Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smart Watch, Reviews & Features

Last Updated on May 18th, 2021

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smart Watch was considered to be the Samsung’s most bizarre Smart Watch right before it was launched. It was obviously because of its some really cool features that made it even fancier to use and yet very user friendly. We cannot deny the fact that Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smart Watch is not a trendy or stylish Smart Watch, but it has a very rugged design that makes it useful only for the sporty purpose.


I have watched the videos where the reviewers claimed Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smart Watch to be more of masculine in nature and not flexible for both the genders. But I don’t feel the same way about it, I think the Smart Watch has carried out its purpose well by making it looked rugged and for a specific purpose only.


Before we get started with detailing of the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smart Watch. I would want you all to get a little glimpse of the product and its specifications too.


Our Verdict:

The product is very helpful if you are a fitness freak or you are looking forward for a watch that helps you in your health routine. The look is rugged and hence can be used every day except for the parties. The watch is not capable to be used for swimming and diving hence is not very great if you are a water sport person. The battery backup is good and overall it is a good product. But if you are planning to buy something that price as well as the style worthy then my vote will be towards Samsung Galaxy Active 2.

samsung gear S3 features
samsung gear S3 features



  • Battery ongoing capacity will impress you.
  • Though the look is not very trendy, but it is a very comfortable watch for sports person.
  • Activity or workouts tracking is quite impressive.
  • Sensors are absolute perfect for daily use.
  • Display is bright and crisp.
  • Availability of various colours of straps.


  • Cannot be used for swimming or diving purpose.
  • Is not a watch that goes with the trendiest clothes.
  • Not very impressive apps.
  • The dial size can be too big for some.


Now that you have got a rough idea about the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smart Watch, it’s time I take you through its other features which are worth reading.

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But before that-

Current Price of Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smart Watch: 22990/-

Available colour: Black with black strap in the box


Now this can be a shock for many users who look forward to wear fancy watches which differed colours, and black being the most outgoing colour it can be one of the best choice but in case you are looking for a trendy or out of the box colour then you can opt for the fanciest watch straps available officially.


Straps Colours

The straps are available in two materials-

Classic Leather Band: Blue, Olive Green, Black (which comes with the box), orange red, khaki green, blue black.

Alligator Grain Leather: Band Black, Band Brown, Band Orange Red.


Talking about features that can make you go and grab this watch!


The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smart Watch has the most appealing features that anyone can fall for. The rotating bezel, well that was one features that made even Apple users go all aww!! about the smart watch.

Well, this is what Samsung is all about, it pops up with a bang and also with a feature that nobody thought of.

easy calls making and apps features
easy calls making and apps features

What is rotating bezel in Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smart Watch?

The rotating bezel is a feature that is present in Samsung gear as a rim that that can be moved from its original place as per your convenience.

You can use this bezel for connecting or rejecting a call you are getting, or to change the music track to you are listening, or probably to change the workout pattern you are doing so far.

This bezel will work exactly like your right and left arrow in your keyboard. Isn’t it amazing?


Well on that note, let me tell you that you can use your Samsung Gear S3 Frontier for making calls or rejecting one only by syncing your mobile device with the watch Bluetooth.

Not just that Samsung Gear S3 will not just bore you with its strict fitness features and all technical stuffs, you can also enjoy your music by using the music app while working out or while travelling.


To talk about its multipurpose-ness!

Well when we think of a smart watch, we always expect it to be all-rounder and not just that we expect them to show us everything in a go, is it possible?

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Well yes, with Samsung Gear S3 it is possible because it can multitask!

You can workout, shuffle your music track, change workout, see your current heart rate and also get chronology watch display all at same time. When life gives you lemon let’s just squeeze it and make the most out of it. And this watch comprehends this line.

The mail can be used in 3-4 ways, Frontier, Chronology, step challenge 1 or urban classic or may all 4 in 1 you can use the dial in a various way.


Always Connected!

Supposedly you are trekking at a higher peak, and you have lost your data connection! Isn’t it scary? Losing your destination even before reaching there?

Well with Samsung Gear S3 Frontier, you can always stay connected! Ones you have traced down your path in the maps and accessed it through the watch, even if the data connection is lost you can still reach up to your destination without any hassle.

sumsung gear s3 claasic smart watch
sumsung gear s3 claasic smart watch

Little Matter’s More!

We all know that the price is no matter what we always secretly look for those common fearers that we want to use. And if that lacks the half interest of buying any products vanishes immediately.

Well, Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smart Watch has so far managed to give you all that is required by keeping in mind to save the basics first. So like all other smart watches Samsung Gear S3 has those little features I have silently looked for, like, reminders. This is the key thing I want whenever I wear any smart watch. I tend to be one of those who forget a lot liking calling my granny at 4 for medicine reminder and at 7 to dad to have a dad-daughter conversation. My Samsung Gear makes sure I don’t miss out on the little details on a daily basis.

Next lovely thing I felt for was the gallery corner which is usually present in every smart watch but rarely people use it, but I use it on a regular basis. I am fond of changing wallpaper and adding new to my gallery very often and hence I try to look out for my daily motivation. If it’s in your wrist how much better it could get?

easy compatible smart watch samsung gear s3
easy compatible smart watch samsung gear s3

Health Tracker

To talk more about its little features is that it can be really helpful to track your heart rate on an hourly basis. Which is the key point why we prefer wearing smart watches.

This watch will obviously help you with SOS calling on an emergence

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Situation by sending your location to 4 other people you will choose from your contact list. This has to be done right after your set up your smart watch as this watch can be smartly used for your own good health.

Samsung Gear S3 can be your next trekking partner! Yes, with the bezel around the corner and the rugged strap you can always count on the watch to be reticent and safe for your rough use and above all it can always help you in measuring your breath, heart rate and also the steps covered and also let you know when you should take rest!

amazing battery backyup smasung gear s3
amazing battery backyup smasung gear s3

All these little and big features with the technical details of the watch sums up my review on the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smart Watch. But I am excited to hear from you what was your experience wearing this or have this article changed your mind to take this watch in your bucket list then, write to us what are your reviews for this watch. If you have any further queries, then please feel free to drop us a message on the comment section so that we can read and reply to it!


Thank you!

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy!


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