Sapota Health Benefits – The Gift for Body Health

Last Updated on September 30th, 2020

Sapota or Sapodilla, is one of the most commonly eaten fruit throughout the world. It is known by different names in different parts of world, but its popularity is same throughout the world. Being a very good source of vitamins, minerals sapota is amongst one of the most nutritious fruits of our planet. Sapota Health Benefits are many and we decided to bring you some of the well known and researched benefits that it offers.

It is brown in color, with a thick layer of covering and pulpy inside. It’s your wish if you want you can eat it along with the cover or by removing the cover and enjoying only the pulp. The only thing you need to take care if you are eating sapota with cover is just make sure that you have washed it properly before consuming. Because chances are that it would contain dust and other pesticides on it. It has a black seed also inside which is not consumable.

sapota health benefits
sapota health benefits

Sapota is often used in ice creams, milkshakes and a number of flavoring agents used in kitchen. In past it has been widely known as the medicine for several diseases like cold, fever and headache. Not just its sweet and yummy taste makes it so famous, the nutrient potential of sapota is what makes it so famous. 

It is very good source of minerals like iron, calcium, copper, magnesium, phosphorous, selenium and zinc. Plus, it also possess commendable amount of electrolytes like sodium and potassium. Along with this, it also contains almost all the vitamins like folate, niacin, vitamin A, vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin and pantothenic acid as well.

Moreover, it is amongst one of the best sources of antioxidants, protein and dietary fiber, which makes it must for all age group people.

Withstanding all these nutrients there is a lot this fruit has to offer.

Some of the Best Sapota Health Benefits are:

  1. Digestive Health:

High amount of dietary fiber makes sapota one of the best fruit for digestive health. This fiber enables sapota to act as a laxative, which further helps proper breaking up of protein and heavy metallic foods. Thus, it becomes easy for body to digest broken food plus, the fiber content also helps in constipation. And not just constipation, sapota is one of the best cure for gastric problems as well.


  1. Sapota Health Benefits Include – Instant energy booster:

Feeling tired in office? Or feeling energy less in this hot summer? Try eating a sapota and feel the difference. Sapota acts as an instant energy booster. All because of the high amounts of glucose found in it which gets easily processed and gives your body the much required energy instantly. Plus it also contains high amount of vitamins and minerals which help refuel the replenished nutrients inside body.


  1. Healthy Skin- another Sapota Health benefits:

Have you tried everything for your skin and still not getting what you have always desired?  Try using sapota before coming to any decision. The high vitamin and antioxidants quantity present in sapota makes it a healthy skin alternative instead of other skin products. The combination of Vitamin A and C helps provide the desired glow. Plus, the Vitamin E content moisturizes the skin, thus soft and beautiful skin and it also helps improve skin texture. Moreover, the high antioxidant quantity of fruit acts as an anti-ageing agent by fighting free radicals in the body which helps fight off ageing process by reducing wrinkles.

sapota health benefits and body health
sapota health benefits and body health
  1. Good during pregnancy:

Pregnancy is a state where in a women not only needs to take care of herself but of her unborn baby also. Thus, requirement of nutrients and vitamins also doubles. Sapota, being a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals help provide the required nutrition, plus, the good amount of iron with folic acid in sapota helps in formation of red blood cells. It also helps in development of fetus during pregnancy which makes it a must have food during pregnancy. It also helps in preventing the loss of blood during piles and injuries.

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  1. Reduce Inflammation:

Sapota is a well-known anti-inflammatory agent because of the high amount of tannins (a brownish bitter-tasting organic substance) present in it. It is quite useful in preventing conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and gastritis problem. It also increases inflammation by reducing swelling and pain, and also helps treat arthritis. Sapota acts as an anti-arthritic agent and used to treat certain rheumatic diseases.


  1. Good for Hair:

Some fruits are especially good for hair and sapota is one amongst the fruits which can take very good care of your hair. The oil obtained from the seeds of sapota is a very good moisturizer which fights dryness and softens your hair. Not only hair, but it takes care of scalp as well by alleviating irritation. It is also a well-known remedy for hair-fall due to the presence of vitamin E and vitamin A, which helps bind hair from the root and keeps them strong and thick.


  1. Cold & Cough Remedy:

Sapota can be used as medicine for treatment of cold and cough due to congestion. Actually the antioxidants present in sapota eliminates the phlegm and mucous from the nasal passage and respiratory tract. Hence it acts as a great remedy in getting rid off colds and coughs immediately.

chiku shake health benefits
chiku shake health benefits
  1. Fights Insomnia:

In today’s fast pace world if you are finding difficulty in sleeping then it’s not a big deal, because more than 40% of world’s population is facing this problem. But opting for sleeping pills is not a solution when you can have sapota to help you get the much required sleep. It acts a natural sedative which reduces stress and relaxes nerves and in short acts as a natural anti-depressant. Thus, acts as a medicine for insomnia and helps get sound sleep.


  1. Healthy Bones:

One of the most amazing benefit of sapota is that it helps keep bones healthy and makes them stronger. Bones have different requirement from rest of body, the bones need iron, phosphorus and calcium, which Sapota has in good quantity. Moreover, it is rich in other minerals and vitamins, which helps body have better bone density that gives the bones a lot of strength as well which reduces the chances of getting fractures especially in pregnancy.

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  1. Improves Immunity:

There is no doubt that something this rich in vitamins and minerals would boost the immune system of body. All these minerals and vitamins help replenish the body of nutrients it is running short of, providing strength to all the systems of body. Plus, the high antioxidant quantity helps fight free radicals present in body which may become a cause of a number of diseases.


These ten are just to mention, but the benefits of sapota are more than you can imagine. Along with all these it is also good for kidneys and bladder health, also it is a very good anti-acid, fights cancer and helps improve heart health.

One cannot simply say no to this fruit as along with all these benefits it is also mouthwatering, but yet if you don’t like the taste of this fruit you can prepare the sapota milk shake and have.

And as I always say sharing is caring. Share it with all your friends and family members.


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