Samsung Active and Active 2 Watch Series Comparison

Last Updated on May 18th, 2021

Samsung Galaxy Active Smart Watch (Series 1) is one of the revolutionary series of smart watches that was stated by Samsung. The watch gave all the android users a new hope to wear a trending yet stylish smart watch which was competent to Apple Smart Watches.

Before we get down to the detailing of the watch let me take you through the minute points that you need to know about Samsung Active.


Our Verdict:

The Samsung Galaxy Active Watch is one of the best smartwatches developed by Samsung for all the android users so far. It has a trendy display that makes it all worth. The features are good to go for the daily use and above all it is affordable unlike any other smart watches available. On comparing it with the most hyped smartwatches the Samsung Galaxy Active Smart watch is a must buy if it fits your requirements.



  • Appealing design
  • Not very expensive but looks expensive
  • Number of good features
  • Comfortable band with medium sized dial
  • Amazing data-driven tracking exercise
  • Screen is quite bright and inviting



  • Few useful apps installed
  • Battery life is quite less as compared to other series
  • Small icons that can be less user friendly
  • Lack of Google Assistant


Overall Rating                               :         4/5

Our Rating                                      :         3.5/5

Current Price of the Watch       :         19,990

Available Colours                         :         Silver, Black, Gold and Green


As we know that Samsung Galaxy Watch is the spin-off of the Samsung Gear Sport. It’s stripped-down form of the lead Galaxy Watch, with a grabbing attention on Health and fitness.


It was reported before in the year, alongside the new Samsung S10 at Samsung Unpacked. In the wake of investing some energy with the new smartwatch, we can securely say Samsung has conveyed an up-to-date audience level smartwatch that ought to likewise speak to a more extensive crowd.


It is important to notice that the Samsung Galaxy Active Smart Watch is successful today in the face of the audience is only because of its sleeker and sophisticated looks. With the enhanced features Galaxy Active has to offer makes the smart watch potentially more demanded and secured.

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Galaxy Active Smart Watch

Before writing down my own verdict of Samsung Galaxy Active Smart Watch, I read a couple of the articles written on it and a few videos where I see people unboxing their new Samsung Galaxy Active Smart Watch on the video and explaining the features to its audience.


You won’t be surprised to hear that the smart watch is not only loved by millions of users across the globe, but it is also being appreciated for its advanced features of fitness and health tracking.

galaxy active smart watch health check
Health is priority


Samsung Galaxy Active Smart Watch has kept their prime focus on the audience health and keeping that in mind they tried developing a watch that makes it easy for anyone wearing this watch to track their heart rate, number of footsteps walked or any workouts followed for the day. You might think that all smart watches have these basic features to offer and that is not a wow factor in this Samsung Galaxy Active Smart Watch.


To speak in detail about its Hardware and Display.


Though it is considered that most of the Samsung Watches have a more masculine look and are very sturdy but Samsung Galaxy Active Smart Watch surprised its audience by launching Galaxy Active to be sleeker stylish and trendy. The watch is so comfortable and doesn’t feels like you are wearing something around 25gm on your wrist. There are no numbers around its side but just a 7mm border and just after that the sleek and bright display begins.


Though Apple Watches are mostly made of stainless steel and people always tend to go with that, but Samsung took a leap by developing its core body with Aluminum. The most basic concept behind using Aluminum over steel is Aluminum is very light weighted though stainless steel is less prone to attract scratches on its body, but aluminum is primarily lower in cost as compared to steel. May be because of these little features the price of Samsung Galaxy Active Smart Watch is quite less and affordable for most of the people. Though this sort of drawback was removed by Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Smart Watch by launching the new series in both the materials. Keeping the range higher for Stainless Still and lower for Aluminum.

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Value for money and strap quality:

As we know the price of Samsung Galaxy Active Smart Watch is around 20,000 INR which is like half of what Apple has priced for its latest series with almost same features. The price according to me is quite attractive, you have all the choices to go for this series if it meets your requirements.


Though I have two thoughts about the straps. The original strap comes in the box is quite soft and is of good silicon material but it’s not very stretchable to say. The pattern of the strap is like a copied version from Garmin Smart Watch Series. If you are looking forward to wearing this watch for a longer time, then you can obviously opt to change your strap time and again that matches your taste and attire. Though on comparing the straps with the new model of Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Smart Watch, the strap material is almost same but the difference the developers tried bringing here was to get the display of the screen in accordance with your attire. Yes, you can keep the display of your screen as that of your attire only by scanning your attire image with the watch using the QR Scanner.

different strap options
different strap options

Also for your convenience we have formulated a rough table that ideates the comparison between Samsung Galaxy Active Smart Watch v/s Samsung Galaxy Active 2  Smart Watch.


samsung active and active 2 features
samsung active and active 2 features

I have mentioned these features in detailed in our Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Smart Watch. Do read that too before landing up buying a Samsung Series Active Smart Watch.



Drawing a comparison between the two watches is almost easy when we compare the price as well as the features, Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Smart Watch definitely stands out and have a lot more advanced features as compared to the Galaxy Active Watch.


Both the watches on a common ground have similarities too, like, both the smart watches offer same Operating system, same notification handler, both enables Samsung Pay and both have wireless charging. But even though all these features are same the only difference the latter one creates is in its size, because size matters!

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When you take both the watches in hand or you see any picture where you can compare these watches together you will see that the Samsung Active 2 Watch has a bigger dial, brighter display and a faster processor working for you that gives a great fit to your wrist and your budget.


Both the watches also have same battery backup and the same fitness genres that they carry. They have enabled very good features on fitness like tracking swimming, workout routines and also have great balance on your foot steps which I personally felt was missing in Galaxy Active 1. Galaxy Active 2 is comparatively more accurate, less fiddle and with more much needed features!

galaxy active smart watch features
galaxy active smart watch features


So, finally I would say, if you are looking for a good budgeted watch with limited features and advancement then opt for Galaxy Active and of you are looking for a good dial, trendier look, faster processor and advanced features go for Galaxy Active 2. Because Size Matters!


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