Sanitary Napkins, Tampons or Menstrual Cups – Heavy Flow & Period Hygiene

Last Updated on July 5th, 2020

sanitary pads or tampons for heavy flow
sanitary pads or tampons for heavy flow

It was mid summer vacation evening when I got my first periods and I was shocked to see blood coming out of my body. There was a shock stage with confusion as to how to control it and take care of it. Everyone has gone through the same shock; some had it while in school playing ground or while attending class and feeling embarrassed to get that white skirt out of sight. The comforting part comes when your mom or teacher says it’s normal! I overcame the same and was using sanitary napkins with perfection when a friend of mine introduced me to tampons. Later I came across menstrual cups also, another possible solution to your periods problem. So There are many ways to deal with heavy flow and periods hygiene problems.


This was another shock of life to see something getting inserted in your body to absorb blood. I was curious like a little child and asked her all the relevant and irrelevant question that I could possibly come up with. She patiently answered me but was equally surprised to see my reactions. I never had the guts to try it then, rather I did it in my later years and felt they were more comfortable than a sanitary napkin. And I confess that by not using them earlier I have lost many years of comfort already!


Sanitary Napkins

They are in existence since forever now and are a trusted choice when it comes to periods. Many companies have come up with the latest technology with cotton cover to absorbent to gel technology. To my understanding we just need comfort which can absorb menstrual blood without leak and without any technology being used!

Companies have introduced super absorbent and deodorants in sanitary napkins which are a cause of lot of diseases in women. The fragrance used can cause infertility or birth defects. The layers of absorbents are non biodegradable. So we must choose sanitary napkins carefully.

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Sanitary Napkins
Sanitary Napkins


With so many health hazards, there are certain measures to take while using a sanitary napkin:

  1. Change your sanitary napkin in 5-6 hours irrespective of the flow. You can opt to change it in 3-4 hours as well. If you do not change, the growth of bacteria due of long hours of usage can lead to toxic shock syndrome.
  2. Disposal of pads (sanitary napkin) in an environment friendly way.
  3. Use of cotton pads. These are Eco friendly and body friendly pads and can be reused.
  4. Opting for non-fragrant or non-absorbent material when choosing the sanitary napkins.



Tampons are not famous as wildly as sanitary napkins, they are available but in limited stocks. You can purchase them online from Amazon or offline for a medical store. Like napkins they come in different sizes and you can suit yourself according to your blood flow.

Like me, you will also have a lot of questions; let me help you understand it better.

  1. Unlike the famous myth, it doesn’t pain while we insert a tampon. It is bit uncomfortable and odd to inserting something for the first time but once you get a hang of it, it’s perfect. You need to understand your anatomy down there to let it hold well.

P.S In the initial time, it might come out to as you sneeze or use washroom, but you will be able to insert it after a few practice.


Are Tampons safe?
Are Tampons safe?


  1. It will never get stuck in there, as it has a string attached to it which helps to pull it out. I was also unsure about it, so I wasted one of the tampon just pulling the string as an experiment. So yes, its tested the string won’t detach with any amount of pressure you use!
  2. Use them only for 5-6 hours as they are directly in contact with inner lining of your uterus, it can cause infection or toxic shock syndrome.
  3. You have to change it every time you pee? No, you don’t have to, the string comes in handy and you will have to just move it out of the way to pee.
  4. It’s good to use panty liners while using tampon as it will save you from the embarrassment of staining, if at all it is out of place.
  5. You might feel certain heaviness in your uterus, once you are able to change it, the heaviness will fade away. Trust me, they are much better than using a sanitary napkin, especially when it comes to hygiene and a continuous feeling of disgust.
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What are the alternatives?

If you feel sanitary napkins and tampons are not your way to handle periods, you can always opt for alternatives.


Menstrual Cups

It is exactly what it sounds like. It is a silicone cup which a woman can insert in the vagina for holding menstrual blood. The first reason would be it is environment safe, it drastically reduce the waste disposal of pads or tampons. If worn correctly, it doesn’t leak and can be kept inside for 12 hours. Many women find it more comfortable than a pad or tampon.


Menstrual Cups
Menstrual Cups


Cloth Pads

It’s a sanitary pad but made out of cotton and cloth with reusable option. It is safe as it doesn’t have a leak proof technology or gel existence. It is all natural and would do no harm to your body. They come with a plastic lining for no staining, and they come in different size and shape according to your flow. Companies like Ecofemme are doing a wonderful job at this.


Things you can do for comfortable periods.

  1. Go easy on yourself. Rest! A lot of it! This is the time for you, read a book, take a hot shower, drink chamomile tea as it soothes period pain.
  2. Use essential oil. I personally use peppermint oil to rub on abdomen for a natural relief to pain rather popping a pill.
  3. Eat well! You might not feel like eating during this time but it’s advised to have proper meal and lot of water. Green vegetable like spinach, beans, cabbage are good for stomach. Avoid fried food, coffee and extra sugar intake as it will be a cause of acidity.
  4. Dark chocolates should be a choice as it will eliminate the uneasy feeling.
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You may

what to do and what not to do during menstrual cycle 

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Safe and Pain Free Periods…!!

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