha akkineni beauty secrets
samantha akkineni beauty secrets

Samantha Akkineni Vital Stats

Height: 5 feet 5 inch

Weight: 53 kg (approx.)

Chest: 34
Waist: 25
Hip: 34

Body Measurements : 34-25-34

Bra Size: 34B

Hair color: Black


Samantha Akkineni Diet and Workout Routine

The newlywed glowing bride Samantha Akkineni is not just the favorite of the masses for her amazing acting skills but for also how to fit and well toned she is (ever noticed her abs? Oh boy!). Quite naturally many people, especially girls are always looking up on the internet to know Samantha Akkineni diet and workout routine

Read on to know more: 


Samantha Akkineni Workout Routine:

If you are a follower of the beautiful and talented actress, you would be aware of how she keeps posting pictures and videos from her gym. Naturally, she motivates a lot of people like us to be fit. Some of the workouts that Samantha Akkineni Workout Routine includes are: 

Cardio workouts:

The first and foremost thing that the actress likes to do after hitting the gym is some cardio exercises to help lose the excess fat from the body. Cardio exercises are amazing when it comes to burning excess fat. Some of the cardio exercises to do when hitting the gym are cycling, burpees, cross trainers, rope, step up, and monkey climbing amongst others. 

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On the days when the actress feels gloomy and does not want to hit the gym, she simply goes for a nice jog in the open air. 

samantha workout routine
samantha workout routine

Weight training:

Samantha Akkineni’s Instagram feed is filled with pictures and videos of her lifting heavyweights. Well, that kind of speaks for the well-toned abs she has got, isn’t it? From doing deadlifts, squats, chin-ups, pulldowns to leg press, this beauty also proves how fit and strong she is. 

samantha akkineni workout fitness
samantha akkineni workout fitness

Well if you are into losing weights and also bringing the perfect tone to your body, then just sweating it out with cardio is not enough. Cardio exercises sure help lose weight but also if you are too fat, you would notice your skin becoming loose.

Lifting weight according to the strength of the body has various benefits. It prevents the skin from becoming loose. Along with that, it also helps to increase bone and muscle strength. 

There are many weights exercises that cater to different parts of the body. Weights help to individually put attention to the different parts of the body. These are chest, back, shoulders, triceps, and biceps and legs. It is always better to consult your trainer before doing any exercise and lift the weights according to what your body permits. 


These were some of the exercises that make it to the list of Samantha Akkineni Workout Routine. The next on Samantha Akkineni Body Fitness and Workout is to know what is Samantha Akkineni diet plan


Samantha Akkineni Diet Plan

Samantha Akkineni never shies away from admitting that she is a huge foodie and never shies away from feasting on a biryani or anything tasty on weekends. However, she follows a strict diet plan eating all healthy and nutritious during the weekdays. 

samantha akkineni diet plan
samantha akkineni diet plan

Here are some of the food habits that tops the list of Samantha Akkineni Diet Plan. 

  • For breakfast, Samantha Akkineni loves to dig into some eggs and avocados
  • During lunch hours she either goes for lamb and millets or fishes, keeping it a healthy protein diet.  
  • When it comes to snacks in the middle of the day, the south Indian actress chooses to have some eggs and potatoes. 
  • For dinner, she likes eating chicken with some fresh veggies. 
  • Samantha Akkineni loves her protein shake which is also vegan. Hence, she never skips having it before she goes for a great workout session. 
  • On Sundays however, you would find her binging on her favorite dishes such as prawns and biryani. 
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That was all for Samantha Akkineni Diet and Workout. We are sure if we start following these, we would surely notice a huge difference. 

Apart from just her well-toned figure, fans also have an eye for how pretty and glowing she is. Hence, the interest in knowing her beauty secrets are too high. 

Read on to know how we spill the beans of Samantha Akkineni beauty secrets. 


Samantha Akkineni Beauty Secrets

One of the most desirable and talented actresses of the South industry has a radiating and glowing skin. Although we assume that the secrets of her beauty may be too difficult and expensive, she rubbishes all of these misconceptions by spilling out certain tips. 


The tips to Samantha Akkineni beauty secrets are:

samantha akkineni workout routine
samantha akkineni workout routine
  • Drink a lot of water: The talented actress lives by the fact that it is always a must to stay completely hydrated. When a person drinks at least 2 litres of water per day, it helps release the toxins from their body. This, in turn, helps the skin and lips to glow and radiate.

Hence, the first beauty tip coming right from the actress is to never forget drinking water. 


  • Stay positive: Another fitness mantra that the actress vows by is to keep oneself away from negative and toxic people. That’s right. The saying goes the more you stress the faster wrinkles appear on your skin (boils and pimples too!). And who wants that, am I right?

Hence, the secret and money less ingredient or product to glowing and radiating skin is to keep the mind away from thoughts that can lead to stress, anxiety, and anger. A happy person from inside glows differently, isn’t it? 


  • Follow a good skin care routine: The need for a proper skin care routine and following it every day can not be stressed enough. A person needs to understand their skin type and choose products that work for them. Samantha Akkineni too follows this by heart. She like us also has a well sketched out skin care routine that she follows regularly. 


Some of the main things of a skin care routine is:

samantha akkineni workout and yoga
samantha akkineni workout and yoga
  • Cleanse: The environment contains a lot of harmful dust which if not cleansed can clog pores. This can result in breakouts and dulling the glow of the skin. Hence, the first and foremost step to maintain beautiful skin to find a gentle cleanser that suits your skin and cleansing it properly at least thrice a day. 
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  • Tone: The next step of following a good skin care routine is to use a nice toner that suits your skin and apply it gently on the face right after cleansing the face. 


  • Moisturize: Cleansing and toning can often suck the oils out of the face. Hence, to ensure that the skin remains hydrated, moisturize your skin with a lightweight moisturizer right after cleansing and toning the skin. 


  • Do not wear a lot of make-up: Wearing make up temporarily makes you skin glow and shine. But if you are one of those who wants their skin to glow naturally, then wearing a lot of make up is big no! Make up blocks the pores of the skin not letting it breathe properly. Hence, if you have to wear make up, remember to cleanse it properly before you sleep.


Final Thoughts

The lives of the people in the glamour world is quite different from us for the fact that working out and taking good care of themselves is a part of their job. However, just a little difference in our lifestyle can do wonders in shaping how we look.

Samantha Akkineni diet and workout however are easy and minimal and can be done by everyone. Just following this can help us commoners a lot.

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